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Tool Time

He's not Tim the Tool Man and I'm so glad he's not. Jeff doesn't need a television show to make him a star in my book. He just needs to give time to his boys. Today it was tool time. John took himself outside earlier. Thought he was going to go play. I headed upstairs to check email and read the latest Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. Took a glance out the window and what did I spy: John with a drill in hand and what was that, he was drilling too! Grabbed my camera, opened the window (love those triple pain windows - presently the bottom part has no screen - aah, screen free pictures...) and started snapping pictures. Drills, chisels, and wrenches and hammers today. And a boy ready to go at it on his own:Tool_time_2

That's John (the one with the full head of hair), my 10 year old, drillin'


John and Jeff (can you tell which is John and which is Jeff or do I need to spell it out to you - I do? - ok, if I must: Jeff is at the top of the picture and John is the one with the drill in his hand. And you thought I was going to say John was the one with hair and Jeff was the one without, well, at least balding)


This is John - I mean Jeff. (I got confused with all that hair)


"Need some help," Jeff asked.

"No, I got it daddy," John replied.

(John got it almost all the way out of the truck then realized he really did need his daddy's help. And Jeff was right there to help.)


Proud Mommy.

I had a session with the boy's speech teacher couple weeks ago. The boys have trouble with their r's and s's, but improving all the time. She shared with me how she enjoys the boys immensely. She says she loves talking with them because they have such a full life to share. She said so many kids have no stories to tell but the boys have so many. Whether it's camping, cub scouts, visited this museum, used these tools, shot BB guns or Bow and Arrows, experimented with the laws of physics, she raved about their breadth of knowledge, their vocabulary, the experiences they've had, and what a joy they are. It's because of this guy...Tool_time_4_2

It's Friday

While I don't have a job right now that takes me to work Monday through Friday I still like Friday's. It means my hubby and the boys will be home over the weekend and we have no alarms to set for two days (good thing about going to church on Saturday evenings - Sunday's we get to sleep in); I finished up this layout from a trip the boys and I took back home a couple years ago. My friend Lori, made the title for me with her cutter system as well as designed the Manatees that I included on the layout. Go check out her website also at Very simple layout but my focus with my layouts lately have been the pictures and the story not how much I can embellish a page. I think I need to edge the title to highlight it (maybe with some chalk). Just thought I'd share.



Here in ETS and I am working hard (ok - not presently, at this minute, because I'm blogging) but I'm otherwise working hard. I've been working in the 'medical room' with Kathy Bennetch and Ellie and Linda from our group. While I know nothing about the medical field I've enjoyed dividing up the thousands of hemostats, kelly foresips, straight scissors, etc.. and putting them into bundles of ten for people to purchase at a fraction of the cost (probably at about 80% off). God has already shown Himself faithful by getting us here without incident. When in actuality we should not have. The hitch and chains (the secondary support system) on trailer we were pulling are almost worn to ineffective. Thank you God!!! I've been very emotional today because of it -- in awe of God but a bit angry that they (SCC) sent us off with that defective of a hitch, and also angry that SCC has allowed the hitches to get so bad in the first place (in other words the stewardship of them is poor). I am very frustrated about that. So while I've been working and this has been an awesome trip, and I've been led again and again to the Word of God I am having to place this situation aside and I'm not there yet. So I pray for some peace regarding it and realize that it isn't something I can tend to while I'm here and pray that I act wisely in how I'll deal with it when we get home.

Another Weekend Creativity

Last bit of creativity for the weekend (maybe!)...creating can be exhausting...I'm pooped! This is a thank you gift for another friend. I am lovin' this...(once I open my Etsy shop I'll have to add these bad boys to my sell know open an Etsy shop is on my '44 before I'm 45 list of things to do). For those who make lists this works fab!!!!To_do_clipboard

My Weekend Creative

Been a busy little bee at creativity this weekend. Made a thank you gift of a couple note card sets for two ladies who have done different things for us (hemmed boys pants; made a meal). Also got three, count'em, three layouts done. Very simple layouts but the story is told and the pictures are scrapped. Enough said about that. (Decided also that I can't afford to print anymore pictures on home computer - takes way too much ink - instead I'll just save to a disk and take them into Walmart or I'll upload them to a photo store online and get prints that way). I've got one more thank you gift to make then I think I'm caught up. I should be able to finish that this afternoon before we head out to Our Deliverer, the Easter production put on by Savannah Christian (same link). Jeff's doing the creative thing in Our Deliverer as a Roman soldier/guard through the centuries as someone who persecuted Christians.

So here's my creativity:Card_set





A couple years ago Jeff and I made a faith promise to a building campaign for our church. The key here is that it is a promise on faith that God will provide and that if He provides the promise we made to give we give. Part of the total amount we pledged at the time was to come from tax returns. We had no idea at the time we made the pledge that Jeff would no longer be working where he was working or that we would have to be paying taxes instead of getting a return. While we have been making our monthly pledge we weren't able to make that 'tax return' pledge because - well - we haven't gotten a tax return. This year we once again began putting away money to pay our taxes and to our incredible amazement we didn't have to pay anywhere near what we put away. The faith promise campaign ends June 1st. We now have the money we need to make good on the promise we made to our church but more importantly to our God. We walked in faith that God would provide. We promised that if He provided we'd follow through. He did and we are!!! What an amazing God our "Jehovah-Jiria" (The Provider) is.


don't ya hate them. Especially when you have to pay. But we did good this year with deductions. We'll do better next year. We found a tax lady that really helped us out with the ole' deductions (she provided us with a booklet with a list of things we can deduct). Since we don't cheat, or steal it really is a no brainer going into the tax office and every year it's easy (because we go in prepared) but every year I dread it just the same. Why is that? Next year will be easier even but man I just dread taxes. Guess I could start now praying for next years tax time (hee hee)...


