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De-stressing my Closet

I have stressed over my closet for months and months now. I decided to do something about it last weekend. I had a plan in mind too.

1. I would try everything on. This was the most difficult part. I hate trying on clothes right now - because of my size and because I knew there would be many clothes in my closet that just won't fit anymore because of my size.

2. I would make 3 piles. One pile to give away (or toss if it was nasty - I didn't have anything to toss); one pile to keep for later (because I have already lost 5 pounds and with our 500-mile challenge I forsee losing more). This pile are clothes I really like, would definitely wear again if I lost about 30 pounds. If it would take more than 30 pounds I automatically put it in the giveaway pile. The third pile was my keep pile.

Here is the before shot. A packed full closet that was just stressing me out. I have a ball dress in there from 6 sizes ago - just to give a hint!!! Yikes!

The keep and store for later pile didn't end up being to big. Quite a few nice, dress pants that I really like. A couple I was even able to get on and buttoned but they looked horrible - 30 pounds should take care of that. I didn't keep anything that I didn't absolutely love and know I'd wear again.

This is what the give away pile ended up like. HUGE! I stuffed full two tall kitchen bags. Lots and lots of clothes. Some I wish I didn't have to give away but just no way was I going to keep them.

Oh My!!! I actually like walking into my closet now just to get a peek at the lovely, de-stressed line of clothes. Everyone of them fits and I opened up a massive amount of space - pretty good too because I still need a few things for the cruise - hee hee!