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Some digital scrapbook pages

CRHS 2009Love the manly elements/papers (provided by Sara at Sweet Blossoms Design)  used  for this page of my cutie pie nephew who is graduating this year.

Heart JoyA two page spread of pictures I took the other day and what I felt when I saw the sky. Here they are broke down in seperate pages.

Heart Joy LeftHeart Joy Right  

January JoysSome miscellaneous pictures from January. Thought maybe I'd do a January Joys, Fab February, March Madness, etc... or some such thing recaping each month.  Elements Credits: Sweet Blossom Design

P.s. I am very behind in blogging!


No pictures, no pictures

I haven't downloaded my pictures yet for my Project 365 as of late so I'll update that tomorrow. This past week has been pretty cool. While I have sold nothing yet for my shop I have been treating my shop as a job and I have been busy making things for the shop. It has been alot of fun. I never expected to sell things right away anyways. But sure can't wait for that first sale!!!!

I have also been spending much time in the Word. I am leading a bible study on Saturday evenings called Surrender, by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, I am taking a Precepts class on Daniel (Precepts is a Kay Arthur ministry driven bible study) on Thursday's and I am in a one-on-one bible study with another lady and we're studying Daniel by Beth Moore. I think I've mentioned all these before but realized this past week how much time I've given to studying the Word this week.

In addition, I spent some time focused on preparing for a talk I gave today for the Heart to Heart Mentor Ministry at SCC. We're a brand new ministry within the women's ministry and I am a co-leader. My talk was on when we confront spiritual challenges as a mentor. So I've spent time preparing for that - and being in the Word.

And my family got feed. How's that for being spiritual. And no I did not swim nor did I walk. Can someone please hold me accountable to either swim or walk this week!!!!


Catching up my Project 365 and my busyness of this past weekend. I have to give a talk at our first training class (which is Friday) for the Heart to Heart Mentor Ministry that I co-lead. So I've been spending some time these past days writing it. God's pretty amazing when I can sit down and begin writing and when I'm done I've got 4 pages written.

The boys worked on their Pinewood Derby cars a little bit. I cut Jeff's hair (we're trying to save some money) I love that Target commercial that ran for awhile: ways to save money by buying this specific item or that item. One of them was electric hair clippers. We've had a pair of clippers for years now and I've cut Jeff's hair in the past but it's been along time. All in all it wasn't bad.



The boys got their hair cuts too.

Project 365 - Days 18 - 20


IMG_6030The Marlboro Man Sandwich. I found this recipe on Pioneer Woman's website in her cooking section. It is her MM's (husband's) favorite sandwich. My boys (all three of them) love this sandwich. It is extremely easy to make and extremely fattening, and extremely good.


IMG_6032A typical evening for Jeff. A typical position for Jeff. A typical activity for Jeff. A typical book for Jeff, is by author W.E.B. Griffin.


IMG_6037Baby, it's cold outside. Hey! this is the south, right?  I didn't get lost on my last drive home and land in the north, did I?




as if studying the book of Daniel with Beth Moore was not enough; I am now studying the book of Daniel with Kay Arthur too! These two ladies are powerhouses in the biblical teaching world and I treasure the time I get to spend with them. Oh, not in person of course, but Beth comes into my living room every week and shares some downright, sit-on-the-edge-of-my-seat, hit-me-between-the-eyes, spiritual truths and then I enjoy Kay at church. Oh, not in person of course, but Kay comes to our church every week and shares some downright, sit-on-the-edge-of-my-seat, hit-me-between-the-eyes, spiritual truths. and I walk away changed. with eyes wide opened.