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I swam 500m today. Thought my arms were going to fall off. But only after the first 50 meters. Then it was just a really good tired.

Jeff had the boys in the pool for swim lessons. They did very good. Jeff was amazingly patient. If we can regularly visit the pool for lessons the boys should have no problem come the end of July to get their swimming merit badge.

Word Studies

a great way to study the Bible is to do a word study. In one of my bible studies we were directed to do a 'word study' on the word love. Go to the concordance in your bible (or better yet use a 'Strong's Concordance) and look up the word love. The concordance will have the bible verses where the word love is used. Go to those verses and begin writing down everything you learn about the word love. You will be surprised what you find!

How you are supposed to love? How Jesus loved? What does it mean to love? Who we are supposed to love? What happens if you love? What happens if you don't love? What love is? What love is not?

These are just a few of the questions you will have answered, and only scratch the surface about love. Your word study could take you months. But when you are done (you won't be done), but when you are done understanding about love - you must then act!

I have done a word study on fear (in the past). I have to often times review my study - to act.

Go ahead try it. The word of God will come alive for you.

Boy Scouts

Our lives are becoming fully engrained in Boy Scouts. And the boys just crossed over a month ago. May is filled with 'boy scout' related activities. We're heading to the pool to prep them for summer camp (in which they should leave camp with their swimming merit badge). This badge is just one of the badges they need to make Eagle Scout. The boys (and Jeff) are attending an afternoon 'class' to jumpstart earning their merit badge for forestry. They've got road cleanup, bagging groceries fundraising, cooking boston butts fundraising (and overnight sleepover), a class to jumpstart their wilderness survival merit badge, honor court, and regular meetings. All this in May!

We were out last night getting pants for scouting and recently acquired more boy scout t shirts. I mentioned to hubby we were going to go broke with boy scouts. He said there were worse things to broke in. I agreed.

There are just too many benefits to Boy Scouts. While the skills the boys will learn are at the top of the list I think it is the time Jeff gets to spend with John and Jarrod that is the greatest benefit. And gift.

For Women Only

Relax. It isn't some post about sex, or the lack of. But we could talk about that. Especially since I've read most of this book called For Women Only. I'm still reading it. But it has accomplished exactly what it is supposed to do. Clued me in to my husband!!! I don't know if he realizes it yet (I hope so) but I've already put into practice something that I learned and resolved to STOP something that I've been doing that I see now has been hurting him.

The author of this book was recently on Dr Dobson's radio program and my husband heard it. I didn't know this until I asked him if I could get this book called For Women Only. I saw him smile. Yeees! The book was already gonna do something great. Well, not the book really...but what I am going to do in response to it.

If you are married, READ THIS BOOK. But please, ladies do me a favor. Remember this: It isn't about you, it is about him and for him. And if you really do love him you'll read it in the spirit the book is intended.

For Women Only: What You Need to Know about the Inner Lives of Men

(Oh, by the way, the authors husband has written a companion book For Men Only - but please don't force it on your hubby - just pick it up and leave it laying around the house somewhere where he'll see it and pick it up - hee hee.) But I'm not gonna do that. I'm just could.

Another digital book

I've begun working on another digital book. This one is our mission trip to ETS in 2007. I'm going with a simple design so to speak. One paper background throughout the book, three fonts, one frame, and one embellishment. I've got 11 pages done so far. Here's a sneak peak at three of the pages.

ETS 7 

ETS 4 

ETS 8 

I have begun another digital book also; I'm interchanging my time between the two. But, I can't show you that one because it's a surprise. I wonder who it's for. I'll never tell. Go ahead, try and twist my arm. You won't get me to divulge the information. My lips are sealed.

Steam Cleaning

My friend Lori lent us her Hoover Steam Vac. We have accumulated much carpet dirt in the 13 years we've lived in this house. I'd been thinking about maybe going to wood floors. (I'd really like wood floors!!!) But wood floors aren't in the budget. But, come on, that is some nasty carpet.

Enter Lori's steam vac. Oh my goodness!!! I really said, Oh my God! and meant it. I really was crying out to God. Really!

My gray carpet is  - gray. Again.

I have had steam cleaner people come and try and clean this carpet with no luck. If anything their cleaning causes more dirt to accumulate. But, alas, a steam cleaner that steam cleans. Rinses. And sucks up the cleaner and the water, and especially the dirt.

Bless you Lori for the use of your steam vac. 


I looked for Joyful this morning.

When I went to the laundry room I checked to see if the cat litter needed changing.

I checked to see if the boys had fed Joyful.

Joyful was not there snuggled up on the couch. In my seat which she confiscated these past weeks. The cat litter box was gone. The kitchen floor where Joyful's food bowls sat are gone.

I can't help it. Tears well up in sadness.

Missing Joyful.

Haircut, Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta, and a digital book

I got my haircut today. We had a little extra money so I was able to get it cut. I did the bobb thing again. It's so easy for summer. I'm dying it tomorrow. I'll take a picture once it's dyed - RED! I made Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta for dinner. It's a family favorite.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta

1 box penne pasta, cooked;                                                                                                              3 chicken breasts, cut into small pieces                                                                                             2 small ham steaks, julienned,                                                                                                         3 jars 4-cheese pasta sauce                                                                                                            7-8 cloves of chopped garlic (trust me)                                                                                          1/2 C dijon mustard (I said trust me)                                                                                             Cracked Pepper and Salt                                                                                                          Shredded Parmesan Cheese                                                                                                   Shredded Mozzerella Cheese

Cook the chicken and ham pieces in some olive oil and butter until the chicken is no long pink. Salt and pepper it well. Stir in the 3 jars of cheese sauce, the chopped garlic and the dijon mustard. Let simmer until the sauce is heated through. Drain the pasta well and dump into the chicken/ham sauce, coating the pasta as you gently fold it into the sauce. Serve with the shredded cheeses. 

I finished up a digital book yesterday. It can be found here at Shutterfly. I've also began another digital book that will take awhile on our mission trip in 2007 to ETS. I have another book planned that I won't divulge.

The boys played inside all day today. Crazy boys. Legos, lincoln logs, stratigized battles, you name it. I spent the morning at church for Precepts Bible Study. We finished up Daniel 7.