A Busy weekend.


1. I'll finish my first week of my first class into my MBA on Tuesday. I'm keeping up with requirements just fine(but it is only the first week);

2. Jeff and the boys swim trained again on Thursday. This has been a standard for us lately to go as a family on Thursday. I lap swam. I swam 1000m (20 laps) straight! At 500m I decided to just continue. I originally had it in my mind to swim straight to 600m then break, but I just kept going. Another good swim.

3. We have had rains for days now. Lovin' the rain. Looks like another day of it here with maybe a reprieve tonight.

4. The rain repreive would be nice since we have tickets for a Sand Gnats game and campout on the ball field tonight. Jeff and the boys will head on to the game then I'll follow after my bible study.

5. The bible study I lead on Saturday evening will run through June at least. But I only have one more class in my Precepts class on Thursday (in which we have been studying Daniel). I will be starting a one-on-one study with my mentee, Believing God by Beth Moore shortly thereafter. That'll take me through the summer.

6. Jarrod had a physical this past week. He's good to go to participate in sports (and any scout campouts). It led us to discuss some eating habits though and we've implemented some changes. Starting with their lunches. Both boys were actually excited about the changes and gave us no trouble.

7. I am working on a gift. I am very excited about it. I hope they like it.