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Graduation of Laura

My neice graduated on Tuesday with honors - no - she graduated summa cum laude! Very proud of her. Somehow the family has been able to get together for all the graduations - again for Laura's. Just wanted to post a couple pictures. These were all taken at Paula's where we spent the day.Behind_the_laughter

I call this one: Behind the Laughter (get it!!!)

Cousins The cousins (except Chris - the oldest)

Cousins_revisited Cousins Revisited. We once took pictures of the girls as they got together but since Daniel has gotten into high school he doesn't mind joining the girls for a picture (he's always in the middle - with all the lovelies gathered around)

Ella_and_great_aunt_paula GREAT AUNTIE Paula and Ella

Amazing Charleston

It is true that I love in a very beautiful and historic city, Savannah. But Jeff and I love Charleston. For our 13th anniversary we spent an entire weekend in this picturesque, rich-in-history, amazing city. I asked my friend Lori, who has a wishblade to design and cut a title for me. The wrought iron look was where I was going because Charleston is famous for it. I think Lori did a fabulous title. I designed the rest of the page to appear wrought iron as well. Charleston


than worry about the time that I haven't made entries into my blog I will move forward today, not standing still and well - blog. Haven't scrapped in days. I got this awesome title 'Charleston' that Lori created with her wishblade. The page just needs pictures and journalling from mine and Jeff's weekend getaway to Charleston for our 13th anniversary. When I get home from work this is my goal - complete that page!

Got home yesterday late afternoon from a whirlwind trip to Florida for Laura's (my niece) graduation. Great time and super fun. Lots of laughs - but when doesn't our family laugh when we get together. Laura is off to a university in FL with several scholarships to boot. She graduated summa cum laude from Crystal River High School (I'm an alumni from that school). Very proud of her. I'll post pictures later - hopefully this afternoon as well.

My bible study with military wives is over this weekend - well at least this study. I've had 9-10 ladies each week studying the Wives of the Warriors bible study. We have had a great time of study and growth. These ladies are amazing!!!! We have taken on the books name as a mini ministry 'Wives of Warriors'. I'll begin the next study on Jun 9. We are going to be reading Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs - I'm siked about this study. Most of the ladies are returning for this study and I've already gotten 'I'll be there' from several others.

Lots happening in the coming weeks!!!! So much to do.

Jeff and I straightened out the hall linen closet last night. We put labels on the shelves so the boys will know where to put everything. Had a learning exercise in sheet/pillowcase folding too. The boys are very receptive when you take the time to teach them. They have teachable spirits. Need to take some pictures for a layout - nice memory!

I'm at work right now. Slow weather day - well I am observing at Wright - so not much to do. I've perused several scrap magazine and tore out pages to keep for inspiration. I'll give away the mags then. Noticed I tear out all of the Studio A articles by Ali Edwards. She is an amazing inspiration. Her blog is which I visit everyday. It was from one of her challenges that I found my 'one word' for 2007 - STAND. So cool...

Catch up

Need to do a bit of catching up. Doing the procrastination thing again. It stinks. Why I do it I don't know? Paul talks about it in the Word, something to the effect of 'do what we don't want to do and don't do what we should do'. Pretty much summing me up lately. Procrastination is an ugly word. We actually talked about it last night as a psychological warfare satan uses against us. So that really spurred me on to catch up some memories.

Tucked away, but always to remember: Our 13th Anniversary (Jeff and I). We went away together to Charleston. Can I say just this: Awesome time. Wonderful time. Memorable time. Yummy food. Relaxing. Good relational catch up (not that we were behind). Expensive - but worth it!! So here's a snippet of our trip.Us_in_charleston

1000 meters

on Monday evening. Been a while since I swam so I'm happy with the results. Jeff set the challenge of 800 meters - so I did 1000. Felt good. I'm heading to the pool tomorrow morning after my mid shift (o'dark thirty); Body sore but good sore.

Chucked yuckies from my frig. washed up dishes. washed clothes. slept off my mid shift tiredness. waiting on boys to come home. it's taco tuesday. Stacia, Lori and Ash are over for them tonight.

need to make some lists. juggling a bunch of stuff right now and feel like i'm forgetting things: military ministry, design team, bible study, mom stuff, wife stuff, work stuff, cleaning stuff, Ash' wedding stuff.

being challenged by some bloggers (and scrapbookers to do that): find balance.