Next week at this time I'll be in Virginia at ETS (Equipping the Saints) for my mission trip. I've been faithful at delving into the devotional they handed out as well as studying Nehemiah. Studying Nehemiah has also moved me to approach my ministry differently.

Our DVD player broke - yuk; because we like movies. Our printer is broke too - yuk; because I like to print pictures.

Monday, Jeff returns to the workforce - still praising God. He got a call today from Chatham County (from a job he applied) for an interview. He called me right afterward and said he told them he just accepted a job position yesterday. Thank you Lord for your provision.

I finally realized I'd been holding tightly to my dream. Realized I had to let go and let God and if He says yes I will give you back meteorology I will praise Him and if He says no, you've given your time and I have other plans for you I will praise Him. I remember doing this along time ago. I had this idea that I wanted a boyfriend, a husband (this was after my divorce) but I realized I was holding on too tightly and not tightly enough to God. I remember say Lord - You are my Husband, you're enough for me. It was only weeks later I found Jeff. Guess God just wanted me at that place of placing Him first. Glad I did. I'm glad I have now too.

Pink Cadillac

Jeff made my coffee this morning (as he does most mornings), handed me the coffee in my Pink Cadillac mug, singing 'It was her Pink Cadillac...and I'm not sure he knew anymore lines. It's a Bruce Springteen song so he probably does. He was a bouncer in bars in his college days so he probably does. I told him I would be going back to the Pink Cadillac (in a very nah nah nah nah kind of way); he laughed and said, "I know you are." Ok, I was humbled. Sorry.

I sometimes

have nothing to say. Well, that isn't exactly true. I have alot to say but it just seems ho hum to me that I don't feel I should say it. But realizing today that I missed out on writing down some things that happened this week that I'd like to recall, if only so I can remember God's faithfulness, my silly gooses (aah, that would be John and Jarrod), or maybe it's a future scrapbook page. So I'm going to try and remember this past week in all it's ho humness. Plus, I've been reading this one blog lately and while she has me roaring out loud I find myself feeling very inadequate in the blogging department. While I laugh and think many things are funny - I'm not! (Although my accountability partner did tell me that she thought I was funny and that I make her laugh. I guess sometime I can get in a good chuckle...)

Jarrod called me from school crying. He was getting written up and heading to the Vice Principal's office. I had to ask him more than seven times to repeat just why he was crying, why he was getting written up and why he was going to the Vice Principal's office. Looking back I wonder if he wanted me to side with him, smooth over the trouble, stick it to his teacher...I did however calm him down and told him that if he didn't complete assignments and was disobedient to the teacher he should expect to get in trouble and maybe he should think twice about disregarding an assignment. I know I'm the world's worst mom but he was wrong and the teacher was only following through with what she said. Oh, he was supposed to be able to recite the preamble to the Constitution. (Ok - truthfully - could I recite the preamble to the Constitution? - NO!!! but that isn't the point is it?) I'm the mother and I had to back the teacher on this one. Thankfully, Jarrod didn't hold it against me and he got off the phone all calmed down.

While I would like to be working, not working has given me time to study the Word. I am preparing for my mission trip this month by studying the book of Nehemiah, and doing a devotional called Anticipate. I also have my Saturday bible study with wives of warriors (which I adore) so I have enjoyed spending extra time, no hurry, just taking my time spending it with God.

Jeff got offered a job this week. God is awesome. He hasn't accepted it yet (he's got some questions he needs clarified - and a counteroffer on salary). I'm proud of him. Even though it isn't financially what he'd like to be making he isn't just thinking about money. He is considering the job itself and all that it entails. The scope of the job seems to be challenging, changing, and fluid. Inside, outside, here and there - all of which will keep it interesting. It's also right up his alley. Yes it will mean I will need a job but I want to work anyways.

I am in awe by God's grace and goodness. Jeff is just about finished with a side job that will give us a week's pay. A friend provided us a meal. An anonymous giver gave us a gift card to a grocery store. We did some bills and realized that because of Jeff's side jobs, our checkbook balance at the beginning of 'no jobs' hasn't fallen very much and all our bills are paid. All this in one week! Amazing love of God.

Went back in time and scrapped a page to meet a challenge that came from my friend Lori's blog called 'Don't Judge a Book By it's Cover'. The premise is that your title and pictures will be about one thing and your journaling will be about something else - but joined - hence the 'Don't Judge a Book By it's Cover'. So here is my take:Bullseye_2  (Title bull's eye; pictures associated with bull's eye but the journaling is about how Jeff got out of the military in 2003 and was able to then spend time with the boys (time he wouldn't have been able to spend with them if he was still in the military). They all joined Cub Scouts and have been able to do so much together. Jeff hit a bullseye with his decision.