Another story of summer

Stories of Summer

Oh my! Hoosier Man and I had an amazing date night last night. We drove out to Tybee Island to a little out of the way restaurant along the water - A.J's Dockside Restaurant. We had a drink at the bar waiting for our table - a beer for me and a diet coke for Jeff. When our table was ready they took us out to dockside and ate in the open (although our table was on the 'porch'). We had Shrimp and Grits for an appetizer. It was the yummiest tasting shrimp and grits. It had a nice Cajun kick to it (And I got the recipe!!!). Then we had Jambalaya Pasta (with Penne, tomatoes, green peppers, sausage, chicken and shrimp in a yummy broth). Very nice dinner followed up with homemade Key Lime pie (not too tangy!) and some wonderful, live, Classic Rock singer/guitar music and a bit of watching the sun begin setting.

Then we drove out to the beach and walked a mile or two along the breaking waves, in the cool sand. What a memorable evening!

Amazing night - and I'm lovin' this Stories of Summer project.