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1. I'll finish my first week of my first class into my MBA on Tuesday. I'm keeping up with requirements just fine(but it is only the first week);

2. Jeff and the boys swim trained again on Thursday. This has been a standard for us lately to go as a family on Thursday. I lap swam. I swam 1000m (20 laps) straight! At 500m I decided to just continue. I originally had it in my mind to swim straight to 600m then break, but I just kept going. Another good swim.

3. We have had rains for days now. Lovin' the rain. Looks like another day of it here with maybe a reprieve tonight.

4. The rain repreive would be nice since we have tickets for a Sand Gnats game and campout on the ball field tonight. Jeff and the boys will head on to the game then I'll follow after my bible study.

5. The bible study I lead on Saturday evening will run through June at least. But I only have one more class in my Precepts class on Thursday (in which we have been studying Daniel). I will be starting a one-on-one study with my mentee, Believing God by Beth Moore shortly thereafter. That'll take me through the summer.

6. Jarrod had a physical this past week. He's good to go to participate in sports (and any scout campouts). It led us to discuss some eating habits though and we've implemented some changes. Starting with their lunches. Both boys were actually excited about the changes and gave us no trouble.

7. I am working on a gift. I am very excited about it. I hope they like it.


Here it is. Day 2 of my first class for my Masters degree in Business Administration. I've already posted the first assignment and two discussion questions. This first week is a breather. Eager to get into the nuts and bolts of management but scared nonetheless. I need to keep reminding myself that the military provided me with a broad knowledge of management tools. Reminder. Reminder. These classes are going to be intense. Lots of reading, and writing. There are no formal tests but all of the writing assignments (and there will be alot) will divulge whether I know what I'm talking about.

Smoked, a swim, tired, and revived

Jeff and the boys spent Friday late afternoon, Friday night, Saturday morning (and I mean from midnight on) and into Saturday afternoon smoking 270 boston butts for Cub Scout/Boy Scout fund-raiser. About five men and about that many scouts manned 8 smokers. They came home exhausted.

I swimmed Saturday. 1050m. A 500m straight swim, a very brief pause, another 250m straight swim, a very brief pause, and then a 300m straight swim. I was blessed to be able to pull myself out of the water. Then I went grocery shopping. I passed a very old gentleman in the bread aisle (who walked hunkered over, and very slow); he told me that I looked tired. Yikes! I must have looked like death warmed-over; I told him I was tired.

Oh, but it is a good tired. Got groceries put up and then went off to church. Tired. But it was an awesome sermon. And then an amazing bible study time with my bible study ladies.

Jeff had dinner ready for me when I got home. Read alittle. Off to bed.

I'm revived!


Jeff trained the boys again last night and I did my lap swimming. I swam 500m straight, then another 300m, then 100m then two 50m laps to finish off with 1000m total. This was my best swim yet. Not so much in distance but I felt like I'd pushed myself. Got a little burning of the arm/shoulder muscles. I even did a speed run on that next to the last 50m.

Then we finished off the night with Jalepeno's...doesn't get much better.

Orientation at UOP

I just spent an hour online at UOP (University of Phoenix) in  my orientation classroom completing all the assignments. Yikes! Is this a foreshadowing of my classes. Thank goodness I am only taking one class at a time. How would I keep them straight.

Missing You

In April my daughter Ash and her hubby Brad and my grandbaby Ian were here for a visit. I miss my Ash all the time. When had some 'good' time with this little guy and just wanted to share some of my favs:






Ian, you are too far away. Ash, you are too far away. You too, Brad (my dear son-in-law) When will I see you again (oh, wait that's from a song) (Karen Carpenter I think);

21 days

It is said that it takes 21 days to make something you do a habit. For instance, if you pray for 21 days, you will have made a habit out of praying and you more than likely pray regularly, rarely missing days (or if you do miss a day, you'll be able to jump back into praying - unless of course you spend 21 days not praying then you will have created a new habit of not praying...). If you eat well for 21 days you will more than likely continue eating well. Is it 21 days straight? Or just 21 days?

So 21 days of swimming and I'll have acquired the habit of swimming. Unfortunately I'm only at day 5. I have along way to go until I've made swimming a habit.

What I'm dealing with here: I have to push through the shoulder bursitis; push through the pain. I have to not cringe everytime the gas prices go up and I have to travel 18 miles to and from the pool. I have to adjust my schedule to the schedule of the pool for open lap swimming.

16 more days. I'll probably be swimming a mile by then. And I'll have made swimming a habit. But for today I swam another 1/2 mile (800m).


Finished off our day last night with swimming. Jeff and the boys 'trained' for an hour and a half and I swam laps. I boosted my distance to 1/2 mile (800m). I was able to stick with the 100m laps too. It's gettin' easier. At some point I'll have to swim further straight through but I'm satisfied right now.

We went to our fav restaurant in town - Jalepenos after our swim. Great way to finish off the day.

A Fest

Spaghetti Fest that is. Alot of chopping: a head of cabbage shredded, red pepper strips, julianned zucchini, sliced/halved onions, lots of sliced smoked sausage, couple cloves of garlic, some herbs like oregano, sage, and thyme stir-fryed up and served over spaghetti. Yum! One of Hoosier Man's favorite meals I think. I don't make it very often because it's alot of chopping!

That was for dinner last night. Read a book. Did some bible study. Lazed around.

Today. It's May 7th. I've been married to Hoosier Man for 15 years. I've found four notes so far tucked here or there around the house. My favorite so far was found in my hearing aid case. It said, 'I can hear you laughing!' Love, Your B.C. (I cannot divulge what B.C. stands for - it's personal). He's pretty funny, hah! I opened my hearing aid case in bible study at church and busted out laughing.

The absolute best thing about our marriage: We stand on the firm foundation of Christ. He is at the center of our marriage. I know that if He was not at the center, if we had not made a covenant with Christ we would not be married right now. This gives me such assurance that we can endure anything that rocks our world. As a wife, I love knowing that my man is a lover of Christ.

Happy Anniversary Jeff. I love you more today than yesterday. I will love you more tomorrow than today.

Two things

I swam today. 6- 100m laps. Which is better then 10- 50m laps that I did on Saturday. Of course when I think about it though - 'We've got a long way to go' (what movie is that?) (Hint: it's a disney movie), seein' as how I used to swim 64 laps straight (3200m, or 2 miles). But I'll get there. Probably not as quick because I'm not as small now.

The other thing: I enrolled in a Masters program. Business Administration. Thought I'd try and make myself more marketable.