Zucchini Mozzarella
Sacred in the Ordinary

Oatland Island

I finished a page in the Boy Scout book using this same template and thought it would make a great page for the boys' and I trip out to Oatland Island on Thursday. It was one of those summer plans on my list. Jeff and the boys do so much together with boy scouts that these times with the boys, just them and me have been wonderful. We had a great morning. I surprised them first off. I pulled in slow so they could read the sign. John exclaimed, "I love this place!" While the heat was unbearable, we'd come with ice water and we all took care of each other. The boys were very caring. We plugged on and got finished in time for a picnic lunch that we had packed.  

Thursday finished off with a 1200 meter swim and dinner at Jalapeno's!