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just applied for a substitute teaching position with our county school system. hopefully i'll get an interview. the interview means you're application has been accepted. while it is not my dream job (because i am in that right now) i will like any job give my all to it. i think i have much to offer kids.

Taekwondo and Lime

We are enrolling the boys in Taekwondo this week. They had a tryout on Monday and we go back today to sign up officially - and they get that swoopy uniform too. They enjoyed it immensely even though it was hard work.

I made this mosaic yesterday and wanted to share. While my scraproom is turquoise the other color is similar to lime. I'm think about doing a lime mosaic wall display too. Enjoy.Mosaic3492171

Today was

a quiet day. Slept in til 10ish - had bad dreams last night so lost a bunch of sleep. Had Stacia over for dinner. I made Fetuccine with Rotissiere chicken and roasted read peppers with Pesto - yummo! I baked a batch of brownies too. Stacia and the boys played War (the card game). John whooped up on all. I got down and played a game too - very fun. Realized I need to not be so greedy with my time (aah, got that from a Bad Girl Delilah who was greedy for something else - but greed is greed).

Awesome sermon last night...just do something...don't remain stagnant...move forward in my relationship with Christ; in becoming like the image of Christ. Yes, playing War was doing that. Jesus would have gotten down on the floor and played with His sons...and not been greedy with his time.


- just the game 'Trouble'. Played it tonight with the boys - my suggestion. Jarrod asked me, "don't you have alot of other stuff to do?' I said, 'Yes I do, but I'd like to play Trouble with you instead". Think they liked that alot. Boy's said, as the game was winding down,'we don't want to get beat by a girl." Unfortunately the next roll I got a 1 which put my last man in home.  Very fun.

Jeff and I saw Live Free, Die Hard this afternoon. Super, super movie. Way cool stunts. I love Bruce Willis. The movie lived up to the Die Hard series name, that's for sure. I like supporting a movie when I like the 'person' the actor is also. Bruce Willis has alot of things going for him I like. Not the least of which is he supports our troops, and he's a conservative. Interesting. While I'm said he got a divorce from Demi Moore I like that for their kids they get along. Very big of him in todays hollywood world.

Had a CT scan of my pelvis today at Ft Stewart. Won't know results for at least a week. Would like to get this 'body' issue resolved...although I'm not worried about it.

Calculator Culprit

I've been on mid shifts this week so the boys have had to complete tasks by themselves while I've slept. One of those things on their list is math worksheets and math times tables. The little stinkers got my calculator out to finish their sheets. Some might say ingenius - I call it like it is - cheating. Read the wrongs about cheating to the boys and they were dully ashamed and sorry. They really don't like disappointing us. Now mind you my boys are going into 4th grade and they don't know all of the times tables yet. John has most of them down but struggles with eights and nines and Jarrod struggles with all of them. So a calculator is a wrong answer and I of course explain why. Just wanted to record that lovely memory - right. The bad with the good...

Recipe Box

I made this cute lunchbox recipe box (found here Lunchbox ). I have promised Ashley it would be completed when she comes home next week, filled with our favorite recipes. Problem is I keep finding more and more recipes that we've shared as a family and I'm struggling with when it's enough. Now, mind you I have procrastinated on this. But from the original list I'll be done in plenty of time but I keep adding to it. I don't mind doing it and I want Ashley to have the recipes but - well I guess I don't know what the problem is...

BTW, those lunchboxes are a hoot to play with. I used scrapbook paper (heavier papers), ribbon and modge podge (this will tell you about Modge Podge ). It looks great. You can see Ashley's Taste of Home Recipes here.

Home Alone

Jeff took the boys to see Transformers this afternoon. I'll have dinner ready for them when they get home - Chicken Parmigiana - yum. In the mean time I've scrapped. I made this two-page, multi-photo page using patterned papers and letter stickers. No expensive embellishments!!! And to top it off the 4th of July was only 11 days ago. I don't think I've ever scrapped an event that soon after the event happened.

I'm still reading the book 'Don't Waste Your Life' by John Piper. Is there a book you've read that you refer back to, read again and again, find quotes you like - and want to live by, one that you want to change you from the inside out, you dog ear at the top and the bottom, you highlight, mark up and just plain wear out. This is that book for me. I've never read books by John Piper but I guess if I had to pick a book by him this would be a good one. Yep, he tells you how not to waste your life. If you're not ready to hear it - don't read this book.

My bible study this past week was on the Woman at the Well (John 4:1-42). If I learned anything this past week it was this: If I want 'streams of living water' to flow through me I must DRINK. Drink. Drink. And Drink some more.

One of our pastors from church just came back from Zimbabwe and Ruwanda and he asked us "Can I give them your name? Can I tell them you'll go?" While sitting there last night my thoughts were: "Jeff (that's the pastors name), give them my name. I'll go." More and more I am hearing GO! The fluttering in my stomach isn't fear - it's excitement. What are you going to do Lord? What are you going to do?

Oh, hey here's that 4th of July page:4th_of_july_2007

Just tidbits

My oldest daughter, Elizabeth dyed her hair blonde - can't say I like it yet. Her hair was sooo gorgeous. It always shocks me when she does something drastic. The hair is actually pretty I guess but not sure I like it on her. Her comment, "You dye your hair red". Actually I dye my hair auburn but it has never been drastic. Oh well - her hair.

My youngest daughter Ashley, called me last night at work, didn't talk along time but her and Brad are coming home a day earlier than planned originally - yippee!!! Great part, they're staying here with us!!!! It is the boys' birthday and we're going to do a 'whole' weekend celecbration. Friday is Cub Scout night going bowling so we'll all go bowling and hopefully all the scouts can sing Happy Birthday and I'll have a cake for them (and everyone); we'll take the boys to dinner probably on their actual birthday and we'll do lazer tag maybe on Sat. morning. So a fun filled weekend planned (26 Jul - 28 Jul);

So many fabulous things happening with my military ministry at Savannah Christian Church. God is awesome!!! We can offer childcare now for the support group meetings because a wonderful lady has stepped up to coordinate it and has brought a team of workers on board. Not only that because of this team we can offer a Military Mom's Night Out every quarter to give mom's a break from the kids for a couple hours. Sooo excited about this.

Hosted a Crop

I hosted a crop at my house yesterday for the ladies in my small group from church. Most of them new to scrapbooking - and we had a blast. I was only able to complete one page (and started another two page layout) but I am really happy with this page. It has been a story I've wanted to record for years now. Just wanted to share it.Is_it_alright_if_we_call_you_daddy_