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Cub Scouts are upon us

The last year of Cub Scouts for the boys has arrived. (Oh no! that means Boy Scouts next year!!!!); We've already done a Go See It to the construction site for the new library next to the Savannah Mall. This was apart of them earning their Engineer Badge which goes towards their Arrow of Light. They'll receive their Engineer Badge this Monday because Jeff hit the boys hard on completing all the requirements - boy did they have a blast this month with that: (made a catapult, created electricity, for just a few).

Having trouble downloading pictures again so will have to wait on those until hubby can use his magic touch.

And today we got home from the first camp out of the season. We have this 10-man tent that we set up if I go along, which I did. We have a 3-man tent too but that barely, and I mean barely, fits 3. So, anyway, our tent is lovingly dubbed the Taj (yes that refers to the Taj Mahal). It is so funny listening to everyones comments when they approach our tent. Because we've put it up so many times it only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. (I have noted even this weekend that we'll finish before others who only have a little 3-man tent.

Of course, we travel 1st class and bring cots and sleeping bags. The cots add some time to setting up, along with the 4 chairs, and the lanterns fueled by propane.

Now Jeff left at 8ish to go to a class so he can teach a bible study class and left the boys and I to tear down (I thank him immensely though because he folded up the cots, and rolled up the sleeping bags and blankets.); and what do you know - the boys were nowhere in sight so guess who tore camp down 0 ME! So guess who got to unload the van when we got home. That's right! NOT ME! The boys did!

The Lion's Mouth

i've posted this song before but never moreso does it mean something to me and my walk of faith than right now with my battle with cancer.

I want a chance to tame the lion
To be a brave smile in the face of danger 
Heads will turn
I want to bear my soul to the stranger
Lay my head in the jaws of destruction
And never fear
Because I know
If they would see my faith in the Lord
They might see His amazing grace
Like the center ring
In the middle of a roaring crowd
Oh to be living, oh living Livin in the lions mouth

I want to crack the whip of courage
That they believe would be my challenge
At any risk I want to please the stands of heaven
In a silent way
I hear the applauding
So close the cage


To serve with the loyalty of Daniel
You can throw me to the lions in this world
I will lift my head in undenial and lay it on the line


When all is said and done will I have turned to the one holding the door and say, 'close the cage' and not fear...and then will they see His amazing grace!


I am scramblin' to finish my digital scrap photo book which I'm uploading to Shutterfly who will then print it into a book for me. I am at 40 pages and I said I would stop at 40. I think I'm going to do 1 more double page, finish the cover, back and spine - and buy!!! So that's my goal for today.

Date Night

My dear Hoosier Man and I went on our first date in months last night. Very nice time. We went to Olive Garden for their Soup and salad and breadsticks. Then we saw the movie Ghost Town. Absolutely hilarious!!! I laughed (almost) non stop. Go see it!


My MIL asked me why I haven't been blogging lately and I responded with ''Im just plain lazy". Said partially in jest but moreso in fact. I've just been lazy about writing. I mean I'm at my computer most days anyways. But I also haven't felt like I have anything to say. But when I think about it I really could have said alot. Some of what I'm about to say is kinda personal but thought - you know what I'm not ashamed, so I'm ok with it.

Photo Book: I have been busy putting together a digital book from scratch on Shutterfly of my families reunion we had over Labor Day. If I get the book together by the 24th I think I can get a huge discount on it so that is what I've been shooting for. A previous post has an example of what I'm up to. I am very excited about this book. I've decided 40 pages is it though for just one weekend of fun (even though it's alot of people to cover), and I'm at 32 pages so only 8 more to go (plus the cover, spine, and back cover). The book will print into a hard bound book from pages I've created. I'me very excited about it and can't wait to get finished.

Preventative Maintenance: My hubby and I have been doing a bit of preventative maintenance on our marriage. Working on some stuff that needed polishing or tweaking. It's been a very good thing!!! Unfortunately during our preventative maintenance we realized there is some old engine problems in me that I haven't dealt with. So I've been visiting the repair lady.

School. Boys have started school and seem to be doing very well thus far. They've been bringing home positive reports on school work and getting homework done, etc. They share the same two teachers just a different times so homework has been the same or pretty close which has been nice. Only issues I have is with the buses - yuk!!!! They come whenever they feel like it.

Walking. I've been walking at 5 a.m. again for the last two weeks. Once I saw the doc the last time and he said my hematoma was in fact decreasing it gave me peace of mind and spurred me on to walking again. MWF Jeff walks with me. Now by 9 or 10 at night we are exhausted but so far so good on the walking. Jeff has been a rock at not letting me turn over and go back to sleep.

Cancer. Never thought I'd be saying that word but now I'm faced with it. And I'm ok!!!!! God is in control. My awesome hubby set about, as soon as we found out, setting up a prayer shield or covering for me. I think he called everyone in his phone starting with his accountability partners and then outward. I'm thinking the whole world knows now so I'm prayed up for at least...forever. I realized thought it was what he needed to do. The best care he can give me is the care of God and petitioning Him to care for me and the more petitioning Him the better. 

Scrapbooking. None!!! by hand in the last couple of weeks! I'll need to set another goal.

Bible Studies. Yes, that is plural. I am leading a bible study on Saturday evenings and I decided to take a bible study class called Precepts. It is an inductive bible study on the second half of the book of Isaiah and I'm loving both of them.

More. I'm sure there's more but I'll start with that.

Yes, I'm here

and haven't dropped off the face of the earth - just taking a break. I haven't been feeling well since my surgery. I have a rather large hematoma at the incision point above (and now belo) it. I often very tired and my breathing is labored at times. Two reasons for concern: the hematoma and whether or not the half thyroid left in my body is going to do the job it needs to do. I have an appointment up at Ft Gordon - again this Monday. I will ask about all of this.

School has begun for the boys. Week one down. They'll have homework every night. Supposedly, it is to be only an hours worth - like that'll ever happen. They are sharing two teachers, just at different hours. That means they'll both come home with the same homework this year. The boys are taking their lunches again this year. I can't see paying $1.25 for a lunch.

I have begun a digital album which I'll print with Shutterfly of our Geer Family Reunion this past Labor Day weekend. We had 24 people in one beach house. The only thing seperating the house from the beach was a dune of sand grass. Which we, by the way, used as a backdrop for many pictures. I have 4 double pages complete. But since I imagine I'll have about 30 -40 double pages that isn't saying much. I am having alot of fun preparing the pages, which I'll then upload to shutterfly. Shutterfly has premade pages that I could just drop photos into but I wanted this album to be all mine (except the digitally created papers and embellishments); but the designs, layouts, etc. will be mine. Here's a sneak peak at a page (just one side):Left Three

This is my nephew, his fiancee, and their two kids (Tyler is less than a month old).

The colors I'm primarily using are aquas and tans but I may delve into other 'beachy' colors too.