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Using a template

I used my first template in PSE8. Ali Edwards happened to do a template tutorial this week on her blog and offered a free template for Photoshop/Photoshop Elements. So I downloaded the template, found a few photos left on my computer, followed her instructions and I was able to put together a layout.

Tree hunt 2009 (2) ali edwards template
  Still working on tweaks (not with this page)...uncomfortable with some of the steps but it's a start.


I swam 3x last week; that puts me on the right road. I swam today. 1200 meter swim. I swam slow and steady (with no headache today). Very good swim. My shoulders and arms are sore. But it is that good sore that follows something you've done that is worthwhile.

I took my new monogrammed gym bag to the gym with me too. It's this icy blue/teal/turquoise-ish color and black. It's an LLBean duffle bag so it'll last a long time. Love it.  

Menu Plan for 18 - 24 January 2010

Monday: Three Pepper Pie (I usually only use two peppers though)

Tuesday: Tacos

Wednesday: Baked Potato Soup and Ceasar Salad

Thursday: It's swim night so we'll be eating out at Jalepeno's

Friday: Chicken Parmegian

Saturday: Grilled Chicken Salad

Sunday: Homemade Tomato Soup and Crusty Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (the sandwiches have a parmesan and garlic butter coating)

Done and Received

I finalized the photo memory book that I started back in September-ish. Uploaded everything to Shutterfly and ordered two books. One for John and one for Jarrod. It is a 20-page memory book of their Boy Scout summer camp at Camp Rainey Mountain and far, northeast Georgia. I made the book very generic, in that it was all just John and Jarrod but all the boys that went to camp last year. Sort of like a yearbook (but of one week). I've also sent the link to the troop for them to choose if they want their scout to have a keepsake like this. I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Here's the link if you'd like to check out my book.

A batch of goodness to get you through the winter

Ok, so we've got a warming trend happenin' here, but still winter will return (I can hope can't I). That is when you need to make a batch of goodness.

A Batch of Goodness to get you through the Winter (aka Hot Chocolate Mix)

1 box (8Qt.) powdered milk (please use Carnation; there are no good substitutes) 1 box chocolate (Nestle's Quik)     1 jar (6Oz) coffemate creamer     3/4 C confectioner's sugar

 Mix all ingredients well in a large bowl. Cover tightly. To serve, put 1/2 C of Hot Chocolate Mix into your favorite mug (the mug in the picture is just one of my many favorites), and pour steaming hot water. Stir to mix well. You must add mini-marshmallows if you want the true goodness flavor of hot chocolate.

This Hot Chocolate Mix is a very old recipe. My mom made it when I was growing up. When powdered milk was still readily available (it's very hard to find now).

Bye Bye Cold I will miss you.

Seriously. For more than a month we've had some pretty cold temperature. Sure, nothing like the midwest, or the northeast, but for Savannah 25F is pretty stinkin' cold. And it's been lower than that. But, alas, we are looking at a downright warming trend for the next week or so at least with high's in the 60's and lows no where near 25F. So, so long cold, I truly am going to miss you.

(P.S. Please excuse the poor photography skills. She shall remain nameless who took the photo. But since there is only one she in my house right now I suppose you could guess) 


It's pure joy. Bliss. Exactly where I like to be. Even the soreness left behind from a long swim makes me smile. Because it means I've been doing something I love doing.

For about 15 minutes I was alone in the pool today. I listened to the lap of the water around me as I moved my body through the water. Stretching my arms, pulling water, kicking forward. Absolute peace.

A gentleman was sitting on a bench as I pulled out of the pool. "You have a beautiful stroke," he said.

I smiled, "Thank you."

It does such good to hear words like that from complete strangers.

An organization story

Got the last of my three dresser drawers cleaned out yesterday. Purged what I don't wear, can't wear, and wish I could wear, items. Three bags of clothes for Goodwill. Three items to trash. Three tee shirts to the boys (one tee shirt was from my little trip to the desert of Kuwait and another tee was from my meteorology program degree - the boys were thrilled with them). Too funny. I also had some 'smaller' flannel jammie bottoms at the bottom of the drawer. Little big on John but he loved them.

I was packing up the clothes in three plastic bags when Jeff was getting ready to go to boy scouts. I was putting a bright pink and black negligee in the bag that caught his attention (duh!) and asked what I was doing.

I told him 'since I never wear it' it is going.

"Does it still fit?"

"Sure, it fits but why keep it when I don't wear it?"

"I'm not sure I remember it. Can I see it?"

I handed him the bright pink and black negligee. He threw it on the floor.

"Oh, I remember it now."

I roared.

No more pralines

Pralines. Every year when we'd go downtown to River Street for the fireworks display on the 4th of July someone (not me - ever) would go walkin' and they'd always bring me back a couple pralines from the River Street Sweets shop on - well - River Street. If you're wondering what I'm doing while someone else is walking (and buying me some pralines) I am always in a lawn chair sitting along the river (the Savannah River) watching the boats cruisin' and the people walking by behind me.

So anyways, the last three times someone has graciously given me pralines (walking miles in their shoes to get them at times too) I have not enjoyed them. What's up with that? After all these years of craving pralines are my tastebuds revolting. It's a mutiny I tell ya. I'm in charge and I say Pralines! Pralines! and my tastebuds are turning their buds on me. Fine. I'll just move on and pralines be d***ed! Those tastebuds think they've won!

I'll show them. I'm going to the cabinet and opening a bag of M&M's. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah - so there!