Two things

A Fest

Spaghetti Fest that is. Alot of chopping: a head of cabbage shredded, red pepper strips, julianned zucchini, sliced/halved onions, lots of sliced smoked sausage, couple cloves of garlic, some herbs like oregano, sage, and thyme stir-fryed up and served over spaghetti. Yum! One of Hoosier Man's favorite meals I think. I don't make it very often because it's alot of chopping!

That was for dinner last night. Read a book. Did some bible study. Lazed around.

Today. It's May 7th. I've been married to Hoosier Man for 15 years. I've found four notes so far tucked here or there around the house. My favorite so far was found in my hearing aid case. It said, 'I can hear you laughing!' Love, Your B.C. (I cannot divulge what B.C. stands for - it's personal). He's pretty funny, hah! I opened my hearing aid case in bible study at church and busted out laughing.

The absolute best thing about our marriage: We stand on the firm foundation of Christ. He is at the center of our marriage. I know that if He was not at the center, if we had not made a covenant with Christ we would not be married right now. This gives me such assurance that we can endure anything that rocks our world. As a wife, I love knowing that my man is a lover of Christ.

Happy Anniversary Jeff. I love you more today than yesterday. I will love you more tomorrow than today.