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September 2006

What's up Wednesday - So what is up

Read a book yesterday called Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson. Sam is Jennifer's grandmother. This is an inspiring book in a lot of ways. But for all you scrapbookers out there - read this book! No, it's not about scrapbooking but it is about recording memories - to say the least. It moved me to laughter, to frustration, to tears, and to smile. So my inspiration for my next layout (and many more layouts) will be this book.

My beloved husband painted somemore in my scrap room last night. Whatever his reason I appreciate it. I'm sure it was because he loves me; and not because it has been partially painted for weeks and needs to get done - of course that can't be it. This is going to be one neat room when it's done. I've got some great decorating ideas for the walls from Trading Spaces. Just some artsy pieces to decorate the walls along with what I've already got. Picture the sea, the waters of the caribbean, the deep blue ocean, and you've pictured my room.

My friend Lori and I had lunch yesterday - had a great time - and then went shopping at Lane Bryants - yes that is the BIG woman's store - well because I'm a big woman. Anyways, I bought this way cool outfit that I adore. Bought shoes at Wally World to go with. It's a very work-worthy outfit. Now if only I had a full-time job!!!!!!!!

So, TS Ernesto is on it's way.


Oh, Mondays!

Never much cared for Mondays. It's get back into the swing of the week after the weekend. Didn't seem to matter that I've always had a wierd work schedule for some reason Monday's just aren't my thing. Washed, dried, folded, and believe it or not put away way to many loads of laundry, went to Curves, read a book, did bible study, and attended my military ministry support group. Now I must say the support group was noteworthy.

The Military ministry I head up at church has always been up and down. But tonight it was up. Small, intimate group but I think good conversation and some good laughs shared. Need to pray more for God's leading with this ministry. So want it to have direction and purpose - and maybe it does but I feel jumbled about it. I don't see myself with any other ministry except maybe mentoring - need to pray about this too.

So I went to Curves this morning (another noteworthy bit of my day) and I did the weighing and taping thing. Not gonna say I wasn't surprised but I'm gonna just wait and see in a month after I've been doin' the Curves thing regularly. I decided to start afresh and hope to see that loss - either weight or inches.

Ok, so I'm realizing my day was more noteworthy than I thought because I did my bible study also. Doin' Daniel by Beth Moore with Sandy. I'm so lovin' this study. It has us picking apart Daniel and thus Revelation.

Well, I'm hoping to hear from Army Civilian Personnel this week - big prayer request. I want to forecast again!!!!

Pretty Impressive

Jarrod is up in my scrap room sitting by me at the computer. He is waiting patiently to get online and play a math game. I was visiting some blogs and reading Lazy Daisy's from Friday. Her Friday Funny. Jarrod asked me to read it to him so I did. His response, "Pretty impressive!" Don't you just love kids and the things they say. Need to add Jarrod to my list of those who make me laugh. Jarrod is reading over my shoulder as I speak and was slightly offended that he wasn't on my original list of those who make me laugh. And he should have been - because he can certainly make me laugh on a regular basis. I do so enjoy the boys at this age. You can have pretty neat conversations with them.



Thirteen Thursday - 13 Blessings

13 not-your-obvious-blessings because I so often take my very big God for granted and this Thursday I want to acknowledge blessings from Him that maybe I've had to 'realize'.

1. I get to work at a job that I love and because I want to work not because I have to

2. Ella (my very soon-to-be grandbaby)

3. My daughters adore my husband so much that tomorrow they are changing their last name to his.

4. Sandy Wagoner (she's an ever-present glow in my life who I get to call friend)

5. My husbands integrity and work ethic

6. I was able to complete my Bacchelors Degree at age 42

7. When my sons hum tunes or sing in the car or around the house it is songs like 'Our God Reigns' or 'It's a big, big, house'

8. My mis-matched furniture

9. Toilets that I have to clean

10. My Digital Camera - instant pictures to scrap and turn into memories

11. That my knee is healing from my fall last week and that it was anymore damaged than it was.

12. thunderstorms

13. Jeff - he makes me laugh; Mel - she makes me laugh; Sandy (my sister)- she makes me laugh; Rich (my brother) - he makes me laugh; Lori - she makes me laugh; Jonathen and Patty Jean - they make me laugh; Betty - she makes me laugh; Ashley - she makes me laugh; Cam - he makes me laugh; Kathy - she makes me laugh; 



Behold, the Glory of God

Jeff called me outside onto our front porch to see this:

Behold_the_glory_of_god I was in awe of the sight that beheld my eyes. We could hear the rumbles of thunder in the distance. We were not in this storm. Sometimes we are on the outside of a storm brewing - we can see clearly God's majesty, His hand right in the center of the storm. Sometimes it takes the storm to pass for us to be able to see the Hand of God and behold His glory. I want to see clearly outside the storm, in the middle of the storm, or after the storm passes. Just as I focused my eyes on this storm and had a hard time pulling my eyes from it I want to be able to focus my eyes on Jesus whenever there is a storm - and when there isn't.

I had a great Tuesday! It was Taco Tuesday here at the Bowers household. Every Tuesday I make my homemade tacos. The story behind the tacos is interesting and unique - and I'll hold off for another Tuesday. I had lunch at Panara Bread with my friend Lori. I adore Lori. She makes me smile. I wish I spent more time with her. We stopped at the scrapbook store after lunch and I actually refrained myself and didn't buy anything - what was I thinking! Jeff brought home a dishwasher that someone didn't want (only three years old) so he's replacing ours, which doesn't clean very well, with it. Hopefully, this one will do a better job.

