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A friend called today, said, "I need to talk."
"Sure," I said. I thought she meant on the phone.
"I'll see you in 20 minutes," she informed me.
"Oh, okay, see you then," I said hesitantly.

Not hesitantly because I didn't want to talk, just hesitantly because someone calling, saying I need to talk, and coming over is so rare these days. People are so busy.

The conversation started out tough. She was in a state of disarray. I was the sounding board - not family. She left after about half hour, 45 minutes later. Problems unsolved, but burdens lifted.

I was a mentor today. I like being needed.

Christmas Menu 2009

Christmas Menu 2009
I wanted to document our Christmas menu this year because it is very non-traditional. I am very excited for the change, and the relaxed state it puts me in. The boys are excited also. They think it is very neat that we're having Ribeyes, Baked Potatoes, Sauteed Onions and Mushrooms, Come-to-Momma Green Beans, and they are especially excited about the Ceasar Salad (because I'm serving it in 'courses), and because they love Ceasar Salad.

They also got excited when they saw the 'wine' bottles of Welches Grape (red and white) Sparkling Juice that I bought for dinner as well.

Hiking Savannah

After much trial (my digital image pro shut down three times in the middle of creating these pages), I've completed this two-page layout. The boys hiked downtown Savannah with Jeff back in November - a 10-mile hike! no less. I'm not thrilled with the page (I should have placed one of the picture frames on the bottom row of pictures); but, other than that I like the pages. That frame though makes it appear off center - and I'll get over it!
Hiking Savannah 3

If things were different

I would not have two amazing, 12-year old boys.

If things were different

I would not have spent 20+ years living all over the world, serving my country, and finding a home in Savannah

If things were different

I would not understand there is a difference between religion and a relationship with Jesus Christ

If things were different

I would not be mentoring other woman and leading bible studies.

If things were different

I would not know my husbands love.

Thank you Lord, that things aren’t different.

Quick pages

Ella's Three 1 
Ella's Three 2
I was doing a bunch of deleting of digital elements the other day. Decided I need to actually use some of the supplies that I have on hand so whipped up these two quick pages. Very simple. I used elements from different kits but think they work together fine. Used pictures from Ella's third birthday (which was just in November; so, I'm not that far behind, right?)