Missing You

21 days

It is said that it takes 21 days to make something you do a habit. For instance, if you pray for 21 days, you will have made a habit out of praying and you more than likely pray regularly, rarely missing days (or if you do miss a day, you'll be able to jump back into praying - unless of course you spend 21 days not praying then you will have created a new habit of not praying...). If you eat well for 21 days you will more than likely continue eating well. Is it 21 days straight? Or just 21 days?

So 21 days of swimming and I'll have acquired the habit of swimming. Unfortunately I'm only at day 5. I have along way to go until I've made swimming a habit.

What I'm dealing with here: I have to push through the shoulder bursitis; push through the pain. I have to not cringe everytime the gas prices go up and I have to travel 18 miles to and from the pool. I have to adjust my schedule to the schedule of the pool for open lap swimming.

16 more days. I'll probably be swimming a mile by then. And I'll have made swimming a habit. But for today I swam another 1/2 mile (800m).