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Today I(we):

1. Killed the virus that wanted to kill my computer. Everything seems to be ok now. I've decided to slow way down on downloading digital supplies - getting way to many viruses.

2. Hoosier Man and Georgia Boys are out mowing the neighborhood.

3. Spray tanned my body - I now have a headache; so, probably not going to do that again.

4. Packing for my trip to the Bahamas!!!!

5. I have to work this afternoon and evening.

6. I worked up the boy's school assignments this morning and briefed the boys on them as well as Hoosier Man who is going to have to do the grading this week. The boys will do Math, Science, Vocabulary, History, Grammar, and Creative Writing this week.

7. I'll pay bills today.

8. I'll walk two miles (while at work) because I can walk 8 - 1/4 mile jaunts while I'm taking an observation.

9. Although not today (but last night) we've registered the boys for their co-op classes. I was told my co-leader is ready to get started on preparing for our class. So looking forward to working with her. I've known her several years from church and excited to get to know her better. The boys will be taking Human Anatomy and Physiology; Spanish I; Instutue of Excellence in Writing; and PE. And I'll be teaching Atmospheric Science with a Meteorology Lab

10. I'll be working up a meal plan for my three boys so they don't starve while I'm gone. And also a grocery list Hoosier Man will need to get.

11. My red chair is on its way and will be delivered on Monday. Hoosier Man is getting it for me for Mother's Day.

12. It's a beautiful day!!!

Cumulonimbus (with an anvil) or CB

or thunderstorm cloud...or created beautifully (CB).

I captured this CB one early evening last week as I peeked out the window of my new scraproom (which has nothing in it but my computer) and moved to the front porch for a better look. Then I grabbed my camera and moved out to the cul-de-sac for an even better look.

Then I ran back in the house for some shoes and walked down the street to try and get a closer look. I was hoping to grab a sight of some lightning, or the storm to get even a more defined anvil.

By the way, if your interested, this is a low cloud 9; the 27 states of sky. Low cloud 9 is a cumulonimbus with an anvil. I learned the 27 states of sky long ago in the early 80's when, as a weather observer in the military, we were required to include the types of clouds in our observation using the low, mid, and high cloud (number) state of sky. Weather observations today only carry cloud height and amount.

At some point

we'll get our office/scraproom put together. We've had a hiccup in that we found dead termites in the outer wall. The pest guy has been here and treated for it. Now to wait on the carpenter gue to refit a window seal. So in the meantime we have this:

The living room is a mess. It has a bunch of stuff and my scrap table that will go in the office but can't be moved in until we paint. We'll need to kilz and then paint. We've decided on the tan from our living room and guest room color because it will look more refined.

The guest room is a mess. This was a lovely room that only needed curtains and some wall decoration but now with all the 'fixins' that will go in my scraproom spread everywhere it looks a disaster. This unfinished state is driving me crazy.

The office closet is filling up. I don't have much room left to put stuff. But I've gone through everything that I've already arranged in the closet for keep/chuck/give and have identified they are keep worthy. A couple shelves are 'projects yet to do' even. Maybe I'll be motivated with a new room. And maybe not!

So what needs done: room needs kilz, painted, new desk and hutch brought in from garage, bookshelf stained (Hoosier Man won't let me paint it black because it's oak), 4 8-foot shelves put up on one wall, arrange scrap supplies on shelves, bring in scrap table and remaining items to room (filing cabinet and chairs -that is it). I also still need to go through everything that I haven't already gone through for keep/chuck/give piles.

I'm sittin' on crazy here...

Ropes Course

Jarrod braved the ropes course last month during a Boy Scout camp out to the YMCA on Wilmington Island. So very proud of him for facing his fears and manuvering the various ropes course - builds confidence. A few hiccups, pauses, wiggles, slips, and wavers but what a sweet victory making it back to the top of the wall. The zipline took him back down to the ground.




