Photo Book Done!
My sons are fine.

Cub Scouts are upon us

The last year of Cub Scouts for the boys has arrived. (Oh no! that means Boy Scouts next year!!!!); We've already done a Go See It to the construction site for the new library next to the Savannah Mall. This was apart of them earning their Engineer Badge which goes towards their Arrow of Light. They'll receive their Engineer Badge this Monday because Jeff hit the boys hard on completing all the requirements - boy did they have a blast this month with that: (made a catapult, created electricity, for just a few).

Having trouble downloading pictures again so will have to wait on those until hubby can use his magic touch.

And today we got home from the first camp out of the season. We have this 10-man tent that we set up if I go along, which I did. We have a 3-man tent too but that barely, and I mean barely, fits 3. So, anyway, our tent is lovingly dubbed the Taj (yes that refers to the Taj Mahal). It is so funny listening to everyones comments when they approach our tent. Because we've put it up so many times it only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. (I have noted even this weekend that we'll finish before others who only have a little 3-man tent.

Of course, we travel 1st class and bring cots and sleeping bags. The cots add some time to setting up, along with the 4 chairs, and the lanterns fueled by propane.

Now Jeff left at 8ish to go to a class so he can teach a bible study class and left the boys and I to tear down (I thank him immensely though because he folded up the cots, and rolled up the sleeping bags and blankets.); and what do you know - the boys were nowhere in sight so guess who tore camp down 0 ME! So guess who got to unload the van when we got home. That's right! NOT ME! The boys did!