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Just some things happening, seeing, doing: I got this pre-mission trip devotional called Anticipate from my trip leader. We are supposed to finish up the devotional before we leave. We'll get another during our trip also. These are in addition to our study in Nehemiah. I don't seem to be having difficulty keepig up with those two as well as my own bible study, Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow. Anyways the devotional is basically a challange to anticipate God to work, to change, to move in my life while getting ready to go, while in the field, and coming home. Very cool thing.

I'm cleared health wise. Doc said surgery worked wonderful and everything looks good. So I guess I need to pull out my fins and goggles...

I miss meteorology!!! I say that often don't I. Well, it's storming today - and I'm missing the action. With the weather job still opened I don't know what God has in store. He's closed several of the doors for other jobs (administrative assistant positions and a training coordinator) which I've really taken a hit about. Feeling very discouraged. Don't like the feeling. I know in my head that my self-worth is in Christ not whether I can get a job or not - but I'm struggling right now.

Taco Tuesday tonight and we've got friends coming over to share our table. I'm making Jalapeno poppers and pico de gallo also. Yum!

Spotted some things around the house I'd like to share. Will do that tomorrow.

Shims, Chisels, Stinker, and Mercy

I was up in my scraproom reading with the window open. My room is over the garage so when Jeff, John and Jarrod began working I heard the conversations going on. Got a kick out of Jeff saying things like 'bring me that chisel'; 'no, not the screwdriver, the chisel'; then, he'd explain what the chisel looked like. 'Bring me that box of shims off the toolbox'; now, I don't think John and Jarrod are comfortable yet with chisels and shims and such but Jeff is trying to make them so. I love how he calls a chisel a chisel and a shim a shim instead of going in a roundabout way. The boys will learn exactly what they are, their description, and what they're used for. Jeff and the boys built a door casing for our outside garage door. With patience, (and a bit of impatience - though only a bit), job got done and the boys learned about shims and chisels.


The glue gun became - well - a gun in the hands of boy!


Spent some time with my little stinker granddaughter. It takes her awhile but she warms up eventually - and she loves the camera. She is only 15 months old but talks as much as a three year old. So much fun!Stinker

Mercy. Our family has seen it again and again during this time of 'no jobs' (except side jobs - and those are all about mercy too!); and once again mercy - last night. We were humbled by a gift, and offering from some friends. We are so unworthy! Yet our Lord continues to bless us through the mercy of others!

It's raining

...and pouring at times. Enjoying it immensely. Cleaned my scraproom yesterday and started a project today. What a difference working in a clean room. Jeff had an interview this morning with a construction company...prospect looks very good. Jeff liked the sound of the job scope: very challenging, different each day, inside/outside work. I think it fits him well. I think the salary will be good also. I applied for a training coordinator position. While meteorology is my first love the other aspect of the job I held in the military that I loved was training manager/coordinator. I saw this job position online and thought: wow! I'm very qualified for that position. So I applied! Also, found out today that the meteorological technician out at Hunter is still opened. Could this become a dilemma if say the company with the training coordinator position likes me and offers a job and so does Hunter. I would do what I've counseled others to do: pray, pray, pray; way pros and cons; and seek wise counsel. God won't let me down. So - maybe I'm getting ahead of myself - but my God is a BIG GOD! Oh, and I got turned down twice this week for other positions. One said, "...your resume is very impressive but..."; what does that mean by the way? Is that a generic phrase or was my resume really impressive but I just didn't fit in one way shape or form?

Did I say God is Good? Jeff has outside jobs all next week!!! GOD IS GOOD!

Still studying Nehemiah. There is a balance between 'our part' and God's part. Good stuff. Pray before an interview (or difficult situation, during an interview(or difficult situation), and give God the glory (no matter the outcome)...more good stuff. Chao!

It's good

when you get to spend the morning with your daughter. Elizabeth came over by herself (without Ella) before she had to head to school. We just hung out and chatted. Very nice. Jeff had a job interview which went well. The pay isn't near what we need but that doesn't mean we couldn't make it work (as long as I get a job too). He's putting in more resumes today. I was turned down for a job yesterday. I still have a bunch more out there though. Staying in the Word of God has really calmed any anxiousness. It's good!!! Elizabeth is bring Ella by tomorrow - yea!!! - I'll take pictures!!! Still have three things on my to do list for this week. It's a sad state of affairs when you can make a weekly to do list...

