Stories 2017 | Samuel at 7 months


Today I'm sharing a quick little diddy, 2-page 6 x 8 spread. All about Samuel at 7 months. One of my scrapbooking goals is to use the product I have. You can't really hoard digital scrapbooking supplies but one can accumulate quite a bit really quick. I have been subscribing to Ali Edwards' Story kits since its inception plus loving on other designers' products and the kits are enormous. 

I used one of those story kits, almost exclusively the kit, Little Things. A few journal cards, chip board and embellishments and I'm pretty pleased with the results. I 's#ck' at embellishment placements but I'm charging forward and calling it good.

So. Samuel. The little guy is 7 months this month. That face. Oh my! Samuel is learning, straining to sit up on his own. He's rolling over, too - all 15 pounds of him. Ashley was a little thing...ha ha, I crack myself up. Get it? Little Thing. 

Ashley was tiny, too, when she was Samuel's age. And, I can. not. wait. until. the end of June.

Project Life 2017 | Week 11


Today I'm sharing Project Life 2017, Week 11. I am excited beyond words that I have followed through with this project...taken enough pictures to either put together a 1- or 2-page spread, and kept track of our week through note taking and putting words to journal cards or on to photos.

This week was packed full of goodness. Melanie and the kids visited for a very short overnighter but man, so good. Jeff and I enjoyed an exciting Charlie Daniels Band concert. We met my brother Rich for lunch in Jacksonville, we visited the Catty Shack Rescue Sanctuary, and of course, the food!


I used the journal prompt I WANT TO REMEMBER as my starting off point for each journal spot. Everything I want to remember about the week. Our surrogate family, Melanie and the kids (Mark was missing - he had a temporary duty) drove into Charleston for spring break and then stopped into Savannah to see us. It. has. been. so. long. The Charlie Daniels Band concert was at the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville. Jeff has been singing a couple of Charlie Daniels' songs as long as I've known him. He even was instrumental in getting the boys hooked. The band put on a really good show and Charlie Daniels still can play the fiddle.


The food. The Metro Diner, a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives episode highlighted this breakfast spot and the food did not disappoint. Rich took us to Burrito Gallery. Jeff just had some nachos but I had a salad with Bleu Cheese and a Tarragon dressing. The combination spoke volumes to my taste buds.

And then there was V Pizzeria. Oh my! A-mazing pizza! This place rivals our Savannah own, Vinnie Van Go Go's easily.

Each night before turning in we threw open the sliding glass door and leaned out onto the balcony overlooking the St John's River with breathtaking night time view only to wake up each morning to watch the sun come up and partake of a morning time view of pink, orange and red hues on bridge and horizon. Beautiful.



This place, the Catty Shack Wildlife Rescue Sanctuary, was another highlight of our short weekend trip. They give an informative and engaging tour of the sanctuary, why they are there, what they do, and all the real life statistics on big cats and the gorgeous catty's they've rescued and care for.

Friday, with a cup of coffee | 23


My goal with this Friday's cup of coffee is to make you think, to take stock of your relationship with Christ, and to maybe adjust your focus from me-driven to others-driven. My year of giving, thus far, has, on a daily basis, changed my world-view dramatically. A myopic world-view is expanding into Biblical proportions; it's reaching, overtaking any world-view left. I'm seeing the world with clearer vision. In part, because of gifted persons who are changing the world. They are doing their small part - one person changed - at a time. I pray, through giving, in a small way I'm doing my part.

Your normal isn't the worlds normal and the greatest deception is that you believe it is.

This is what real inclusion means: We Dine Together

Why the church, or going to church, is important. "My faith won’t survive without the faithful saints singing next to me. It’s true that “you can have all this world, [just] give me Jesus..” as long as when we say “Jesus” we mean his body, too. I can’t live without his people."

Mom's - bring tissues because you're going to shed some tears. This is Love.

If you are a Christian and you're on the fence about going to see the new The Beauty and the Beast then read this article first. "I asked them to watch it with God in mind. I challenged them both to see if they could find any ‘God moments’ in the film..."

Budget cuts could impact programs like Meals on Wheels. As one community has seen, giving has surged since the proposal for cuts was announced. Maybe, other communities with Meals on Wheels programs and other food bank organizations, should step up their generosity and bridge the gap when government-funded programs are reduced. It could be the best solution for the situation. "Whoever gives to the least of unto Me."

Beautiful piece of words on living the simple life. Her words say a mediocre life but I say - good. I find gratitude and contentment in this kind of life.

Mercy Me - Even If


52 Gratitudes 2017 | 11


Still giddy with excitement and so thankful that Melanie, Sidnie, Blake, and Selah drove over from Charleston (where they were spending spring break) for a couple hours and stayed the night. We stayed up way too late, almost until midnight, for a school night - I mean work night. We talked and laughed and caught up in one night as if the years - and I'm talking way to many years - apart never were. God is good - all the time!

