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Been jotting down

ideas for my military ministry. Filled two and a half pages so far that I want to discuss with a couple of the pastors at my church. Scared is a good word right now but not the worried scared just the excited scared. God has given me a new fire for this ministry - I know it's from God - because I was ready to quit - so it has to be from Him working in me.

Also, been thinking about Chapters for my memoirs. Silly hah! But I've got one Chapter written (because of a college course I took in which we were required to write a chapter of our memoir). That will maybe a preview for another post.

Still probing this whole watchword for 2007. So excited how one word - STAND - can move me. Put in for leave so Jeff, the boys and I can go on our mission trip. We'll be Standing in the gap for other missionaries. See, this word is active in my life, it is reality. I am see this word in everything - it is just way cool.

Can I tell you that my husband makes awesome pizzas. Simple, simple recipe but the pounds, I mean mounds of cheese, the jimmy dean hot sausage and the pepperoni sure make it good - and we've got leftovers so I've gotten dinner for tonight at work  - yippee!

Meetings yesterday at church: Jeff and the boys to a missions meeting, and me to a Woman's Ministry Meeting which put me in an advisory board capacity. Thankfully not, the directors board because my plate is full. But it did make me reflect on my impact as a woman to other women. - I need to do better, be more intentional, more assertive (ooh, assertive - that's a tough one!)

Started a new project: It's a trifold picture frame with 9 windows. I'll be decorating the frame and inserting wedding photos. Since the frame is black and I'm in my scraproom alot, I'll probable display it for my enjoyment in my scraproom. Got the perfect place for it...

My boys are a trip...

How they grow!

Ok, we went to get some more long pants for the boys - uniform pants for school. John grew another size - in the waist. Jeff's concerned. Me, I'm waiting for puberty when they shoot up like a rocket and grow to be very much taller than Jeff. While Jeff and his dad are average height, Jeff's brother is 6'4", and his grandad was 6'8". My uncles are tall as well - 6'4"ish. Maybe, just maybe, since they already have some good height on them they will reach up there and we'll find that instead of buying uniform pants to fit around the waist we'll be searching for those extra tall ones.

Jeff carries himself very well at the height he is. Can be very intimidating too. He has that air of professionalism, charisma, leadership in how he carries himself. When he was in the military he'd deploy with his unit to navy aircraft carriers to do joint ship operations. His unit would go in 'clean' - no rank/unit on the uniform. The navy would gravitate towards him as the man in charge, because of the way he carried himself - even though he wasn't. I have no concerns regarding how he'll handle himself when(if) the boys get to be way taller than him.

He'll still be dad. And will probably still be able to whip their patooies.


Have to smile because God is awesome. He has been affirming almost daily my watchword for 2007: STAND. Not only am I going on a mission trip this year - and standing in the gap for missionaries but Jeff is going with me - and our two 9-year old boys, John and Jarrod. They are ecstatic about the mission trip. What a memory they are going to make! And what a change to their life they will experience! I am also siked about the Military Ministry and envision great things this year! I have a meeting with a couple of our pastors at church in February - but in the mean time I am seriously pursuing some answers regarding where the ministry needs to head. Both these situations are key issues regarding my watchword and I just wanted to put down an update. In addition, we are beginning a study in Romans in February on Wednesday nights at SCC and the accompaniment book is by John MacArthur called Standing Strong - how cool is that.

My friend Lori, helped me pick out 4 scrapbook layouts to submit to the Design Team call for Savannah Scrapbooking. Don't expect to be selected but hey - why not try.

I am loving my job - still. I stand in awe of God's blessing regarding my job. I finish my degree in meteorology and no sooner then I have a job in aviation meteorology. It leaves me giddy.

I made this cute apple pebble wreath with 5 framed pictures for my scraproom. Need to get my S-U-S-A-N done now. Maybe tonight and this weekend. But I've got a leaders meeting at church on Sunday...

What to have for dinner tonight?????

Goings On

Started a project; crafty little wreath put out by that I bought at Target. It's a green apple wreath so will match perfectly with my scraproom. I'm changing the frames that will attach to it because - well - they won't match my scraproom.

In Week 3 of the study of David, Seeking the Heart of God by Beth Moore. Enjoying it!

Took these fab photos with my Rebel of Ella yesterday:Ella_2 Ella_5

I'm on swing shifts at work and I hate them. I can't cook for my family. I can't make sure my boys get their homework done - it is just stressful for the whole family.

Clothes, clothes and more clothes...

My watchword this year is STAND...I wrote a previous post about it. That word runs through my mind almost constantly. I'd like to keep a journal regarding it: how did I take a STAND that day? How have I stood in the gap? Did I STAND up and was counted? I do have a journal lying around, maybe I'll just do that. It could be an amazing year.

Need to get Christmas down...I do not like taking down decorations! Ok there I said it.

Kathy Bennetch is coming into town this weekend (Sunday/Monday) and I get to have lunch with her. Yippee!!!! She is one amazing lady! I'm a lady who likes to laugh so she is one of the best to have around - because she makes me laugh.

