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Stepping Up

my walk with Christ. I am embarking on a journey through the Psalms of Ascent (by Beth Moore); and I have a new accountability partner. We had our first meet this past week and I know that God has great things in store. I am also studying John 15. This is my year long chapter to get to know, dwell on, fill up on. Got the idea from one of my earliest bible study teachers, Jo - who made such an impact on me that I am now teaching, have been for a year now (who would have ever thought). Very excited about what God is doing, where He plans on taking me on this journey. So here I go - my first step up...

Holiday Traditions

Wanted to document our holiday traditions and maybe add a few this year (or in coming years). Also wanted to share a great book for simple ideas to keeping Christ in Christmas called Redeeming the Season by Kim Wier and Pam McCune put out by Focus on the Family.


1. Cut a tree down from Brewer's Tree Farm and enjoy a hayride afterwards, and maybe some hot chocolate.

2. Buy or make an ornament for each of the kids

3. Make homemade cinnamon rolls and deliver them very early Christmas morning to Staff Duty, 3/160th (A)

4. Attend a Christmas Eve candlelight services

5. Collecting another snowman (yes, yes - so selfish of me I know - but I do so love snowmen!!!!)

6. Read the Christmas story on Christmas Eve

7. Give 1 gift to each person; receive 1 give from each person (stocking stuffers not included!); this has been one of the best things we could have done. It has caused us to consider well what to give and the gifts have been very meaningful.

8. Document the holidays through photos and words


1. Prophecy Box passages (idea from Redeeming the Season): 25 little boxes with slightly different sizes, decorated to use as a Christmas decoration, inside include a set of prophecies about Jesus and His birth. Read one prophecy each day, included a treat for the boys in the box.

2. Handmade Christmas cards (this won't happen this year - but maybe I can start this year for next year)

3. Make Teacher gifts for the boys' teachers

4. Handout Christmas Nails to all who visit my home around Christmas (since I'm in the spirit of crafting, and I already have the nails (they are actually eight-inch landscape spikes), maybe I can get these done this year.

5. Give to Operation Christmas Child

I am very excited about this season. Jeff is in the Journey this year. He is playing the Innkeeper one week and a Roman Soldier the next week. I am registering visitors for the Journey. John and Jarrod are both in a Christmas production called Mission Possible. We are staying home this year. I am making all my families gifts (except Mom and Dad's) and I'm very excited about that - they are lovely!!! 

2000 meters

Swam 2000 meters this morning. Aside from my right shoulder aching it was a decent swim. Lost some minutes off my 1600 meter time but I'm not discouraged. My goal is 3200 meters (2 miles) in 1 hour. I'll get there!!! P.S. One of my 44's before I'm 45 is walking 500 miles - 2 miles down, 498 to go!!!

Humble Yourself

Was reading some of Beth Moore's writings and came across this lovely little bit of 'tell it like it is'. 1 Pet 5:6 says, 'Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand'. His word also says this, in Daniel 4:37, 'Those who walk in pride he is able to humble.' The sum of these two verses: We can humble ourselves before God or God can humble us. The verse in 1 Peter is not an 'if you want to' request. It is in fact an obedience issue. The verse in Daniel is - well - a promise! If you choose to walk in pride, choose to not humble yourself than God will do it for you. Which do you think will be the more painful, humbling yourself before the Lord, or, God humbling you?

So, I see it like this: if we don't presently have an issue that is actively humbling us, we veer with disturbing velocity toward arrogance and self-righteousness. In other words, there is always something God needs to work on in us, so if we aren't humbling ourselves and allowing him to work we are on a collision course with arrogance and self-righteousness - and God will intervene - because too much is at stake.

So I ask you - are you fine? Your answer should be a resounding NO!

