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Boys were off school yesterday for Veteran's Day. We ran some errands. I picked up hearing aid batteries. (As if the price of hearing aids isn't bad enough the cost of batteries for them are austounding (sp)). Then picked up a bible study from Lifeway Bookstore. I am starting a bible study, one-on-one with a lady at the front of the addition. We're going to meet each Thursday morning. We're going to study Beth Moore's Daniel. I will be studying Daniel in Precepts in January. This will be like a precursor to Precepts even though Kay Arthur and Beth Moore approach Daniel differently. Once I finish both studies I'll have exhaustively studied Daniel for sure.

The boys and I then went to McDonalds for lunch. Their choice. Oh well, love their fries. Then I surprised them with a movie. We went to see Madagascar II. Cute movie. Worth seeing with your kids. The boys liked it too. We came home and they watched a couple episodes of Stargate SG-1, Season 6.  I've finished watching Season 6 and I'm itching to watch the next season. Here's hoping they'll go on sale at Best Buy.

And of course I made Tacos for dinner. Hey, it's Tuesday. What would be Tuesday without Tacos. Just kidding. Or am I...

Where we've been

On Veteran's Day each year I take time to give thanks for those who have sacrificed, for those who have served in our military. Because it is also coming up on Thanksgiving I am reminded of how thankful I am for where I've been able to go because I was in the military. How many people do you imagine who live in the United States have never been to another country?

Where I've been: Korea. For a year. Without my kids. I met my husband there. France. Yes, Paris! and the French Riviera (absolutely gorgeous), Monaco, Switzerland (I want to see it again beautiful); Spain, just for a day or two; Germany. Aah, Germany. Belgium. and finally, Kuwait.

Where my hubby has been: Korea. For a year. It's where we met. Somalia, Africa. His first of many combat assignments. Sierre Leona, Africa. Panama. Jordan. Jordan. and Jordan. Spain, Ireland and Germany were passing through trips.

Thank you. To all veteran's on this day to remember.

No pictures

No pictures for my blog because I'm on a borrowed laptop. We have been nocomputo for several weeks now. LIfe as I know it changed dramatically without a computer. I now have a clean house. What's that you say? Well, have your computer get infected with some virus or some such and you'll find out. First, I tackled my scraproom. Then I hit my bedroom. Aah! yuk! When was the last time I dusted in this room...but I didn't just dust...I rearranged. Go on rearrange a room and you'll find that you can love that room once again. And I didn't spend a dime. (Just make sure you have a night light or somesuch installed otherwise your very own Hoosier Man may stub his toe or bang his head on the bed post that night). This didn't happen to my Hoosier Man because we purchased a new alarm clock (the Georgia boys wanted to be woke up via alarm clock each mornin so they got our old one) that has numbers as bright as a blue moon to light up our bedroom. So when it is only 2 a.m. we can think it is already morning.

Anyways, then I tackled the guest room. Ok, this was disgusting!!! Now it is not!!! I still need to hang pictures but now it actually looks like a guest room. Come back Paula and sleep here. (My sisters visited for a girls weekend beginning of November and my younger sister slept in my disgusting guest room - just offering a clean guest room now - I'm all about accomadating my guests)

Then I hit the kitchen. The pantry cleaned - check. And then Hoosier Man brought home a borrowed laptop. So the kitchen cabinets will have to wait until I've browsed. That is slang for visit Pioneer Woman's website and catch up on all her blog entries.