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September 2007

A Miracle

I am losing my job in September. Not looking forward to it. I'd love a miracle!!! You know - I really am not looking forward to the financial transitions but I really really am not looking forward to leaving meteorology. I love my job. So Lord, a miracle would be awesome.

God Provides

you know i hate doing bills - but i do them; and every time God provides! Jehova Jireh - my provider, His grace is sufficient for me for me for me - just some words to a song that I used to sing in the early 90's that has stuck in my head as a reminder of God's provisions! That's a good thing - being reminded - but what is even better is that I have proof! Again and again God has provided for ME! A chaplain friend called them Ebenezer's (in the old testament: 'stones of rememberance'; the people of Israel would erect stone altars at places representing God's provision for one thing or another; as a reminder to them - very cool!!!)

we are going to be in a financial transition again here shortly and I'm not looking forward to it - but we have already done many like these, where we've had to downsize because our income is downsizing, and God has provided every time!

For instance: I already have money set aside for dates with Jeff. We have to have our dates. We do not remove dates when we downsize, we just adjust what we do on the dates. Those are a necessity in our book - keeps us going strong. In addition, we already have money set aside for Christmas (which is good since I'm already making my christmas list - he he he);

So, thank you Lord for providing!!!