12 of 12

another month of 12 photographs on the twelth. This time for April. just now getting around to creating a page (which i'll upload sometime to persnickity prints and have printed in 12x12.

today. the boys had/have sports type physicals/immunizations today. they have a boy scout sea kayak the next two weekends (training + trip); then they have a boy scout camp over the summer which requires an annual physical. they will both go whitewater rafting which is considered an high adventure activity too.

small homeschool today: reading, human anatomy, spanish, and writing. they have already completed human anatomy, and spanish.

the boys have boy scouts this evening. they are inducting a fellow scout into Eagle ranks so they'll need to be in Class A's

i am making a new recipe: PW's Spicy Dr Pepper Pork Sandwiches. I think this will be new recipe 17 of 40 for the year. long way to go.

12 of 12 l february edition

first off: thank you typepad for keep me logged in. what a nice feature.

12 photos on the 12th of the month for 12 months in 2012. sooo, as you can see i blew it. i had all intentions on taking 12 photos and it was a good day for it but we got so busy when we got home cleaning the house, and then small group, and i didn't want to scare away the new couples that i didn't pull the camera out. so anyways 9 photos + 3 stories = 12 on the 12th. our low temp yesterday was 24F; I made a new, yummy recipe for small group: hot vidalia onion dip and served it with french bread pieces. Plus, I made sopapilla cheesecake. When I got home from work everyone was busy cleaning so I jumped in too: we got the bathrooms, the living room, the kitchen, front entrance and some clothes done, checked off. feels wonderful.

p.s. it's a cathy zielske template from designer digitals


our family has a large calendar hanging in our little hallway from the dining room where we keep all the 'family' events we need to keep track of: boy scouts, boy scout camp outs, boy scout service activities, bible study, small group nights, church events, doctor's appointments, etc. this calendar is usually maintained monthly

i keep a homeschooling calendar. it's smaller. about an 8.5 x 11 size, maybe a little larger, wire-bound 16-month day planner that i found in walmart and loved immediately. i've been documenting the boys' daily homeschooling schedule subject by subject on the daily activities section of the planner. it has served our purposes well. i add our co-op days, some personal activities like doctors appointments, and bible studies, as well as boy scout events. since the boys and i both use this planner it is maintained weekly. i schedule our homeschool weekly (never longer). in the year we've been homeschooling i have found planning any longer out and it inevitably changes - so a week at a time it is.

when i asked for a set of mini day planners for christmas:

this 2012 planner set for christmas my daughter ordered them the same day and stuffed them in my stocking when they arrived...

i really had no idea what i'd use them for.


each journal is numbered and a different oh-so-lovely color. i added the month.

i know the perfect use for them.

they will serve to keep me on track with blogging. i will schedule my blog posts.

i have begun a year-long 'project' with Cathy Zeilske and Big Picture Scrapbooking called Move More Eat Well. I want to make sure I am documenting and staying on track. Be purposeful. a schedule serves that purpose.

i have also chosen a one little word with ali edwards that i want to keep track of and complete assignments from last year that i never completed when i took her class. while i'm not taking the class this year i want to complete the assignments with this years one little word.

i found 52 photos with monika wright that i plan on participating in. i found 12 of 12 with Lee at the Linar Studio/Embrace Life blog that sounds like something i could keep up with. documenting a day with 12 photos, on the 12th of each month.

and maybe not finally but to be included is hello monday with lisa leonard designs.

i will schedule my one thousand gift posts also.

i'm excited about this added schedule, these mini-journals to keep track of my blogging. can't wait to use all those little, beautiful journals too and fill them up with amazing ideas to share.