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Simple Day

Straightened living room. Took tree down. Keeping up other decorations for awhile. Did some loads of laundry. Boys are doing archery in the backyard. Jeff applied for a job. I found out I probably won't be able to get the job at Hunter. Saddened by that. Completed two digital layouts. Boys cleaned their bathroom. Dishes. Bills. Moved camera items to new camera case I got for Christmas.

Need to: write thank you notes. bible study. read a book. straighten scraproom.Be_merry_christmas_2007


One Little Word

It's almost that time of year again for me to pick One Little Word. I've been thinking about it lately with January just days away and another year to grow. That would be a good word wouldn't it: grow. Grow in the Lord, grow vegetables, grow friendships, grow my health - hum, something to think about. I had another word in mind...we'll see come January 1st. 2007's word was STAND. I must say I am proud of my success at fulfilling that word in my life. Some immediate reflections that come to mind: I stand in the gap for military wives through leading a bible study and support group; I stood up and stepped out and went on a mission trip...I'm excited to see what 2008's word will bring to my life. How fun? Pick a word and see where God takes you.

My Christmas presents

I got my turquoise Crocs!!!! Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom from Ash, Canon backpack for my - well - Canon Rebel; remote for my Canon; Canon Digital Rebel xTi how to book; and this gorgeous handmade necklace from Elizabeth; some cash; gift-certificate 'out-to-eat'; great Christmas!!!!

The boys got swiss army knives; hiking backpacks; head lamps (for when they go camping); watches; some drawing stuff, and some legos. Jeff got new boots (same boots just replaced with new), some jeans, underwear, and Christian t-shirts. Super good gifts.

Oh, what fun it is to

- and you thought I was gonna say ride when in actuality I was gonna say digital scrapbook. Did this one just now (took all of 30 minutes).Dear_santa_2 ...ride in a one-horse open little sugarplum Ella...I've done the 'define naughty' before but thought it went well with this picture. Elizabeth is dropping her off on Friday for some grammy time.

On the 15th Day of Christmas

Jeff gave a safety lesson and a how-to use a chainsaw to the boys before they headed to the church to cut up firewood for tonights Journey production. I was upstairs (which is above the garage) with the window open listening to the lesson. Jeff is very patient and thorough when he teaches John and Jarrod and the boys listen attentively and ask questions, which Jeff answers each time. At the end of the lesson the boys got to start the chainsaw themselves. They spent a few hours at the church and came home in time to get ready to go back to church (for the boys) and Jeff and I served in the Journey. He was once-again a Roman cavalry officer and I registered guests. With the threat of rain, attendance was very low and tribes were through by 8:30. Tonight, no rain, for the last night of the Journey, but it will be cold. Jeff will ride once again but the boys and I will stay home.

Right now I don't feel very much into the spirit of Christmas. I still need to pick up some last minute gifts and do some gift wrapping. Bake cookies. Clean my bedroom. Clean the kitchen. Clean. Clean. Clean.

On the 14th Day of Christmas

John, Jarrod, and I went to the Journey. Our Roman Centurian guard along our Journey knew us (and since Jeff is a Roman soldier too) he was especially attentive to the boys. They did very good standing up to the soldier when he would confront them. Understand, along our journey we were playing Jews, and Roman guards had little regard for Jews during the time of Jesus' birth so while they were there to protect us on our journey they still made 'snide' remarks. There are two more nights of the Journey. Just last night there were over 2200 people that went through. There might not be as many tonight because it's supposed to rain here - and then get cold for the last night. I always get choked up at the end of the journey when we come face to face with Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus (they use a real baby). Our Roman guards who have been with us through our journey and who have heard everything we've heard end up bowing to the baby Jesus acknowledging Him as King of Kings. While the Journey takes about an hour and a half it is amazing!

The Hunt for the Perfect Tree

I think I shared some pictures earlier this month but I just did a digital layout of our 'Hunt for the Perfect Tree'. Yes, I know, another digital layout and I think the elements for this one are from Peppermint Creative as well. I like digital because they are quick but I'm not sure how to display them. They are 12x12 so I can't print them (plus that would be too expensive) so they are just on the computer where they can't be seen by the kids (cause the boys regularly pull down albums). Anyways, here it is.The_hunt_for_the_perfect_tree