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Last Night

Boys came home from school. Jeff came home early from work. We made the 5:00 showing of that Indiana Jones movie - with, what's his name - oh yeah - Indiana Jones - I mean Harrison Ford...very good movie! Action packed from start to finish. (Did you catch the crate that accidently got opened in the warehouse?) Thought the kid did a good job. The boys like the kid because he was in the movie Transformers (yes, I liked Transformers too!). Can see him being the next Indy - wonder if that's the plan. Brought back memories of the first, the best, - Raiders of the Lost Ark. Then we headed to Jalapeno's for a later dinner - what? you thought we'd go somewhere else? Silly you!

The Tea Room of Savannah (still catching up)

Every year when Kathy B. comes back to Savannah to visit and foster support for her and her husbands mission work I get to go with her and Sandy W. and whatever other friends we can put together and we go to the Tea Room of Savannah. I look forward to this every year (although there have been a time or two that I have not been able to go because of work or school). And every time I go I get Winter Solctice. It is a never fail perfect blend of tea - for me! I sometimes even bring some home to enjoy at my leisure (like I did this year). We had a lovely visit, much laughter (which is the norm if you hang with Kathy), great food, and the best of teas (that is tea in the plural not tease as in what a women does, you know, and then doesn't...)

Where was I? Ah, yes, the Tea Room. The place makes the best carrot soup in the world - unfortunately they only had egg drop soup. Well, maybe not totally unfortunately because this place makes the best egg drop soup in the world too. And their quiche - it's to die for!

We walked City Market so Kathy could do some shopping from her list. Any time she visits she always has a list of places to go, people to see, and things to buy. So her are some lovelies of Savannah that will make you want to visit. When you do - let's go to the Tea Room of Savannah (it's on Broughton),,,Tea Room 1 The lovely quiche (turkey and cheddar) that I had at the Tea Room with my yummy Winter Solstice tea

Tea Room 2 My friend Kathy, visiting from Virginia with her newly purchased parasol (that was on her list to buy)

Tea Room 3 The four of us, me, Barbara, Kathy, and Sandy in City Market

All of us at the tea room 5-21-08 (2) At the Tea Room of Savannah (Barbara, Kathy, Susan, Sandy)

Susan bowers in downtown savannah 08 (2) Me, in City Market, downtown Savannah with Kathy's parasol.

Field Day

Jarrod called me from school last Friday to ask me to come to their field day at 11:00. First I'd been asked. It was only 9:00 so thought I'd better get a shower and go. Spent a couple hours standing around, watching the my Georgia Boys compete against each other in a relay, stood around some more, chatted it up with the boys, watched another race in which John was third in line and Jarrod was third in line, a couple rows down. Come on - you're killin' me here - how is a mother of twins, who are competing in the same race, at the same spot in turn, supposed to get pictures of both of them racing (I would have to wish that one twin was faster, or slower, than the other twin). Unfortunately that was not the case, they ran pretty close to gether and I got shots of John and only one of Jarrod. But I was able to get some other races and a really good one of Jarrods playful side (and a pretty good shot photographically too!) Amazing how kids just take this stuff in stride: racing, competing, the heat, the sitting around. Still it was a couple hours well spent...

Field Day 1

Jarrod, focused on the race

Field Day 2

John, determined

Field Day 3

Which one is not like the other?

Field Day 4

Great shot! (can you find the teacher?)

My Artists - and catching up

Just catching up somemore from this month. We attended a very unique art show a little while ago. Set up in the boys' school auditorium, along the walls and just like in an art gallery were drawings after drawings of students art work. They were all matted and framed ready to be purchased by proud parents. We had fun searching the 'gallery' for my Georgia Boys' art. Of course I had my camera to document the Event. I can see the headlines: Two renowned Georgia artists, John and Jarrod, at 10 years old, had their works of art on display...the pieces were loving purchased by their parents.

