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7 things No, 8 things.

1.  I started school again yesterday. My next to the last class for my MBA. I'm already lovin' it! My instructor is communicating!!!! After last class it is wonderful.

2. I can't wait for my camera because I rearranged the three shelves on the bookcase in my living room - love it.

3. Boys got books from the library today.

4. Two new pairs of pants for Hoosier Man - same kind - same color - just now they aren't holy, or worn, or frayed, or torn, or stained. He still needs a few more though...

5. I swam again yesterday - 1400 meters.

6. My achilles heal (left side) burns.

7. My right foot today has felt like a cramp that I might get in the pool without my toes going wanky. Just the pain when I bend my foot.

8. My scraproom is almost ready for vacuuming.

Back in Business

I'll be back in business shortly. Just as soon as this baby comes knocking on my doorstep. I have been without my camera for way to long, because one of my beloved sons was playing around and knocked my camera (that would be my $1200+ camera) on the dining room ceramic floor and broke my lens. Long range lenses (which I have one) does not work for indoor shooting.

Hoosier Man told me to go ahead and get a lens ordered. I have been sorely missing my camera. Amazon seemed to have a competitive price so I went the easy way out and ordered from them.

P.S. and this has nothing to do with my camera: I swam three times last week!!!


I have never been claustrophobic. But I was supposed to have an MRI today and the 'new' machine at Ft Stewart is smaller (ie. the round thing they slide you into). Because of my size, while I did fit I felt like I had no room. As soon as the technician slide me in I exclaimed for her to pull me out. We tried it again but I just couldn't handle it. I was really scared. She said I was claustrophobic. I have never been. I've even had MRI's before but she said that you can become claustrophobic. I apologized profusely because I really had no idea. Now I have to make another appointment to go 'off base' to a local hospital because they have a machine that is opened more. Oh, my! I'm still concerned about it.

My Monday

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1.  Woke at 5:30 to be able to make Egg/Canadian Bacon/Chipolte Cheddar Cheese Muffins - Yum!

2. Coffee with French Vanilla creamer - a must!

3. 90 minutes of bible study. I worked on my Jeremiah study that I am taking and Satisfy My Thirsty Soul that I am teaching.

4. Swam 1250 meters. Good swim.

5. Paid some bills. Visited Kitchen Outfitters and Home Goods.

6. Made homemade potato salad and deviled eggs for dinner. We are also having homemade chili dogs. Again, yum!

7. What will the evening hold?


FOR TODAY... September 16, at 7:23 a.m.


outside my window... blue skies

i am thankful for... my GI Bill to pay for my Master’s program

i am wearing... P.J.s

noticing that... Cleaning ones scraproom really does spur creativity

i am reading... the Bible

on my mind... being sick, bible study, having lunch with Hoosier Man and wondering where we are going to eat 

pondering these words... the attributes, the character, the names of my God

around the house... my scrap room is my focus this week; I have a clean bedroom which I did on Monday

from the kitchen... closed

one of my favorite thing... my King and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ

i'm creating...  I found so many things that I want to turn into creations while cleaning my scrap room

 a few plans for the rest of the week... Bible study, swimming, work this weekend

feeling: sick (because I have a cold); and excited for the day

10 things

1. I am heavily into organizing and cleaning my scraproom which includes purging, downgrading, simplifying things. The organizing also includes labelling bins and boxes, tubs and pails. Long, tedious process but it's coming along.

2. I'm catching a cold.

3. I finished my 3rd to the last class for my MBA. I made a 95%. I now have a 3.83 GPA (with two classes to go).

4. We are having grilled pork steaks, sauteed zucchini and onions, and Ceasar Salad - yum!

5.I've had a wonderful day of worship. I've gone through the alphabet writing out the names of God, the character of God, the attributes of God. I've listened to worship songs - and listened to the words. I've listened to That's My King several times and I cry each time in awe.


Turquoise Distressed Bread Box

6.I want this Turquoise Bread Box for my scraproom. Yes! for my scraproom. I would store my jars of modge podge, and tacky glue in it. 

7. I'm still in pajamas.

8. We have church tonight. Yes!! (guess that means I'm going to have to get dressed).

9. I have bible study tomorrow. I started the second half of the study of Jeremiah (a Precepts class).

10. I'm also taking the van in tomorrow for an oil change and having lunch with this Hoosier Man. 


I love the clean lines of these two pages. You might notice the familiar template from a two-page set I made at the beach earlier. There is absolutely nothing wrong with copying a page. With these two I changed it up just a bit.

I cannot say how great it has been to 'catch up' on scrapbooking even if it is digital. Although I'm not near through April as I mentioned another day I am moving right along. 

I See

I see. This picture of my mom and my daughter is one of my favorites right now. I really see just who my mom is in it. I like pictures that immediately hit is with something amazing. Mom is so funny and playful. She truly has time for her kids, and grandkids, and great grandkids. She just plain enjoys them (us) all. The silly, spontinaity is contagious. My daughter, Elizabeth, usually so reserved, responds openly to her grandma. I don't know if any of this describes my feelings when I see this picture but when I see it I just get all giddy.  I know that was also how I felt when I snapped the picture.