I believe if my One Little Word had not been Nourish and one of my intentions for this year is to Nourish relationships (which meant I had to Nourish communication, first); and because it was I contacted Melanie via text...and stayed in contact...and at just the right time I ministered to her need during a sad time...and then contacted her again, and...

God made it happen. They visited! I'm on cloud nine having been able to see, hug, hold, and talk to them.

etsy window shopping | march edition


It has been quite some time since I visited Etsy and did a bit of window shopping. As I am near-finished decorating our master bedroom I thought it would be a wonderful time exploring the delightful wares the Etsy sellers are offering and sharing what I found.

Heavily considering this vertical hearts watercolor in Indigo blue for our master bedroom. Our bookshelves are now up (Jeff and Jarrod worked on those a couple weekends ago; if you could see my face every time I walk by those shelves up and filled with books - well - it would make you smile, too) and the walls are ready to be finished with decorative art. I have a couple small spaces still needing art and one large space. I'm searching high and low, but, I totally have to love it.


My new shelves could us a little dressing up. Although the books themselves do an awesome job of highlighting a beautiful set of lovingly-handmade shelves, I'd still like to showcase some thoughtful, meaningful touches. I love this Good Morning, Gorgeous sign. It's my husbands morning text or phone call to me and seriously makes me smile.


While this set of I Love You prints is displayed in a nursery these would make a simple set for over our bed. I have been leaning towards a print or painting of clouds but I think the bedroom might need a little rustic simplicity thrown in the mix. I would prefer something like this but it is no longer available. Maybe I could create my own and have it printed Engineer Print - and framed.



We have two bedside tables, bare of linens, these indigo napkins would fit squarely on the rectangular side tables.


Both Jeff and I love Tigers. I have my eye on this print - definitely in a black frame. And, after visiting the CattyShack in Jacksonville that love was definitely renewed and would be a sharp reminder of a most enjoyable excursion.

And then there is pillows...


These chevron blue and white pillows - gorgeous pattern.


I like the white background of this indigo and white global pattern.


Who doesn't love shibori?


And this painting...gorgeous!


I think that's a good start.

I mean - finish. Yes, finish. For Sure.




Project Life 2017 | 10


Pretty darn pleased with this weeks pages documenting - well - our week. We're definitely in a transition in our household. While John and Jarrod still live with us their job situations means we are but ships passing in the night. I miss them and the way we were but I know, having already done this one other go around when Elizabeth and Ashley left the house, life changes.

In the meantime, I'll treasure these short bursts of interaction with my growing up sons - capturing pieces of there life when I'm present.

For these pages I once again used a modified Cathy Zielske template. Here's the thing with Cathy's templates: she's brilliant by the way. She prefers lots of white space. I prefer lots of picture. I can't wrap my head around a smaller picture when I can make it bigger. So, basically, this is a Project Life Design A 2-page spread. All of the 'vellum' journal spots are from Sahlin Studio Design; the middle templates are Paislee Press, the additional embellishments such as chipboard or 'vellum' pieces are Ali Edwards Design. I also used Ali Edwards Design Story kit EAT, the latest story kit available (which I'm sure I will use over and over because we love to EAT).



The fun little titles on the 'vellum' journal spots easily fit into the stories for this week. 'Vellum' is in semi-quotations because it looks like vellum but everything is digitally created. The same with the 'chipboard' pieces throughout the page. A huge pro for going digital: I can use and re-use pieces at my leisure. The 'gratitude' brush I've used for a couple weeks now and plan on incorporating the very same brush into each weekly page, using it over and over.

I love the middle section of the page, the 3 x 4 photo cards with journal all about the food I (we) ate. I made a yummy breakfast just for us on Sunday and I took leftovers for breakfast a couple times through the week. I prepped salads for my lunches and ate a salad 4 out of 5 days of the week. We also had a yummy grilled pork steak with what looks like rice but is in fact cauliflower rice - so no carbs! - and it's fantastic!


Jeff and Jarrod hung my book shelves in the master bedroom and I'm in love. I organized the books by color which makes my brain and heart happy. Jeff is confused:) and it makes no sense to him, but, he gets me so he's going with my flow. As acts of service is my numeral uno love language, Jeff getting these shelves put up filled my love tank up big time.

Because I had a few miscellaneous photos through the week that were all about beautiful things and stuff I'm loving right now I titled the journal spots Beautiful Things. I made sense.

This was a really good week. So glad I've documented - even the little things.

52 Gratitudes 2017 | 10


An 8-foot and two 6-foot shelves. Filled, not quite to the ends but almost. Gorgeous! So thankful Jeff made the time for me!!! He and Jarrod worked together to put up the shelves and I set out filling them up. What teamwork! I'm so grateful to have the shelves, as the stacks of books, though beautiful in their own right, was stressing me out.

