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Blue Sky

Had a very productive meeting the Pastor that is over my ministry at church. The director was not in attendance but we pushed forward...I like that we didn't stand still. Yes, I got to use my watchword of 2007 STAND. I am standing up for our military through this ministry. A Blue Sky event is planned for April 18 at 6:30. Some personal invites will go out, but we're opening the event up to the congregation to all who desire to serve our military on the ministry. The question: If the sky was the limit what would you like to see the military ministry accomplish? Money no option, room no option, advertising no option, capabilities no can the military ministry serve our military of SCC, of our community (Hunter and Ft Stewart), of around the world (deployments and such!!) It will be a no holds barred session. At the end of the session I will ask for volunteers to commit to a leadership team, no less than quarterly meetings, maybe monthly initially. This team will take all the ideas from the Blue Sky meeting in turn them into 1) a vision statement or purpose for being, and 2) taking the ideas, deciding where the ministry needs to head and then making 'some' of them happen. So so excited!!!! I have to say that God is awesome and when we are down in the dumps He picks us out of the trash and cleans us off and gives us a refreshing bath of His provision, goodness, love, sustainment, that He is alive in every detail of our lives.

It's how cleaning should be...

fun! Fun you say - no cleaning is fun. Well after yesterday, just asked my two 9 year old boys. They told Jeff last night that they had fun cleaning with Mommy. And boy did we clean. We tackled the kitchen/dining room and did a bit of spring cleaning. So not done yet but got alot done anyhow. Since I didn't just direct and leave but we cleaned together and we talked and laughed and I praised and oohed and aahed at their work it was a great time. I got no complaint of 'why do we have to?' 'I'm bored' 'No more' - just 'what next Mom' - so I paid them for their hard work. We discussed the 10-10-80 also.

Today, I am in pain - either a pulled muscle or acid reflux coming on - the location fits acid reflux - yuk (but feels like a pulled muscle - like a can't move pulled muscle- hard to breathe if you do)

Submitted 3 layouts to the March 2007 contest at Luv2Scrapbook. It is a KI Memories contest that I came upon and just thought why not - for grins. I'm sure I'll not be selected but I love KI and already had pages that were just KI. KI, for those confused at this point is an awesome scrapbook company that creates papers and embellishments for the scrap community. Some of their stuff is in my previous post 'Sandcastles' -- and yes I submitted that page.

I need to tackle my bathroom today (work through the pain).

Taco Tuesday

You know we love tacos here. And it is taco tuesday night. We've got daughter #2 (Ashley) and her boyfriend Brad coming for dinner as well as daughter #4 (Stacia - who's not really our daughter but we'd like her to be); made my pico de gallo and of course my famous - or is that infamous sauce.

Wanted to share another layout that I did for the April assignment Design Team work for Savannah Scrapbooking. I have so moved outside of my box - wish it wasn't just a 4-month commitment because this is really forcing me to get stuff done, be more creative, work outside my comfort zone and all out have a fantastic time!!! So here's layout #3.


Ella's Eyes

Wanted to share this layout and journaling. It is one of my April assisgnments for Design Team work at Savannah Scrapbooking. I've seen journaling written on pictures all over the place and have done it myself in corners or such on other layouts but thought what a great way to really highlight Ella's eyes this time. All papers/cardstock is Chatterbox (another company that has some amazing talent). Embellishments are Making Memories, Susan Cole, (whoever makes those bottle caps?), and MAMBI.

Journaling reads: Ella is such a joy to our lives. I get all goose-bumpy when Ella opens her eyes, or her eyes latch on to me and she brightens up every time she sees me. My time with this precious girl is limited but it never ceases to amaze me how this blessed four month old can bring such joy just through her eyes. I see laughter in them - so in this we are kindred spirits. My granddaughter somehow knows that laughter is who I am and she wants to be like grammy. Even now thinking about Ella, seeing the laughter in her eyes makes me smile. I see the amazing work of God right there for all to see. My hope and prayer for Ella is that her eyes will always reflect laughter, that she will always have laughter in her life, and that every time she sees her grammy that her eyes will alwasys light up like this.


