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We enjoyed a day in Jacksonville, FL at the MOSH (Museum of Science and History). There was plenty of time to see most everything; although we missed a few evening shows because we need to have an early dinner with my brother Rich and then head back home because I had to work.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the interactive 'how science works' portion - just like their dad. But Hoosier Man and I really enjoyed the history part too. We took the planeterium shows with a grain of salt when they started spouting 'big bang' and 'billions of years ago' falsehoods. But the skies over Jacksonville were interesting and the black hole information was very Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis talk that the boys got excited about the information.

We had dinner at an awesome little Soul Food Bistro with my brother who recommended it and joined us for a short spot of fellowship. I always enjoy my little brother. The food at this bistro is amazing. It is set up cafateria style and they give you a ton of food. The macaroni and cheese was yummy as was the sweet corn bread - oh my - mouth-watering!

The joys of homeschooling: take a day and go on a field trip.

A couple pages

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The story behind these photos makes me smile just thinking about it. Wyatt is such a petite thing that his pants don't fit him well. He has learned to hike his pants up while he walks. Even if he has something in one hand he uses the other hand to hike. It just is so darling.

Wyatt looks just like his momma - when she was his age. Not just in looks but the big blue eyes, the gangly petite body, and the sweet pixie face and disposition. He also weighs next to nothing - just like his momma.

Easy Carrot Soup

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I love soups. I love that I finally tried this recipe even though it has been in my recipe binder to try for ages. We had some cooler weather recently so a soup was in order. And who can't beat a soup that is cooked in a crockpot and doesn't need tending.

Easy Carrot Soup

1 whole onion, diced

2 stalks celery, diced

3 medium, potatoes, skins removed, diced

8 carrots, sliced

2-quart chicken broth

2 whole bay leaf

Salt and pepper, to taste

4 dashes Lousiana hot sauce

1 pint heavy cream

2 tsp. parsley

Add all incredients (except heavy cream and parsley) to a slow cooker. Cook on low for 6-8 hours. Remove bay leaf. Using an immersion blender puree the vegetables. Turn the heat up to high and stir in heavy cream and parsley. Cook for an additional 15 minutes.


Garlic-Zucchini Pasta

Garlic-Zucchini Pasta

3 large zucchini

8 cloves, minced garlic

1 lb. spaghetti, or angel hair pasta

Parmasen cheese, shredded

Salt & Pepper

Julienne the zucchini to 1-inch strips (tiny strips julienned) with the minced garlic, saute while the pasta is cooking. Prepare pasta according to package directions salting liberally. Drain the pasta and pour into a serving dish. Add the zucchini and garlic. Add about 1 cup of shredded parmasen cheese and pepper (about 2 Tsp. or 1 Tablespoon). Combine. Serve immediately.

Another yummy recipe and hearty side dish. I served this with simple bacon-wrapped mini meatloaves. Georgia Boys call it a 'keeper'.

I really do homeschool.

But some days your kiddos just want to do something else. Yesterday they read all day. Well and played a game of Scrabble. So, let's see we covered reading and Spelling in school today.

The boys read books in the series they got from me for Christmas.

Jarrod received the Kingdom Series by Chuck Black

John received the Knights of Arrethae series by Chuck Black.

Jarrod was actually finished with his series and moved on to the first books of John's. They love these books alot. Last night on our way home from church the boys shared church but then they went into a non-stop dissertation on these books. So excited for them.

So we read and played Scrabble - I mean - spelling yesterday.

A little organization

The other day I cleaned out my spice cabinet after work. Yikes! It was a mess. I realized I really need another lazy susan. And I don't need Chipotle Pepper anytime soon. Or crushed red pepper. Or cayenne red pepper. And I have spices I've never used - which I got rid of. Oh, and why in the world do I have 3 jars of dry mustard.

Way to much stuff!!!

Pretty neat. John asked how long I thought it would stay that way. Brat!!!

Fun Fantasy Sports

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I'm enjoying working up some digital layouts. This series of pages has gotten me back in the groove. I have several more planned - especially about my sweet grandson's.

Homeschooling Today:

We had a wonderful day of homeschool. I pulled us out of the Bible Study Guide Curriculum and I began us in the book of James, first chapter. We are reading a few verses, deciphering it, and applying it to our life and see if there is anything in us that needs working on - that would be a resounding yes!

We started a new Wordly Wise vocabulary list. Looks like this one will be fun. We generally go over the words at the beginning of each lesson together and then they do the lessons individually for the rest of the lesson.

Spelling Power spelling words are getting harder with each day. Jarrod is struggling.

Our Saxon Math is rollin' along. Both boys seem to have a pretty good handle on math. I think some our learning is review but not all. We always go over the lesson before they are assigned the individual work. I think their favorite part though is the Problem solving and mind work and the beginning of each lesson. It is always fun!

We are reading The King's Fifth right now in history along with the Story of the World. Both are apart of our Sonlight curriculum. The King's Fifth is different but I think the boys are enjoying it. Certainly not as much as our previous books but it's ok.

Hey, it's Taco Tuesday and we are having Tacos. Yippee!

Taking the Lead

As of yesterday Hoosier Man and I took the lead in our 500-mile Run, Walk, Swim challenge. Jarrod was in the lead but over the last couple of days Hoosier Man and I have walked several miles and swam. As you can see we have a long, long, long, long, way to go. Yesterday when we started walking I hadn't told Hoosier Man that we were going to walk 2 miles instead of 1. When we finished the 1 mile and I continued on I told him the only reason we were going to walk 2 is to woop up on Jarrod because he was in the lead in our challenge and I wanted to go ahead. Pretty sneaky! What's a mom to do?