This marks decision point for final decorative art and touches to our master bedroom. My goal, my plan is to call it...gorgeous...I'm mean done - complete - by the end of April. I've got my eye on some art work and finishing touches. It is a pleasure to walk in my room. I'm smiling from ear to ear: beautiful grey walls Jeff painted a few years ago, my red chair and ottoman (which I might return to the living room and replace with light blue - haven't decided), my shelves filled, beautiful indigo blue lamp, hunky photo of hubby, piles of blue and white quilts - dreamy, giddy, feeling loved and content. As my top love language is acts of service it's no wonder I'm feeling content - and grateful.

what I've been reading lately | march


 Once again I am linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy for What I've been Reading  - the March edition (see all my other editions here). This is the time where I share 1) a scrapbooking page of what I read over the course of a month (this is how I am documenting what I am reading over the course of the year, besides here on the blog) and, 2) what I actually read with a short synopsis, overview, or mini-review about the book. Some of these titles you might have already seen here because they've made the list for my 2017 Reading Challenge which I share, as well.

91k5yUp1X7LEchoes in Death by J.D. Robb. It's curious that I am not a Nora Roberts fan at all but Nora Roberts' pseudonym, J.D. Robb, the author of my all-time favorite series with Echoes, her #44 title in the series does not disappoint. Robb has superbly grown her main character, Eve Dallas, the sharp but very smart-aleck female Lieutenant of the NYCPD in the year 2062, along with her billionaire husband,her trusted female detective partner, and a host of growing favorite characters over the course of this series. Readers are not given an endgame to the series, but fans of the In Death series would be disappointed should the series end anytime soon. The ease with which I settle into reading this book is like an old pair of well-worn gloves, the book(s) and I fit perfectly, together. 16/100 


718Y9ftcIhLThe Rembrandt Affair by Daniel Silva. Number ten in the Gabriel Allon series, the renowned art restorer and even-more-renowned Israeli spy on the side, sets out to reclaim a stolen Rembrandt and gets caught up in another save-the-world intelligence operation pitting the evil against the...good (but slightly bad because they have to be if they want to save lives and restore what went wrong). I continue to enjoy this series, immensely, as I have already pull the next one, Portrait of a Spy, off the shelf. 17/100





51KtrZbp0iLWomen of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both our Hearts and our Minds by Jen Wilkin. Phenomenal! If you are new to studying scripture or even if you have some time under your belt this book is totally, completely applicable and worth your time. Jen is cut and dry, no holds barred, and gives the goods on how to study the Bible. You'll be glad you read this little 152-page book. Now, go study the Word! 18/100




51nnz1HL7+LThe Forgotten by David Baldacci. This is the second in the John Puller series. I didn't like it as much as the first one, not in the least. It felt somewhat disjointed, disheveled and I found myself saying "Huh?", "I'm totally confused!", or "Move on, already." The last 1/3 of the book was redeemed but it was a struggle to get there. That being said...I like the character John Puller and really am looking forward to reading another in the series. 19/100





41vf-iaOjlLNone Like Him by Jen Wilken. Know God, knowing who God is matters, and changes the way I see myself, and know how God is different from me is imperative to finding out who I am in Him - and how to be a God-fearing woman. One thing I love about Jen's writing is she does not conform to the patterns of the world as I see many Christian authors doing. She speaks God's truth. 20/100




For the digital scrapbooking layout: I used a 12 x 12 digital template by Cathy Zielske, modifying it by enlarging the 3x4 boxes to cover the entire page; pieces of a Little Lamm Co. digital kit and from Ali Edwards Design Story kit READ chipboard/word art.

Stories 2017 | Bond No. 2


I'm sharing another two-page, 6 x 8 each, spread made using Ali Edwards Design digital Story kit BOND, her AE February kit, and some papers from One Little Bird Designs. I haven't decided if I like the total package, the two-pages together, but I love them individually, the left and the right. Thinking about it now, I could easily tell two stories: leave the right side as is and add journaling on the left side, one story on each - I may still do that and see how it goes -

but for now I love these two, and their bond. 


Okay. I'm so excited! 

I learned a new-to-me digital technique. See that 'so much love' element centered near the top of the page. I used an Ali Edwards digital brush then I created the cork texture in Photoshop Elements using a PSE tutorial I found on line. I saved the 'cork' as a .png file to my digital files so I can re-use the cork whenever I want to add cork texture to a digital element. 

Seriously stoked!


Definitely need to re-type the journaling - it's confusing even to me - although it is the gist of what I wanted to say. I love this page on it's own, too. Again, just not sure about the pages together. They'll lay separate in the album so I think they'll be okay.

That journal card is from Ali Edwards February digital kit. I did change the colors of the stripes some. I can see using this card again and again - just changing the colors. It's a versatile card, and lots of space for journaling.

I also realized I haven't dated anything. Yuk! I'm surely gonna' have to do some fixing...

Aside from all my mistakes - I'm smiling from ear to ear just thinking about these to. And, giddy beyond words for Ashley, Brad, and the kids soon to be only 2 1/2 hours drive (instead of half way across the country) from me.