Last week Jeff and I drove out early evening to Wilmington Island to the YMCA to look at a paint ball range that one of the Boy Scouts wants to refurbish for his Eagle project. While we were there Jeff showed me where he and the Georgia Boys camped last month one-overnighter and also the Rock Wall, Ropes Course, and where the Zipline was located. I was amazed at the height and steepness of the rockroll, the length they had to 'zip' along a line, and how high up Jarrod was on the ropes course. Jeff hadn't taken any pictures (he forgot the camera) but one of the scouts dad always has his camera with him and always gets plenty of pictures. I was able to make a whole page of just the Zipline. The other two pages are the rock wall endeavors of the boys.

24 today!

Holy Cow! She's 24 today. My little Ashley. One can only train up a child in the way they should go, in the spirit and admonition of the Lord, and hope they will not depart from their teaching. Ashley has not been perfect but she is one amazing daughter. She is a kindred spirit. I love the woman she is becoming. I can only thank my heavenly Father the day he chose to bless me with her.

It is amazing what goes through ones mind as you write about a daughter (any child). I'm sitting crying right now remembering bits and pieces of my life with Ashley.

I remember when she was but an early teen (maybe even earlier) and realizing God blessed Ashley with the gift of discernment. And now she is studying to become a counsellor - after a wayward trek through possible career minefields  - and I firmly believe this is where she is supposed to be.

I remember at 18 months she saved my life as she crawled onto my lap and snuggled me, and protector me from an attacker. That made me cry.

I remember my mom describing Ashley struggling to get the dance steps when she was in preschool and then at the last minute it clicks; but, then in high school she is in the church high school drama Underground Revolution and she is one of the lead dancers.

Silly, and sweet the things we remember about our kids. Love you Ashley. Happy Birthday!

Homeschool 101: Alaska, the Last Frontier

I decided to add a bit of Geography to our lessons. I didn't want it to be rigorous but informational and fun. There is so much to offer on the internet that I took advantage of to get us started. Then off to the library we went. We checked out book after book. Some turned out to be duds (like those travel guides with restaurants and hotels, etc.) but others cover things like the great earthquake, the Idatarod, Alaskan King Salmon, the Alaskan pipeline, etc. Hopefully, in two weeks the Georgia Boys will have become pretty familiar with the Last Frontier. I've already read Shopping for Porcupines about life in Arctic Alaska is part autobiography about Kantner's dad and mom and his own childhood and life but it also recounts much of history during those times in Alaska. Anyways, the boys will also cover the general things like state flag, fish, bird, tree, when Alaska became a state and why, etc. All good stuff.


Fresh Blackberry Pie

Elizabeth, Matt, and Ella joined us for dinner the other night and I made dessert! Something I rarely do - except for small group dessert of course. I made a blackberry pie. Blackberries are in season right now hear in Georgia and very cheap. This was a flavorful pie, oh, so yummy!

Fresh Blackberry Pie

4 cups fresh blackberries

1 cup granulated sugar

3 heaping tablespoon corn starch

ΒΌ teaspoon kosher salt

1 heaping teaspoon cinnamon

2 tablespoon butter

1 pie crust, enough for a double pie crust.

3 tablespoons raw sugar

Rinse the blackberries in a colander and gently place in a large mixing bowl. In another bowl combine the sugar, corn starch, salt, and cinnamon. Pour mixture over the berries and gently stir in the mixture.

Lay one half pie crusts into bottom and up sides of pie pan. Pour berry mixture into pie pan. Cut lattices with second half pie crust and layer on top of berries. Pinch edges. Bake in a preheated 425 degree oven for 20 minutes. Cover pie with foil and bake for another 25-30 minutes. Remove from oven. Sprinkle the raw sugar on the pie. Allow to cool. Serve just warm with vanilla ice cream.

Guess What???

I got this in the mail today as an early Mother's Day present from my youngest daughter Ashley. She gave it to me early so I can take it on my cruise with me at the beginning of May. It is the weekender - Blue Lagoon. It will be perfect for my carry on piece. So, so excited!