I watched the remainder of the first season of 24 last night - staying up til 1am just to finish it. Ok I'm hooked.


Monday, Monday

What to call Monday's? Mind-boggling Monday? Maniac Monday? Moody Monday's? Mindless Monday (ooh I like that one).

So it's Monday. Got the boys off to school and went to Curves. Elizabeth and Ashley both told me this weekend they thought by behind looked smaller - can't be - I've only been going to Curves for 2 weeks - but neat to hear anyway. I'm so hoping to hear from Army Civilian Personel about the job. Have had to go through a bunch of hoops to get in and while there have been a bunch of snags I've given each up to the Lord to block or make a way and He has made a way. I think this is a good thing.

I am really looking forward to weather forecasting again, and briefing pilots. I've really missed weather. It'll be good to use my brain regularly. This last year with college has been good to keep it going but I've been out of weather for quite awhile so I'm thinking it'll take some getting used to again. Little scary also - lots of changes at the weather station that I'll have to learn. While shift work isn't my favorite at least it isn't straight weekends either (which I've been working this past 1 1/2 years.

Ash was here for dinner last night. I made Reubens and Jalepeno poppers as requested. Jeff, the girls and I played Scrabble last night - what fun; Ashley was the entertainment with her smartalic wit. Everyone took forever with their turns of course - but all in all a good game. I was finally able to use the creative composition book I made for family game night. Earlier, Jeff and all the kids got their bows and arrows out. Spent about an hour out back. There was a cool breeze blowing and the sun was setting out front so it made it very comfortable. I took bunches of photos and even put on the arm and hand guards and tried my luck and it also. I'd never shot before. It was fun. Jeff, as usual, was very patient while teaching me. Jarrod put the guards on for me and made sure I had them on oh so correctly, and how to do it. Jeff taught them well.

I've got several books on my table that I'm working through: Extraordinary Faith by Sheila Walsh, The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum, and More than Conquerors by William Hendriksen, Turning Toward Integrity by David Jeremiah, It's Not about Me by Max Lucado, Creativity by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and Peace Like a River by Leif Enger. I don't think I've ever had this many books on my tables spread around the house, reading bits and pieces here and there as I find the time. I've been on this reading kick lately. It started when I found Rebecca Sower's reading list on her blog and I've been soaking up books every since.

Hope your Monday is as good as I know mine will be!!

Thirteen Thursday -13 Pet Peeves

349 I nabbed this 'Thirteen Thursday' from flig-flop floozie and lazy daisie's blog; thought I'd jump on the band wagon with my own: 13 Pet Peeves or things that drive me batty! Not going to be a problem!

1. Not using turn signals

2. Ok, I'm saying it - smokers without consideration for others

3. Complainers because they have to wait in line

4. Those that think because I am a Christian I should be tolerant about everything

5. Junk mail - especially credit card applications

6. Gossip

7. Poor customer service - what ever happened to it

8. Those who drive slow in the fast lane

9. Those who don't know how to merge (is there a pattern here regarding drivers!!!)

10. Being late (or those who show up late)

11. Poor tippers (no I'm not a waitrees and never have been! Just someone who appreciates good service)

12. Those who put someone down to puff themselves up

13. Those who lie!!!!!!!!!

What's up Wednesday

Breakfast made (French Toast); Kids off to school; Bible Study completed; Curves done; Target hit - all before ten oclock. Like that Army phrase 'we do more before 9 oclock than civilians do all day'. Ok so not the same but I think I got alot accomplished so far today. Now if I just don't slow down and get lazy - well I did buy a good book from Target and there is Season one of 24 calling me. No No No - I've got a bathroom to clean and sheets to wash, and, and, and.....some scrapping to do.

Lovin' Wednesdays. Why you might ask - we are starting bible study Wednesday nights at church again. Praise sevice tonight (these are absolutely fantastic, rockin' out, worship the Lord, praise His Name nights) and then we begin a study of Revelation with Jeff Vines, our teaching pastor - so excited. Savannah Christian Church - a great place to worship.

In the Groove of things

7b88383bf0ab23403eb4b6bc9ad34a6a477d_fee_1 I'm getting in the groove:

School has started back for the boys so I'm getting in the groove of getting up every morning at 7 am to get them breakfast and make sure their backpacks have homework, etc.

Making dinner each evening except Wednesdays and Saturdays (both church evenings): been pretty lackidasical over the summer about dinner every night

Scrapbooking regularly. I've done 8 pages in the last week

Curves - hit it!!!!! I've even been walking too.

Cleaning - not!!! But I need to. Set my mind to clean one thing everyday and I should be 'in the groove of it'

Bible Study - my dear friend Sandy and I are doing another summer bible study. We are studying Beth Moore's 'Daniel'. I bought the companion CDs which have been awesome.

I need to get in the groove of - finishing painting my scraproom; I'll post pictures when I'm done but I wouldn't want you to be holding your breath until it's done (I'd be attending a bunch of funerals)

Taking more pictures!!!!!!!!!!

What's your groove?