Creative Weekend and Good Stuff

Good stuff: Amidst our limited finances (both without jobs) Jeff was wise, yet reminded me how much he loves me on Valentines Day. He bought me a rose. A rose with any other name would be - LOVE!My_valentine_rose

2. Playing Yahtzee with the boys

3. My bible study ladies

4. My accountability partner, Kathy

5. People who love us and are acting out that love through service and gifts

6. Laughter

7. being creative

8. 10 year old boys who ask you to read the Bible to them every morning

Some creativity this weekend:Floating_butterflies

Floating Butterflies; I used a floating frame and inserted a collage of punched butterflies. I made this as a thank you gift for a friend who has been helping us out in different ways. (The blue in the background is my wall)Ets_journal_1_2





My journal for my mission trip to ETS. This is just a few pages. I've made it very thick anticipating journalling more this time around, along with God Kisses, Nehemiah study notes, and prayers/praises as well as day-to-day happenings. I've left room for plenty of pictures after the fact also.

Weekend Creative

Going back to my watchword for 2008; did a little creative project using words regarding my Grow watch word. It'll go on my creative wall display. This week has definitely been about Growing my creativity (several projects), Growing my relationship with Christ (in the book of Nehemiah in preparation for my mission trip and in Calm My Anxious Heart in preparation to lead my bible study), and Growing a deeper friendship with my accountability partner. So here it is (it's a blurry picture and not your eyes doing funny tricks):Weekend_creative_grow_2


was a great day. Jeff got a call for an interview with IKEA. IKEA has a large warehouse in Port Wentworth (suburb of Savannah). I'm so excited for him. He finished an outside job today and started another one. God Provides!!God_provides

Made this little crafty thing for our wall in the living room. It will go in a collection of 'handmade' things which will include that butterfly project from earlier post.Bowers_2

And another scrapbook layout about my favorite books.Read

Had an awesome lunch with my accountability partner. We get along so well (I think I said that in another post) and I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit prompted me to ask her to be my partner - and more importantly that I listened. We lift each other up, keep each other focused. It's a very cool thing.

Had to buy some school pants for the boys. Ok - my 10 year olds are in sizes 34 (John) and 32 (Jarrod). The inseams that were available were 30's so they'll need hemmed. And once again God provides!!! If we were to take the pants to a tailor for hemming they would be $10 each (so another $50); instead, a nice lady from church who works in the drama's, does sewing and when Jeff called to ask if she could and how much she charges, she said nothing for Jeff. Ok, I have to say that I am in awe at the love...and once again God provides!


was Valentine's Day. "I got a rose," she said, with a thankful, loving, feel-good, proud, heart. You have to understand that with both Jeff and I out of work I expected nothing so the rose made me smile. I made chicken parmigiana for dinner. All my boys inhaled it, raved about it, inhaled it (did I mention that already). I found the BEST recipe for chicken parmigiana in a magazine somewhere (I have no idea where, or which magazine); I wrote it down in my 'little' book (I keep this little book in my purse for writing down conversations, recipes, scrapbook sketches, ideas to create, etc...) and I've made it ever since. I've never had chicken parmigiana as good before, or since.

So when draining the spaghetti, the strainer was in the sink and the water from the pot wasn't draining out. Jeff asked me about it. All I thought of was that water coming back on the spaghetti (along with any dirty muck left in the sink) so I put my hand in the water to lift up the sink strainer that was keeping the water from draining. Yes - did you catch that. I put my right hand into boiling water. It wasn't until Jeff yelled at me to get my hand out that I realized my hand was burning. Very painful. I guess it took those seconds for my brain to send the single to my hand that it was in pain. Then I cried. And Jeff is still yelling, now, for me to put my hand under cold water.

Hand is fine today. Guess it wasn't so bad.

No jobs yet, for either of us. But Jeff got another 'odd' job to do for some friends. Thank you Lord!


At small group on Sunday evening we discussed priorities with Andy Stanley and his Take it to the Limit  series. Who am (are) I (we) going to let prioritize our day. God, or me. It spurred me on to allow God. Now I'm realistic. I know it'll take a process. It'll take time. But my day begins with God. Today, I was in the book of Nehemiah. I'm reading this particular book because the mission trip leader asked us to in preparation for our trip. I've read Nehemiah before and studied it a little. The sermon that sent me over the edge to lead a ministry was on the book of Nehemiah (thank you very much Nehemiah for your example on leadership). Anyway, I want to give my day to God. That means my time is His. So to start my day with Him is the first and foremost necessity. Oh, by the way, the boys and I are starting the day out in the book of John. I read a chapter each morning. The coolest part of that: they asked me too! Ten year old's! seeking first his kingdom and his Lord, I give this day to You - may it be directed by You.

Monday Creative

I made this today:Butterflies

We went to the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum yesterday. (It was Super Museum Sunday; all museum's are free). It was a nice time. We took Stacia with us. Gave Jeff the opportunity to talk about his dad. Lots of memories came to mind, things Dad shared with him about the war. Very cool. The boys were B-17 gunners for a time.Mighty_8_6