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On a Blog roll

and I fizzle out; on a blog roll and I fizzle out. It's never ending. Here is the happenings of late that I missed blogging because I fizzled out: My boys turned 12. Yikes! 12. They have new haircuts that I love. (Pictures soon! I promise.) I have a part time job!!!! And I work this weekend. I am into my 5th week (of 6) of my second class for my MBA. I still have an A!!! 

I really need to read up on blog topic ideas because I lead a boring life. I think I'll add new recipes then I don't. I'll talk intelligently then I don't. I'll discuss world peace then I don't. I'll provide WOW scrapbooking ideas then I don't. It's never ending. I'll talk God then I don't. Well, I do sometimes, then I don't.

Here are a couple more scrap pages from Boy Scout camp. My dear, dear, dear hubby took lots of pictures. Just not that many of our boys. He provided a clear view of what the camp was like. Just not that many of my boys doing camp things. Here are a few.

Camp Rainey 1 

Camp Rainey 2

Pretty quiet

It's pretty quiet around here for two more days - until the punks come home from church camp. I made a couple more pages for their boy scout camp. I think Jeff and I will head to the pool tonight and then Jalepeno's. Hopefully I'll be able to swim a mile again. Anyhoo - here are those pages:

TNT Blade Sharpening 

BSA Skeet Shooting


It has been a couple months now that I have been regularly swimming. I've gone at least once a week, sometimes more. This isn't where I want to be though. I'd like to reach for the goal of at least 3x a week. I think that will be when I see my swimming have a key impact on my weight. But another goal I'm reaching for is swimming 2 miles. Yesterday, I hit a milestone. I reached the 1 mile mark. I have been finishing 1000 or 1200 meters and couldn't seem to move to 1600 meters easily. Jeff came home from Boy Scout camp having completed a 1-mile swim that earned him a patch. Big success for him. I think that was enough to spur me on. When I went to the pool yesterday, I don't think my intention at the onset was for a mile - but it was in the back of my mind. I kind of figured I'd reach for 1400 meters. I spent much of my swim thinking. About anything. This meant I wasn't focused on the fact that my arms were just plan tired. Once I hit 1400 I had already resolved to reach 1600 meters. Not only to I reach for 1600 meters and make it I swam it in 58 minutes - just 6 minutes slower than Jeff's time. My reality check is: 6 years ago I was swimming 2 miles regularly in 52 minutes.

But that's ok. That was then, and this is now. I reached. I succeeded.


I have 'cleaned' my scraproom. This room is also home to my sons' xbox also - I left their space alone. Clean has spurred me on to creativity. Ideas are flowing. Just tonight I 'created' a template menu plan. Oh, I scrapped this page amidst my 'cleaning'. It's my hunka hunka burnin' love, chilled from an early morning swim. And hot too! Because he swam a mile. You go, my Hoosier Man! Now I need to catch up. I'm only swimming 1000 -1200 meters. Hopefully I'll hit 1600 meters in a couple weeks.

Make a Splash


I remember conversations with my parents about them putting money into envelopes for things like saving for vacation, paying bills, car maintenance, etc. Awhile back we got a nice farm check and we decided there were some things for the year that we'd like to do so rather than just dump the check into the checking account and have at it we made 'envelopes' so to speak. Actually a few areas we actually used envelopes. One area is Jeff's early morning bible study breakfasts. Our budget doesn't allow Jeff to get a breakfast every morning he goes to bible study (he has two a week). Jeff figured out how much he spends each morning he eats a breakfast, timesed that by number of weeks left for the year and I went and got cash in fives and ones (his breakfasts are $6). Now each morning he just has to pull out a five and a 1 from his envelope and he doesn't have to miss eating. Now, there are wonderful guys in his bible study and they'd pick up the tab but we don't have to go there.

Another area we made 'envelopes' is boy scouts. Ok folks boys scouts costs money. Lots of money. It is very worth it but sometimes it's scary wondering how we're going to afford it. We made envelopes for their dues, summer camp, camping trips, uniforms and misc. Again this has been a blessing for us. We haven't had to wonder where the money would come from.

Even more envelopes we made for our medical insurance, homeowners association dues, fire protection, termite protection, christmas gifts, and birthdays. While some of these things don't really cost much making envelopes for them have really been a stress reliever.

Paperwork, Pages, and Posting

Filling out tons of paperwork for a part time job - and I'm still not done!!! Since the job requires a security clearance that adds to the paperwork exponentially. Studying for the test I have to take and pass for the job too. Posting assignments to my class forum. I finished two today. I have one more to finish and my big paper (1400 words). Made a list of everything I have to accomplish (or want to accomplish) before my boys get home. Here are couple pages I've finished in the last couple days. Pages take so long to save - I NEED RAM BABY! I really need to dig into my photo archives for some more to scrap too.

Up Close Personal 

Rifle Men

My boys at Camp

My boys are at Boy Scout camp in northeast Georgia, at Camp Rainey Mountain. And I miss them. But it sounds like they don't have time to miss me - so that's a good thing. Besides school I'm doing a little cleaning and organizing, and a bit of scrapping. Here's a couple pages I've made recently.

Summer paradise 

Morning Sunrise 

The big thing this week is I'm applying for a part time job. It's out at the SAV airport, at the weather office there. It will be real part time like maybe one shift a week or so, maybe a bit more on occasion but one shift is about $120 so I'll take it.

something greater than him

There is a possibility that my Hoosier Man will once again don a military uniform. I'll be honest and say that I am praying that he gets the job he has interviewed for and he once more wears the uniform of a soldier. In the years I have known my Hoosier Man I have come to know these things: my Hoosier Man has the heart of a warrior and without a doubt he considers serving his country something greater than him. I will be proud, and I shall not fear, should my Hoosier Man become a warrior - again.

The Hour is Late

and I can't sleep. So I thought I'd post a few pages I made today. Because my computer is extremely slow at saving my layouts I can't really get a bunch done, nor can I do anything else on my computer while it's saving. Crazy. Anyway, the first is the last 4th of July page for this year I think and the other two are just documenting the summer in a small fashion.

4th of July 2009 6 

Read Proverbs 

Read 2