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Cub Scouts

We went camping with the boys for a cub scout outing to Camp Blue Heron, south of here. They were able to complete 5 different belt loops and got their whittling chip which allows them to wear/carry a pocket knife. Jeff and I got ours also, and since Jeff wears a Den Leader uniform he was able to carry his pocket knife. Think swiss army knives will be Jeff's christmas gift this year to the boys.

We went through a haunted trail Friday evening and while it wasn't scary it was humorous at times. But the best part came at the end of the trail. The group we were with (about 10 of us), with John and another boy out ahead, hit the end of the trail first. As they hit the T to leave the trail a scary guy with a chainsaw jumped out and started the chainsaw at the same time. We have never seen John run sooo fast. I will never believe that John can't run again after watching him take off at a fast sprint and flying. We all had a good laugh!

I turned in the handmade journals that I made and got paid for them!!! I am soo excited about that.

Wednesday stats

Swam 1 mile today. That is 1600 meters. 32 laps. And one sore body. My arms are still shaking. But I am very proud of myself. Decided while I was swimming that first thing I need to do is pick up speed. Think I'll stick with 1 mile for a few days and just try and improve my time each day. When once I could swim two miles in an hour it took me that to swim 1 mile. Of course it is only day 4 after such along time off swimming and that 2 miles was after months of working out - give myself a break already.

Don't you hate offending someone. I did - unbeknownst to me. Didn't mean to. But I did. And I apologized. Hope it was enough...

Swimming, Journals, and Pampered Chef...

So, it's the 3rd day I went swimming. I did 1000 meters on Friday and then 1200 meters today. I'll not divulge my goal for Wednesday (unless I decide to go tomorrow). Lovely to be back in the pool. I already feel 10x lighter (even though I know I'm not); I already feel like I can move better (even though I probably can't - yet). I am still working on those journals for SCC support staff retreat. I have 30 to do - but I'm almost done. The hardest part will be punching the whole for the book ring. One of my earlier posts has a picture of an example journal. They are actually all different colors; each a little different. I'm very pleased with them.

I had my first Pampered Chef home show on Saturday. Hum! did it go well? So so. I wasn't pleased persay but I wasn't disappointed either. I also just got my sisters catalog show in the mail. I've got an outside order coming that I want to add to hers before I submit it though - boost her free product.

Jeff, John and Jarrod went to Ft Stewart Friday afternoon and Saturday for some major boy fun. First they went into the battlefield simulator. It's a multi-million dollar complex, with surround screens, humvees inside, and imagine you're in downtown Baghdad. They battled the enemy and had a blast (no pun intended). 50-cal machine guns, etc... they had a barbeque with ROTC cadets later on who were at Ft Stewart for Ranger Challenge. On Saturday, they did Land Navigation, they played in the grenade course (Jeff did a run also and did very well for an old man), shot paint ball guns at targets (and John and Jarrod whooped up on those - guess that's all that BB gun play came in handy), they crossed a rope, and ate an MRE. During the land NAV Jarrod came face to face with a black snake that had it's ugly head reared up (John screamed like a girl); and of course I forgot to bring Jeff the camera...

Journal Making

I was commissioned to make these cute little journals for some ladies going on a retreat from my church. Selling them for very very very little. They are made of 4x4 chipboard, a decorated front, the back is patterned paper covered, and there are 10 sheets of white. If anyone would like some made to give as a thank you, hello, or my prayers are with you, gift I'm selling them for $4.00 plus S&H. I made them for my church in a variety of colors but here is an example:Journal_cover

Since it's a journal I liked the whole "In my own Words" title...anyways you can email me at if you'd like a few (or just one even).


So I finally went swimming. The thing is swimming is probably one of my top 5 favorite things to do - yet I don't swim like I should, could. Why is that? You see, even after just 1 swim, in which I swam 500 meters I felt wonderful, I felt 'skinnier', I felt healthier, I felt lighter, I felt wow - this is the best thing. So why is it that I don't? I believe I know the answer and it saddens me that I am that. It saddens me that I don't do what I want to do, what I should do, what I need to do. I'm sure you've figured it out - I have. Maybe this time my spirit will be stronger than my, 500 meters - Praise God! What will I swim tomorrow???

Senator Visits

Georgia State Senator Eric Johnson visited the boys' Webelos den last week. I love that they are offered these kind of opportunities through Cub Scouts that wouldn't have otherwise. Jeff actually set up the visit for the den - well since the Senator does go to our church - and well, the Senator's wife used to be Jeff's boss. The Pack Cub Master was most impressed with the visit as were all the scouts. Senator Johnson used pizza and spaghetti as examples when explaining the Bill process which went over very well towards explaining it so the boys could understand the process. See - these senators can meet their constituents right where they're at. So I documented the visit and realized I really need to get on this Cub Scout book.Senator_2

I am Creative

When once I would say I am not creative I cannot say that now. This weekend I went on a retreat with my church. It was called the Artist of my Soul. I am Creative. You see I was created by a very creative God. Just look and see his creativeness in our world, and the universe, and the intracacies of man, and the diversity of nature; you can only see creative. Since I was created in the image of my God - I, too, am Creative. I can create love for my children. I can create passion with my husband. I can create peace where there is chaos. I can create laughter and bring joy where there is sadness. See - I told you I was creative.

A Grandma

again! My daughter Ashley, just told me I was going to be a grandma. She's excited - so I will be too. Although I'm allowed to be concerned. I've already told her to start taking pictures (so my grandbaby will have pictures of her mommy while she was in her belly). Of course, it's not so I can scrap them...Grandkids and kids - only 10 and 11 years apart - what's up with that? Joy!

My Christmas List - In October?

Yah, yah! but in all honesty I've been thinking about it since - well - last Christmas! My big, very big gift last Christmas was my Canon Digital Rebel xTi which I absolutely adore. But realistically and becasue I needed to wrap my heart around this I've picked out my list, yes more frugally this year, but more fun, eclectic, different, playful, wild, interesting. So here's my Christmas list - thus far:

Turquoise Crocs - yes!!! I said turquoise. Like these Turquoise Crocs

This apron which I love. I have wanted an apron for years. Ever since I saw my old friend Jill Sohljem wear one every time she cooked. She'd take the time to put on an apron. This is the one I want - in turquoise of course Turqoise Apron

Been wanting this book for awhile now that it's out - so cool Journal Revolution

Of course Ali Edwards new book Life Artist

I can always use Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom. Especially the Body Butter, the Body Splash, the Shower Gel, the Eau de Cologne, and the Hand Cream

I'd love this Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack and this Canon Digital Rebel Field Guide and this Lumiquest Diffuser and this Tripod and this Wireless Remote Control

Nothing too pricey, but just a bunch of fun stuff!!!