Art Show 1

Art Show 2

Memorial Day

It is not a day to celebrate. It is a day to remember. Amidst a flurry of redecorating, we remembered those who have gone before us. On the streets of Mogadishu, in the mountains of Afghanistan, in the sands of Iraq, over the isle of the Phillipians, in the waters of the Pacific...those who we knew once and those who we only knew of, their bravery, their sacrifice. And we remember. On this day, Memorial Day, we flew the American flag at half mast until noon, as is tradition. Amidst the redecorating I would glance out our front window and see the flag waving in the wind and for a second or two I would remember them all...until the next glance and then I'd remember again.

At Half Mast

Out of Order

Let's try this again - for the third time - what's up typepad!!! you're killin' me here...

Hopefully, this will be just the first in a series of catch up posts to 'catch up' the - aah - month of May. Yeah, Yeah! I know...

Here is a taste of my new livingroom, freshly painted and (almost completed decorations) with new slipcovers for couch and chair. It's a room I am loving being in!!! You'll notice the blue throw and brown, plaidish pillows on the couch from my sisters, Paula and Sandy, who started it all. But hey, it's about time!!!

Living Room Couch  

Another Wall Painted

in my living room. All by my lonesome self. Did the cutwork and all. Of course, it wasn't the 100 foot ceiling walls, in fact it was the wall with the 50 foot window and our front door so there really wasn't alot of wall space to paint. I took my time so I'd not miss spots and not mess up where the wall meets the ceiling (just kidding about that 100 foot business; and the 50 foot window business - but the other two walls are really high and the front window is really big). No pictures, no pictures - because I'm waiting until the whole living room is done, decorations back on the wall, new area rug, which I haven't picked out yet (I mean, we, haven't picked out yet), and slipcovers are on the furniture. I thought I was being sneeky figuring out how to do cutwork and not make a mess but Hoosier Man figured out my secret - a smaller brush. Well duh! Can't pull the wool over his eyes!

Virtuous women and running the race

Twice yesterday I took the amazing opportunity to delve deeply, richly into the Word of God. I visited Proverbs 31 and Hebrews 10 and 11; I have avoided Proverbs 31 like the plague because it was all about someone I had no hope of ever becoming. Then I went to church last night and Dr Stephen Hooks (our guest teaching pastor from Atlanta Christian College) taught on running the race set before us. But more importantly - staying in the race. Then I figured it out about that whole virtuous women, I-can't-live-up-to-her-standards, you wife of noble character, you. I don't have to live up to her standards - I just have to pursue them. I have to stay in the race! It shoots down every argument I've ever had and ever heard regarding 'I can't be like her'. Pretty amazing isn't it when you participate in a bible study centering on one book of the Bible and then you attend a teaching on another book of the Bible and low and behold - God entwines them to teach me.

Our Evening

Dinner: Taco's (of course - it is Tuesday isn't it?)                                                                                 

Dishes: Boy's took 1 1/2 hours to do dishes (I don't think I heard quiet the whole time)

Showers: (Very quick showers because NCIS is already on)

Watched NCIS (of course - it is Tuesday isn't it?)

My Weekend

We were definitely in the storm this weekend (well, Sunday anyway). Our area was under Tornado warnings/watches for all of the morning. I love storms. I guess that's a good thing since I'm a meteorologist. Enjoyed a lovely dinner out with Hoosier Man and Georgia Boys at Macaroni Grill. Then Hoosier Man surprised me with a visit to Best Buy and he picked out a tripod for me for my Mother's Day gift. I do so love surprises!! And this was a surprise. I created a couple pages this weekend, read two books, did some clothes, started my bible study, A Virtuous Woman, painted one wall in my living room (boy is it yummy). Lovely weekend! Here are some highlights through pictures:


My Mother's Day.


Been into simplifying in my scrapbooking. This is a very simple layout with lots of pictures and the story with few embellishments.


I loved Jarrod's goofy face and his funky hair


Me and my Georgia Boys on Mother's Day


This Hydrangia was a gift from Stacia's parents as a thank you for being her home-away-from-home. They are gorgeous (and I have to water them everyday!!!!!!!!!)