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Scraproom Re-visited

Can you tell what my favorite color is.

The room isn't finished yet. I really don't think it ever will - ever changing - ever becoming more me. I have a couple different SSSS that I'll hang once I get about 5-6 of them. I'm still looking for them in different sizes and different mediums. Cleaning the room has spurred on creativity though so hopefully that will keep me from getting it to the point of 'I don't even want to be here'.

All in all I still love my room. I love the colors and I'm always on the look out for bins and decorations. I'd love to make an inspiration wall but with low side ceilings there isn't alot of wall space. I saw a scraproom one time in a magazine of a lady who took 4x6 photos and made a border around her room (she too had some lower ceiling spaces). I've thought of that too - especially if they are all black and white. Very dramatic!

Amazing artwork, Living Room shelf redesign, and new table for guest room

First of all - my daughter Elizabeth made these amazing pieces of art for my living room wall. They are 11x11 canvas painted with a dark version of my living room colors. She used acrylic paints, drew the words and designs and painted them. I added the bible verses. The idea for these pieces came from Donna Downey's wall art that she sells on her website.

When Elizabeth brought them over I pretty much cried. I was so thrilled with them.

This is a shelf in my livingroom and I've finished the redesign on it. The little turquoise boxes are open at the top and hide Hoosier Man's keys and stuff he removes from his pockets (drives me crazy!!!). I can't wait to get the other shelf that matches this one so I can arrange wonderful stuff on it too.

The guest room will begin to get an overhaul and design. I'm probably going to paint it in the next week. But I've already picked the colors for it and I found this awesome, wonderful, gorgeous, amazing table that will be a bedside table. The colors will be 'beach' colors with some but not necessarily all beach type accents (shells, palm trees, drift wood, etc.). I'm so excited about it. My mom is coming the middle of this month so I'm hoping to have some of the room moving along by then. It'll spur me on.