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On my way to work

I get a kick out of this pond that is along the back road along the airport. This pond is filled with all nature of water foul, and grasses. I smile every time I pass by because of its raw beauty. Last week when I worked all week I took my camera with me and captured a glimpse of what I see and what makes me smile. I made a scrap page to share the memories.


Digital Scrapbook Pictures

I have been digitally scrapbooking for awhile now and have made quite a few pages that I like. I've made a few books through Shutterfly but the individual scrap pages that I've made have just been sitting on my computer or saved to a disc. I've shared them here on my blog, but no where else. So,

I decided I needed to do something about that. What is the point of making scrap pages (with loads of memories) if they just sit on the computer where no one can enjoy them. I'd heard through other blogs that is a great place for getting this done. As it happens when I went there to check it out they were having a .99 cents sale on 12x12 prints. Yowza! and that was the clincher.

I opened an account and uploaded 15 pages to the site - and ordered them. They came in the mail yesterday.

(Credits: Frame by 3pp)

After drooling my way through them I went back upstairs to my computer and uploaded 16 more digital pages and ordered 16 more 12x12 prints. This means that I made 31 scrapbook layouts for 31$. I think that is the cheapest I've ever made scrap pages. (Note: the site does a bit of gorging on the shipping).

The Class from H*!!

IS OVER!!!! I made a 96.25% in Applied Research and Statistics. An A+, I can't believe it. The day after class I decompressed with bouts of emotional crying. I went to bed at 8:30pm and slept for 8 hours. I needed it bad. Now I am on my two week break from classes. While I won't take the remaining classes for granted I have heard that the class I just finished is the worst and hardest of all 12 classes.

While I was sleeping...

Sometimes things happen that are truly amazing. I missed this this morning. Hoosier Man thought about waking me but decided against it since I really didn't have to be up for any reason. Instead he grabbed the camera. Behold, a great light - and the hand of God. His creativity amazes me.


Down to the wire

I am in my last week of this h*!! class. I have a 99% going into the home stretch - but - the majority of the points will come from Week 6 (this week). I have my portion of a team project turned in already. I have a final exam to complete (another 3 hours of h*!!), and 14 word problem/formula/statistical analysis to complete if I want full credit for the 66 total questions that are available. Yes, that means I've completed 52 of them!!! I also have two chapter practice quizzes to complete. Needless to say I am all over the two week break that I decided to take after this class. At least it will be a break from school.

My concentration for the break will be getting my house ready for family coming towards the end of April. Some things on my list to accomplish:

1) Print and hang (in black picture frames) a multitude of pictures. I'm covering my one baby blue wall with a photo galley.

2) Vinyl 'memories' quote for the blue wall.

3) Not on me, but my Hoosier Man should have my bookshelf done and placed in the L.R. before family arrives too! This will impact location of a set of wall decorations that I have to put up also.

3) Guest room purged and cleaned and freshened up for Mom

4) Someone gave us a full size airmattress so we are set for Brad and Ash

5) My scraproom and the TV area where the boys entertain need cleaned to the max

6) Base boards

7) Hall linen closet

8) Refrigerators

9) Plan menus

To name just a few...

And I'll leave you with beauty out my front door (sometime in February). 

A Week in the Life

You might have noticed that I've added a banner to the side. I'll be joining in on Ali Edward's Week in the LIfe series in April. The week she has penciled in for the challenge is going to be a filled week for us here; and because of it I'll already have my camera handy and active. We will have Hoosier Man's mom from Indiana coming in and our daughter, her hubby, and our two grandsons coming in from Mississippi. It is also our daughters birthday week too. Some 'plans' for that week are bowling, birthday dinner at Jalapeno's (our local fav restaurant), my homemade Red Velvet cake, Tea Room with the ladies,and the beach. I imagine I'll be making some favorite recipes. I'll have to put my latest creation (the Smokey, Sweet, and Spicy Baked Chicken) on the menu since I think it'll go over very well with everyone. The week may be even more exciting if my mom and dad visit during that time too (they'll only be staying a couple days though). 

I'm gearing up with excitement. My plan is to do the prep work for the project on my 2-week hiatus from school coming up after this class.

Another page...

this one is a template by Simply Yin. Templates are such fun and easy. You don't have to think about placement of elements or photos; it's all done for you. I did adjust the photos on this template and raised them higher on the page so I could accomodate the large background photo.


Swimming, school, and so on...

I swam again today. 1600 meters straight through today. My shoulder and arm muscles burn. I didn't do so hot on the time though - 62 minutes. With no break I could feel those last 10 laps were pretty slow.

I am in my 5th week of class (of 6). I am so excited I'm almost done. I've got alot of work between now and the last day of class though. I still need to accomplish a team paper, 24 formula based word problems, a final exam, and the normal weekly discussion questions. Tired already just thinking about it. But I'm even more excited because I'm going to take a two-week break (and -  I found out that I'll get paid GI Bill money during the break. My plan is to take at least a week long break between classes from now until I finish my degree.

I also did grocery shopping today (do not ask the cost); we were out of those pesky cleaning supplies that cost so much (and also have substantial surcharge tacked on too). I made a menu plan for the next couple of weeks (through the end of March) and I purchased groceries for the next two weeks worth. We're having tacos today since I was working the swing shift yesterday and couldn't cook.

Once I put groceries away I made this:

The Many Faces of Ella.