Wives of Warriors

My bible study class kicked off last night: Wives of the Warriors is the study. These ladies are amazing. I am so excited to be doing this study with them. My commitment to them is to be diligent with my preparation, be assertive with corresponce throughout the week, develop ties with them beyond the bible study. I want this study to be so fulfilling to them that they'll tell their friends about it to come to the next one because they learned so much from it. Lord, give me the wisdom...your truth...your love...your desire...your unbelievable teaching skills (I recall Jesus' methods)...your Holy Spirit to move in me in a mighty way.

For Stacie, Lisa, Yara, April, Shannon, Heather, Susan, and Keri: my the Lord bless you and work amazingly in your lives during these next 10 weeks or so.

It's the little things...

How simple - just allow me to work 5 and 2 instead of 5 and 1. I'm so excited the schedule was changed at work. It has freed up my weekends (except for today) and has given me two days off between shifts - praise the Lord...

I made this little cards with bits of me on them: my likes, dislikes, opinions, beliefs, who I am, etc... thought I'd share my first 4. I picked up a deck of cards at BAM that was lime greenish (which of course matches my room) and got the idea from Ali E. who got the idea from I was enthralled by her work (not necessarily her beliefs) and thought it would be fun to do some quick creative work. I haven't decided if I'll put magnets on them and put them up on a magnetic board that I have yet to hang in my room or just hang them around the room on the wall or on shelves peeking out here and there.

4 3 2 1

I got this great picture of Ella the other day. She is almost 4 months old - and I'm excited to say that she adores her grammy. Her face lights up and she starts laughing and cooing when she sees me. Now, one might assume, or deduce that she just finds my looks funny but this grammy knows it's because Ella is smart and knows a good thing when she sees it...Ella_6 bible study tonight (kick off class for Wives of Warriors) I am so excited. I pray God does a great work!!!!

1300 meters

Still in amazement. Let me tell you: at my 350 meter turn my shoulder (at the bursa sac area) I started experiencing excruciating pain. I adjusted my stroke to accomadate. Because of that I was getting really tired and still experiencing minor pain. Thought I'm not going to be able to even swim 500 meters today. I said, God, I don't want to only do 500 - please Lord get me through this. I swam through it. By 600 meters I was able to adjust my stroke back and the pain was almost non-existant. Give God all the glory - because I went on to meet my goal of 1300 meters straight.


my introduction for my Wives of the Warriors bible study class that begins March 10th. That bad boy is 6-pages long. Here's an excerpt: "Our husbands are warriors. Because they are we experience life changing, heart changing, emotional turmoil, and uncertainties to our security, our health, our self-worth and our belonging. No other, than wives of warriors, can understand or imagine what we go through. If you don't know it now, you will at the end of these next 10 weeks: You can have one constant in your life that will be all you need to get you through the moves, the deployments, the loss of friends, finding new churches and bodies of believrs, being a single parent, yet happily married. That constant is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

Finished two great-grandmother brag books and put them in the mail. They should be in my mom and Jeff's mom's hot little hands within days. Nothing creative, just printed a bunch of pictures. The brag gook said 'grandma's brag book' so I added a 'great' using stickers.

Finished another layout for my design team work. I'll head to the store today and turn in my layout  that will make a kit as well as this latest one.

Finished toooo many loads of clothes.

Finished my 1-day break and head back to work today. But I am thankful for the day because I got alot accomplished.

Not finished with my watchword for the year: STAND. This bible study says to me "I will stand up for Jesus!" Sharing the word of God is STANDING up for the gospel of Christ.

Not finished with swimming (although I won't swim today). I worked my muscles extremely hard yesterday. Jeff said I needed to allow a day for them to rest. Maybe I'll through some sweats on and go for a walk. Great way to STAND in the gap for others with a time of prayer. Or STAND and lift my hands in worship as I listen to Christian music.


to be swimming again. I cannot say enough how exciting it is. I once again surpassed my daily swim goal. Today my goal was swim 1000 meters again, but this time swim at least 500 meters straight. So you see I didn't do that...instead I SWAM 1200 METERS STRAIGHT!!!! God is awesome isn't He! Can I tell you though that I am really sore again. That last 200 I wasn't planning on doing until I hit the 1000 and said to myself, "Self, you can do 4 more laps", even though Self was also saying, " But I'm really tired."