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The Challenge

So I asked Jeff if he'd help me out with losing weight. All he has to do is reward me with 'something' if I lose weight and workout. He wasn't thrilled at first. He said it was the 'reward' part. I think he was seeing huge $ signs. That was never my intention. Anyway, after I first brought it up I decided to let it go. I would just try on my own (although this hasn't worked before). I wasn't going to push him or bring it up again. Then the other day he let me know that he would be willing to meet the challenge. I workout, lose weight and he gives me a reward.

My first reward request is not material persay. You see we have a shelf unit that has been in the garage for more than 9 years. Waiting to be finished and join the armoir and shelf unit that is already in the living room. That is correct. 9 years. Jeff knew without me saying anything that that would be my first reward request.

I can't wait. Lose weight. Work out. And get my shelf unit finished.