Photo Book Done!

The Lion's Mouth

i've posted this song before but never moreso does it mean something to me and my walk of faith than right now with my battle with cancer.

I want a chance to tame the lion
To be a brave smile in the face of danger 
Heads will turn
I want to bear my soul to the stranger
Lay my head in the jaws of destruction
And never fear
Because I know
If they would see my faith in the Lord
They might see His amazing grace
Like the center ring
In the middle of a roaring crowd
Oh to be living, oh living Livin in the lions mouth

I want to crack the whip of courage
That they believe would be my challenge
At any risk I want to please the stands of heaven
In a silent way
I hear the applauding
So close the cage


To serve with the loyalty of Daniel
You can throw me to the lions in this world
I will lift my head in undenial and lay it on the line


When all is said and done will I have turned to the one holding the door and say, 'close the cage' and not fear...and then will they see His amazing grace!