He's 43 today

Jeff_at_43 My man is 43 today. If you saw my post yesterday and do the math - yes you are right he is a year younger than me. And he never lets me live it down!!! Don't let the beard full you (take it away and he looks about 33); But this 43 year old man - my husband - has seen alot, done alot, been to alot of places and grown alot. The man he is today is a man of God. He has a servant's heart (the heart of Jesus) and he is after becoming more like Him. The cutie patootie in the picture with him is his first grandbaby, Ella. And he spoils her (just to make her momma mad). I love this man. Happy Birthday, Jeff!

My 44 before I'm 45 List

Have you seen those 'Life Lists'? Read John Goddard's life list that he made when he was 15 years old. Pretty inspiring to say the least. Someone did a 100 list and I had started one of those but since I turned 44 years old today I thought I'd put together a 44 List to do before I'm 45. They say to reach but not to disappoint. So I'm reaching. Some on the list I will not be able to say "Yes, I did that" until November 19, 2008, but that's ok. Even today I see the possibility of a one on the list checked off because I swam today and knocked another 7 minutes off my 1 mile time. I can see that 2 miles as very attainable. So anyway, here it is, in all it's glory:

1. Go on a mission trip to


2. Make three stars project for living room (like Lori’s)

3. Walk 500 miles

4. Every time I shake someone’s hand use a firm grip (I’ve always done this)

5. Read, read, read

6. Go to the library

7. Scrap Jeff’s dads WWII photos and memorabilia

8. Open an ETSY shop

9. Go swimming regularly

10. Lose weight for my health, for myself, for my God

11. Study John 15 for a year – then study another passage of the Bible (this of course does not mean that I won’t study other chapters)

12. Help grow the Military Missions Ministry at my church

13. Finish my memoirs

14. Write more letters (ok, that would be write letters)

15. Organize my household

16. Play games with my sons more

17. Make more cards

18. Send more cards

19. Make 12 new recipes

20. Learn how to sew on my scrapbook pages

21. Drink more water

22. Work up to swimming 2 miles

23. Collect all of the J.D. Robb In Death books

24. Study something meteorological weekly to keep me on my toes

25. Eat more fruit

26. Go on a mission trip to Equipping the Saints

27. Pray more

28. Apply for the Master’s Program

29. Be more patient in traffic

30. Decorate my living room in brown, tan, and pale turquoise

31. Organize and archive my digital photos

32. Be a better friend

33. Acknowledge God for who He IS everyday!

34. Make homemade pizza at night and watch a couple movies while eating it

35. Create a life artist Manifesto

36. Get a telescope and look at the moon and stars

37. Spend less time on the computer

38. Go jet skiing

39. Journal my prayers

40. Learn more about Photography

41. Manage my time better; don’t waste my day away

42. Greet people first

43. Say something positive to someone everyday

44. Build a solid relationship with my accountability partner

Caught up...NOT!

I actually scrapped some pictures that are only a week old. But then I also scrapped some that are 6 months old NO - I am not caught up. I have resigned myself that I will never be caught up. And that is OK. In 2 days I've scrapped these:


Those week old pictures...10_years_old

One of my favorites of the bunch. My kokie boys at 10 years old...


Don't like this one, but the pictures, event is scrapped...Party_bowl

I like this one...especially my son-in-law Brad's goofiness!!!Play_imagine_be

Another, not so thrilling one...Summer_activities

The last bad one, but the events were cool...the boy's summer activities that kept them busy.

When Death Comes

it just isn't easy. My sister Paula's husband Stan died. We are leaving today to go to the Memorial Service. Stan had diabetes that got out of control. Jeff told me last night that a guy in our small group has diabetes and he hasn't been taking care of himself - until now - when he heard how young Stan was. You may have saved 1 Stan...Stan made my sister happy (except for his health - of course); that makes me like Stan. Stan told me once that he knew he now has the eyes of someone without diabetes. He'll be watching the next Gator game with clear vision. Hope Jesus is a Gator fan...I remember the day Paula married Stan - he touched her - he touched her like he loved her...I'll never forget that's cool! See you in heaven Stan!