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My first challenge

I decided to participate in a scrapbooking challenge. It is my first challenge ever. It is a challenge over at Three Paper Peonies and the probing question for the layout is to design a layout about something you've been focused on lately. I had to use only paper from her last Harvest paper pack and her embellishments from other kits (which I've previously downloaded).

I love her work. I love her pages. They are very outside my box!!! I really enjoy her sight and her little mini kits. Without further ado her is my page.

What am I doing (Credits: Three Paper Peonies)

Who is that Masked Man?


Can you guess? You might think it is Hoosier Man from the jacket. You might gage it is Hoosier Man from the feet size. But, alas, you would be wrong!! That masked man is a masked boy. Georgia Boy - John. My 12 year old is wearing Hoosier Man's jacket and wears the same size shoes as Hoosier Man.

And, was as giddy about a new challenge as Hoosier Man gets when he gets to PLAY!!! John (and Jarrod) both got to play when we were in Sioux Falls. Stacia's parents/brother has a 4-wheeler that John and Jarrod got to take a ride on. They each first rode with Stacia's brother Adam then they rode by themselves - and had a ball!!!

Proof of John having a blast! By the way, the field in the background used to be corn fields. There are plenty of cornfields and soybean fields left though in South Dakota.

Sioux Falls

Crisp air. Sharp chill. Snow on the ground. Raging waters. Charging falls. Hot coffee. Toasty gloves. Winter coats. Playing. Rock-trekking. Exploring. Brisk breeze.

All that and more in a couple of hours as we visited Sioux Falls' namesake - aah - Sioux Falls. Jeff's inquisitive mind was thrilled and energized. There was much to fill his thoughts with as we explored Sioux Falls. And of course, he passed on, imparted, his newfound wealth of knowledge to his sons.

We had a couple hours to explore before Stacia's wedding so we headed out to the falls, where Sioux Falls really did get it's name. The explorers of old (and I mean Lewis and Clark old) knew a good thing when they saw it. Thus, became Sioux Falls.

My Georgia Boys held no hesitation to explore. To trek across the rocks. To climb. To decend into crevices with the raging waters near. Oh, I enjoyed this time immensely. I imagined visiting the falls, if I lived there regularly to talk with God. For picnics. For Boy Scout camp outs. For family time. We brought home a piece of Sioux Falls.

Please share with me our time.

IMG_7599 IMG_7603 IMG_7615

Be Still

There is a passage in Exodus I think that says 'Be still, and know that I am God.' Are you in the middle of a storm? Be still. And you will find God in the storm. Are you waiting on an answer from God? And waiting? And waiting? Be still. And you just might hear your answer. Or maybe, He'll just strengthen you in the waiting and get to know Him as God - more.

In our fast paced world, how many of us take the time to be still before God. Do you get bored? Or fall asleep. Do you find you just don't have the time? You pray, but just enough to get through your prayer list? How are you going to know He is God if you aren't still before Him. Is this a command for us? Our part: Be still. His part: He'll reveal Himself as God.

Be still. Know He is God.