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State of My Nation

Taking up my friend Jamie's post from Savannah Scrapbooking I decided to give State of My Nation address:

Both Jeff and I are out of a job. Some prospects for both of us but nothing yet.

The weather job at Hunter is still a possible as of today. God is in the business of miracles.

My Wives of Warriors bible study, Calm My Anxious Heart is going awesome.

We love Wednesday night bible study in the book of Job, with Dr Hooks from Atlanta Christian College.

Elizabeth is in school, Matt is applying, Ella is a punk!

Ash has a new job (a home care assistant) which she loves. She is applying for online studies. Ash and baby to be are fine.

I am recovering nicely from surgery (although today is the first day I haven't had any pain).

I am planning my mission trip to ETS in March. Can't wait for that!!!!

John and Jarrod are plugging along in school. Parent-Teacher conferences this week, and growing like weeds.


I stayed up late last night reading. I had to finish book V in the W.E.B. Griffin series, The Corps. My hubby has long since been reading these history laden books, all by W.E.B. Griffin. But I have in the past year and a half or so been catching up. My obsession for these military infused works began when I'd hear Jeff laughing - no roaring - at something he just read in By Order of the President (another series by the man). It got me curious. I didn't have any new Christian fiction on my nightstand, I'd reread and reread all on my shelves and I do love the military so I thought why not, I'd give it a try. So I read By Order of the President, and then the next book in the series - I was hooked. And then the next in the series came out on hardback and I obsessively bought it. I just couldn't wait. Now what! So I searched through Jeff's books and found the Men in Blue series. Not a military, but police series. Loved them. Recently, I picked up this series The Corps. When I say recently I mean last week - and I'm on book VI. Can you say obsessive. Book I begins with the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor, and character after fabulous character that Griffin entwines into the historical-rich plot. There isn't one main character, but many, as would be fitting for a WWII setting.

So I've got a couple hours this afternoon, it's raining, I'm still in my jammies - thought I'd go pick up Book VI and begin reading.

Meteorological Technician

is the job that still hasn't been filled yet at Hunter AAF. It is a permanent position and yesterday I talked with the commander. He hadn't heard anything from AF personnel about an inbound civilian body. In fact, he assumed that the position was opened on USAJOBS (it hasn't been - I know - because I check at least 3x a day); so Lord - what's up. Will I still have the opportunity to apply. Could it be these last months of struggling financially been a test for us? We invest, we tithe beyond the 10%, give to missions, give to Imagine (our churches building campaign) but when we were both bringing in good money it wasn't as if we had much to show for it. I'm ready to change that. Been thinking on it for months now while we've had to live frugglely (is that a word).

My watchword for 2008 is GROW. I'd like to add: grow our savings/savings for things; not just put money away like we do for bills throughout the year but say we want a new piece of furniture, or that deck we've been talking about for 8 years - actually save for it this time - buckle down and do it!!! Neither of us much care for a new car so we won't have to worry about anything but keeping our running in good condition so those other things - yes - I'd like to see happen.

So back to what are you doing Lord? My desire is to once again work in meteorology at Hunter AAF as a civilian - well - until I retire - again!

Faith Factor

Jeff is gone this weekend to 'Faith Factor'. It's a retreat - for just the guys - through our church (men's ministry).  The guys get to challenge their faith, step it up a bit, push it upward, focus on God. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is, and how blessed I am to have a godly husband, who pursues a relationship with Christ. He is in two (yes, two) bible study/accountability breakfasts every week. He has men that he calls regularly for accountability - and who call him also. He sets Christ as standard - not other men (this can be interesting in today's world). I am blessed.


Jeff didn't get selected for that job. He's hurt and I'm hurting for him. He was honest on his application and didn't embellish his qualifications (they graded on qualifications) thus he didn't meet the score. His integrity makes me so proud of him. This was the type of job that I think he could see himself doing for the rest of his working life. God is in control and He's got something better!

I opened

the gift from my sister Paula, and immediately loved it. They matched my room and I thought they were fun and creative. Without offending my sister (paula I'm sure you're gonna read this), I wanted to add some black. And add some words. I mimicked the circles in the patterned paper with a black stamp by 7 Gypsies, used letter stickers and words to create the words and there you have an art project that my sister (and I did). Please don't be mad here's the finished project.Pg_sues_art

Couple digital layouts

today. All family are gone now from the holidays - quiet around the house. Busy weekend sort of; accountability time with a friend tomorrow, missions meeting tomorrow also. Planning on going to ETS (Equipping the Saints) in March. This will be totally God (because we have no money - so He'll need to provide it if I'm going to go). I'll send out letters for support though. I really want to do some scrapping. It's hard to on the weekend.

Praying for the job Jeff applied for to come through; praying for a miracle that a weather job will open up for me on Hunter.

Here's those layouts: I'm GROWing in my digital scrapping.Elizabeth_matt_ella


Boys (all three of them) are watching Rat Patrol tonight. Yes - I know it is a 1966 television show but then they love S.W.A.T, the 1975 television series, and seasons 1-4 of The Pretender also. We also have Airwolf which was a 1984 show. How fun is that! Pretender is probably one of my all time fav TV shows and Miss Parker is probably one of my all time fav female characters. She rocks. A little nostalgia in the new year...

GROW watchword for 2008! Grow, v: to become; to undergo a change; pass into a condition gradually; 1 a: to spring up and develop to maturity b: to be able to grow in some place or situation

So what do I see for 2008: Grow in my relationship with Christ through prayer, bible study, and fellowship; grow my health; grow vegetables (maybe some tomatoes or some herbs); grow my ministry at church; grow in my knowledge of photography; grow in my knowledge of meteorology; grow my swim distance (to 3200 meters at least); grow in my giving of my time; grow in my relationships with my husband and kids; grow in my creativity; grow my scrapbooks.

I'm sure I'll add through the year (hopefully not delete any); and I see a great year for me and my watchword. What's yours?