Reflections on April-May 2011
Looking Back...

Love this...


I love C.S. Lewis. Hey, he wrote the Chronicles of Narnia!! Amazing, amazing books to fuel the imagination, and spur the heart, and touch the soul. And this is a great quote. I love the idea of never saying enough with dreaming or goal setting. Someone once said regarding 'retiring' that no where in the Bible did anyone retire. That God never intended man to 'retire'. That kind of goes along with this quote. I don't think God would ever want us to stop dreaming or stop setting goals. I mean we can never be finished becoming like Christ until we stand face to face with him so we are never done growing and if we're never done growing than there is always more. Just more. So dream more, set goals more, and grow more.

Imagine if you set a goal to read the bible every day for 1 week. And you checked off each day for 1 week. Then you set another goal to read the bible every day for 1 week and you accomplished that goal. Are you seeing where I'm going. You don't ever stop setting goals and you don't stop growing. God's word tells us that His word will not return void so those two short term goals you set and accomplished will produce much fruit in your life. Ah, love it.

This is wonderful; after my 47 before I'm 48 goal list; and our 100 days of summer list to realize that I haven't stopped dreaming and haven't stopped goal-setting. What hit me when I saw this quote though was my mom hasn't either. Although it's been just over a year since my dad passed away Mom is still dreaming and still goal setting too. Love it.