12 of 12 | august 2013

Each month, well - most months, we take at the very least 12 photos of our day. I say we, because John and Jarrod really get in to the picture taking and have been known to even remind me it is the 12th. If the 12th happens on a week day, our day consists of school, food, and work. That is pretty much our life right now. And that is ok. While I've gotten into the groove of work, enjoying it even when the weather keeps me crazy busy, I'm still adjusting to the morning routine and wanting to, needing to do more than I'm accomplishing. My blog has suffered. My projects have been left alone. I've even forgotten to help prep a meal (like yesterday). But, my part to our homeschool is getting accomplished.

So the 12th of August is, too, school, work, and food.

My 12 of 12 for August 2013

12 on 12 | july

I got my act together this month and remember the 12th on the 12th instead of remembering the 12th on the 13th and realizing I didn't take 12 photos. I think one of the points of 12 on the 12th is to take care with how one is taking photos. To tell a story yes - but also to take quality photos.

I didn't do that here. Take quality photos.

But I did tell the story of the day. Documented life. So that's ok.

Fahrenheit 451 is interesting by the way. Not sure how we are going to like it. The boys like pretty much everything I read aloud so we'll make do - it just not be a favorite. We'll have to get back to reading it when they return from camp though.

I could watch Prince of Persia again and again. It's on that list of movies I can do that along with The Princess Bride, Star Trek, skyfall, and Miss Congeniality to name a few.

Date night with Jeff was awesome as usual and the Prime Rib, blackened, from Longhorns was amazing! But, wasn't too thrilled with the Long Ranger. Thought it would be funnier.


april 12 of 12 | 04

The 12th of April ended up being a great day but I didn't get very many pictures worthy of keeping - but had to make do. Co-op was the highlight of the day and my date with Jeff the highlight of the evening. But, even more was the conversation Jeff and I had with a homeless man at Forsythe Park where we were able to share Jesus with the man and maybe planted a seed.

I gotta say that I love my boys and who they are - it reflects in their relationships with their teachers at co-op - and speaks highly of their character. John and Jarrod are very well-liked and respected young men.

Jeff and I ate at Red Lobster for dinner which was a nice change of pace. It was a good thing we got home fairly early and were able to deal with/coach some Boy Scout issues with our Senior Patrol Leader son, who had to take care of some responsibilities.

All in all a good day. And I really do know that the point of this day is to take 12 really good photos - it is a photo exercise but without my 'big' Canon I'm reserved to my little Canon Power Shot.

march 12 of 12 | 03

In my recent 10 Things on scrapbooking techniques that have caught my eye I mentioned that I might change up my 12 of 12 addition to Project Life with a 6 x 12 page instead of my normal 12 of 12's in which I create them into a 12 x 12 page. While a 12 x 12 page can certainly be inserted into Project Life I thought the idea of a 6 x 12 was brilliant and when I get them printed I can get two months worth on one 12 x 12 print.

Thankfully, this month, on the 12th I took more than 12 photos and was able to pick and choose for the most part which photos I wanted to include into our memories. One thing I highlighted was a new outfit that I purchased at Dress Barn after work. I rarely go clothing shopping but after going shoe shopping the other day with Hoosier Man and picking up two pairs of shoes, one with heals, and know my two pair of jeans are wearing pretty thin (i.e. holes opening up) I decided to get a fresh pair of black jeans. And then I saw the scarf!!!

And I can't wait to wear the outfit tomorrow night on our date night.

And we are moving right along with the Hobbit: reading a chapter aloud one day, completing the chapter study guide the next. It's working for us swimmingly.

january 12 of 12 | 01

a new year begins for 12 of 12...12 photos on the 12th of each month. my goal, my plan is to do better than 2012. i think i missed about 4 months last year for no other reason than i forgot. but something new this year is my blog schedule. i am scheduling posts and checking them off done as i go so i shouldn't miss any of these 12 of 12's. plus i'm document a whole day in the broad sense.

between me working a mid shift, and Jeff and the boys working yards, then church we had a pretty full day.

12 of 12 december edition

i'm finishing the year off strong so i can begin 2013 ready to tackle 12 of 12 again next year. i enjoy the exercise but really need to put this on my calendar. used cathy z's template again - i like it; considering a change for 2013 though; and i used ali edwards' christmas papers from designer digitals

this creative exercise allows for a mini day in the life; of taking pictures and a simple recording of the day. it could be even more revealing to have a years worth of 12 of 12 that become a day in the life - interesting - but, i'm not sure i could document 12 day in the lifes. but, interesting!!! enough to consider it.

12 of 12 l august

so i was supposed to take 12 photos on the 12th of august but i only snapped a few. i had great intentions. i had my camera. but i also experienced some emotional experiences that kind of kept me paralyzed from the camera. not sure why. anyways, while our day began and ended great there were a few hiccups in between.

i headed for work, in the van, surprisingly. had leftover Denny's for breakfast. was super busy at work with low ceilings, fog, and then some shower activity. but God blessed me with a rainbow - a great reminder of his promises - which i would need later.

on my way home i lost the brakes in my van, but was able to get pulled over. hoosier man to the rescue - and a tow truck. hoosier man and the georgia boys are using the weekends to put in a kitchen for a friend and doing an amazing job! no surprise there. they closed up shop and hoosier man and i headed to the commissary for grocery shopping - a weeks worth of grocery but needed to be a quick trip. thankfully i'd taken the menu to work and had worked up a grocery list already. we got in and got out quickly.

we came home and immediately had all-hands-on-deck for dinner preparations, dishes, and snack preparations for small group. somehow, we made and shared dinner, got the snacks prepared and ready for the oven in plenty of time and were able to relax with a wonderful time of small group and bible study.

needless-to-say exhaustion struck as the last of the group were leaving the house.

12 of 12 l july 2012

our morning began fairly early. the boys headed out for their walk/run and then came in for breakfast. as soon as they were done they headed back out for their mowing jobs, a couple neighbors and one down the street. After lunch we went to Ft McAllister for a bit of different and new and the boys were very pleased and had a great time. I let them take the camera outside to all the fort's mounds and they got some interesting pictures. A couple made me laugh. We hit Walmart for some scout pants for Jarrod and underwear for John. Dinner was grilled hamburgers with Chipolte Cheddar cheese and corn on the cob. Yum! I got a call pretty late to pick up the night shift which I took. The money is good. Good day.

12 of 12 l june

every month on the twelfth of the month i take at least 12 pictures from our day. i've only missed 1 month so far this year and i hope i won't miss any more. today was a pretty typical day for a tuesday, including having tacos for dinner for taco tuesday. although we hadn't had tacos for more than three weeks for some reason (either i was working or we had another mexican dish because i'm trying to change up our tuesday meals to tacos + mexican). the boys had a bible study called 'bros' with their senior high pastor in the morning which i didn't get a picture of. they met at denny's restaurant and had about 20+ junior and high schoolers. this is a summer bible study on tuesday's. love that the boys want to attend. they also had an ecuador missions meeting in the evening, mostly for planning the nitty gritty of their trip to ecuador next month. we had a nice downpour earlier in the day, thus a cloud pattern of dissipating storm clouds and a gorgeous sunset which jeff and i enjoyed on our way to pick up the boys from their meeting.