I think LAUGHING is one of the best things in life that you can do. I can recall laughing amidst sadness and it sure turns the sadness around doesn't it.

This has been a long week already!


My word for 2007: STAND. Ali Edwards ( a major scrapbooker and life artist) challenged me to find a word for 2007 that will be a watchword. How often I've heard this word STAND used and was intrigued by its representation. STAND in the gap. Implies action while standing really implies no movement - yet when used this way there is fluid movement - it may be necessary to step out of my comfort zone to STAND in the gap. In fact to stand in the gap I may actually need to be on my knees in prayer. Oprah Winfrey said this: "Everyone gets through the tough times because there is someone standing in the gap to close it for us." I want to be that someone. How interesting is that! What is my life going to STAND for? What am I going to STAND for today? What am I going to STAND for this week? I want to STAND upon truth. Not my truth, or as the world sees truth but the one truth alone that is Jesus Christ, who is truth. A Chinese proverb says, " Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of STANDING still." I don't want to STAND still. I don't want to stand still in my relationship with Christ, with my husband, with my kids, with my friends, with those I will meet. I want to STAND and truly impact our world through service. I want to make happen in 2007 this STAND and impact my world by 1) going on a mission trip 2) joining the COMPASSION team along with my children, and support a child, 3) teach several bible studies for military wives, 4) lead a military ministry support group regularly, 5) move the military ministry of SCC forward (not standing still!!!) and my last STAND is STAND in awe of the one who gave it all - my JESUS, who stands in the gap for me that I might know eternal life.

Beyond the blog

So it's just a simple, everyday life. I don't teach scrapbooking or have these wise words of wisdom that other women find interesting. I just go to work at an awesome job that I love everyday, I spend time doing a bit of scrapping and putting together some memories, if I'm a good girl I get my bible study done, I usually cook and absolutely fab dinner that my family raves over, I might read a little, and I blog (though not every day). There is the dishes and making the bed, and straightening up and paying bills but what part of those do you like. In fact they make the simple, everyday life that at first sounds somewhat pleasing and makes it, well, yuk! Oh, it's just yuk during those periods of time when I'm not doing those not so pleasing tasks but still yuk none the same.

So I did scrap today. Only I did another digital page. Last night Ashley and her boyfriend Brad came over for Taco Tuesday and they let me take some pictures of them. I only took about 10 shots but came out with about 3 favorites. This one is my most favorite. So I decided to do a sweet page for it. It took me about 1/2 hour to put together - nothing fancy though. I'm so not up on this digital stuff quite yet. Anyways, I wanted to share it.To_my_valentine

Random thought: Have you ever thought about writing your memoirs? I have. I took a Senior Writing class in college and one of my assignments was to basically write a chapter of my memoirs. It would be a snapshot of my life. The 'chapter' was titled The Tablespoon. But that's another post for another time. Memoir writing is snapshots, sometimes minutes in our lives, that make an impact on us, that maybe the writing will speak for us and that someone reading it will hear what we have to say. If you think you have a boring life and no one would want to read your memoir - you're wrong. After I wrote my 'chapter' I began formulating other a scrapbooker it would make for a great historically reading for my kids and grandkids.

On a Roll...

I did this digital layout just now. Took me about 1/2 hour tops. I took this picture (and about 8 others) of Ella just today. Elizabeth went down the street to get the boys milkshakes of all things so I snatched up Ella. The Santa hats were lying on the living room the urge...grabbed the Rebel xTi...snapped away. Got her smiling too. So here's my digital layout - and no I haven't left paper scrapping - I just did one of those last night. Oh, I've got to take a picture of the 'Christmas Countdown' advent calendar I made for 2007 - yep you heard right, I actually made something on 1/1/07 that I will be putting away in a box for December 1, 2007. But that is ok - when can I ever say I am ahead of the ball game...rarely. Although, I am on top of bible study right now... so here's my masterpiece (not!!!). She's a cutie patootie though.Santa_baby

A New Year is Here!

It was a very quiet New Year. And I started it out good. Did my bible Study today. I'm studying 'A Heart Like His' with Lori. I cleaned my kitchen/dining room/laundry room and floors. I completed my first scrapbook layout of 2007. It is entitled Christmas Joy. Thought I'd share. The colors are much more vibrant in real life. I took the flash off the camera (otherwise I get a glare on the photos) but guess there wasn't enough natural light. But you get the drift. I used the Designing With Calendar for 2007 - January 1, as my inspiration for the page. This calendar is sort of like a scrapbooking idea book except it is set up in a calendar and gives you a scrapbook idea for each day of the year. Boys are playing Air Hockey as I type. Their table is in my scraproom but I've found it doesn't even bother me. Jeff's up here watching them. While I was scrapping my page Jeff was on the computer - kinda nice having the large room to have all of us together - yet I can still scrap!!!  Happy New Year! Pray yours is blessed!Christmas_joy