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It is 3:30 in the afternoon. I have made a couple more digital pages. I have been working on one disk today trying finish memorializing the stories that go with the pictures. I have also wash my bed linens and remade my bed with the yummy smelling freshness. I have done a bit of organizing in my scraproom which is still a mess by the way. I also purged a few items - ready to give to Amy.


It is 1034 am and I have already done the following things:

1. Had my quiet time, bible reading, and prayer

2. Organized bill receipts of the last 7 months and packed them away. Relief.

3. Washed, dried, and folded two loads of clothes.

4. Dyed my hair auburn.

5. Worked on school. As of week 3 I have a 97.35% (week 4 is completed but not graded; and I'm beginning week 5).

6. Made the above three digital pages.

I wonder what the rest of the morning and afternoon has in store for me.  

The watch

Jeff and I took our van in to the repair shop for the air-conditioning - again (thank goodness it was warranty work). When I was waiting on Jeff to drop the key off and initiate repairs an older gentleman, all weathered, and tanned, pulled up in his little pickup truck. When he got out of his truck he turned his too-big watch around to check the time. The entire scenario before my eyes spoke - dad - to me. The weathered and tanned look of the older gentleman, the little pickup truck, and especially the watch. Dad wore his watch just like that. It always struck me funny once. But struck me to tears then. But then, I smiled. Because memories are so good.


I finished this page today to add to the boys' Boy Scout album. I also finished - finally - the Camp Rainey Mountain 2010 digital book that I have been putting together for this past month. Unfortunately, not in time for their Court of Honor (which is Monday).

The boys (and Jeff and I) camped out on the baseball field at Grayson Stadium - home of the Sand Gnats and our local minor league baseball team. They honored the scouts that night during the game and afterwards with fireworks and a movie on the big screen which ran until a little after midnight.

Sacred in the Ordinary

Sharing an evening meal with a small family of three who in a few short weeks will be headed to another country to share the love of Christ. An ordinary meal of tacos; and ordinary friendship; an extraordinary time of food shared, friendship shared, love shared, Christ shared. The mission field could be far away in another country where our friends are going - or it could be our dining room table - that would be sacred.


Yesterday was cram-packed full of amazing! Ok, some of yesterday wasn't amazing but, most of yesterday was. The day of course started with school work for me. I had some final posts and a team paper to proofread and finalize. But then I took the boys onto Hunter AAF to the simulator building. Both of them flew a Black Hawk. I sat in the jumpseat behind while their instructor gave them instructions. Both got to fly solo to and from Hunter to Savannah IAP. It was interesting watching both of them and their approach. John was very focused (but still was able to take in the scenary). He flew steady and smooth into Savannah IAP. Jarrod wanted to take in the scenary more and was intrigued by the 'simulated' scenary - a.k.a. russian helicopters. He didn't fly as steady and smooth.

We ate at Zaxby's for lunch: Kickin' Chicken for John (and boy was it kickin'; John said it was kickin' his butt); Jarrod had the Nibblers and I had a grilled chicken salad - yum!

We grabbed our swim gear at home and headed for the pool. John and Jarrod swam 1600 meters - 1 Mile (much faster than me too!); but I swam 1650 meters - just to outdo them (hee hee!)

Dinner was Carribean Jerk Baked Chicken, Rice and Green Beans

Then the evening just topped the day out: Both John and Jarrod had their Scout Master review and board for 1st Class Scout. Both did amazing! I can't wait to get MY pin (the Mom's pin) for their rank. I love wearing my ribbons.

See - great day. (Of course, no pictures, because no digital camera - still)

4 Simple Goals

IMG_0034 (Photo taken overlooking the marsh on Oatland Island)

4 Simple Goals (Link to Elsie's post)

Elsie Flannigan over at A Beautiful Mess started a simple goals project. Many have chosen to hop on board. When it comes to crafty, creativity, ideas, inspiration - I'm a follower! That's ok with me. I'm resigned that I won't be that one who inspires creativity. But Elsie does. I've joined her with 4 Simple Goals.

4 Simple Goals


1. Drink more water. Besides it being so hot and the need to stay hydrated, drinking water leaves me feeling healthier. A more healthy me is a good thing.


2. Organize, clean, and redesign my studio. I like the sound of ‘studio’ much more. Right now I really have no desire to create in this room yet I want to. The disorganization is overwhelming. I’m excited to see creativity abound, creativity flow – soon.


3. Swim more. 1-2 days a week isn’t enough. I love to swim and need more of it. For the enjoyment; for my health.


 4. Spend more time in the Word of God. Have true quiet time. Journal.

Star Wars Xbox

The boys are getting ready to go to camp this weekend. They mowed lawns and will be loading everything into the truck. I have been purging, purging, purging. I've clean up two shelves of scrapbooking magazines, and stuff already this morning. Unfortunately purging takes time. I've done my two participation posts for school today. I won't start working on my portion of a team paper until tonight at work. I also made this digital layout today. I'll include the photos in my stories of summer album because even the little things make up our summer.

Two reasons for purging: 1) Because I'm trying to reduce clutter and simplify things around here, and 2) I'm hoping purging things in my scraproom will allow some creativity to flow and get back into paper scrapping. All the 'stuff' and clutter is consuming.