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i wanted to thank you...

and so began words expressed by hoosier man last night when he came home...i hadn't thanked you for supporting me and i want to's been a really hard week and you have supported me and encouraged me...thank you...

and can we go on a date friday night...


a week in the life

a typical day, monday except Ashley and the boys are here so it makes the day not so typical. the boys headed out for a run and i caught them coming back in while i was enjoying my first cup of coffee and enjoying the slightly cooler temps while reading. because the temp was down a bit the boys headed out to mow some yards; just four now. ash and I and the boys ran some errands and enjoyed a lunch at sticky fingers. ash picked up some spray paint to hopefully finish her art work for her bedroom wall. it's going to be lovely. the boys ate well today. this is a day by day sort of thing. i love how ash interacts with her younger brothers. she has no qualms about using them as a pillow. they have a great relationship. i received an encouraging phone call and we received some very amazing emails of encouragement for a situation that is happening around here that hopefully will be resolved in our favor. i saw many sweet things while trying to capture the day.

10 things on tuesday

1. I love this and want it for Christmas.

2. I love this and want it for Christmas.

3. On my DIY list of things to make for my bedroom. I'm thinking in red - but maybe the darker grey.

4. Another piece of DIY for my 'collage' for my bedroom. I really love this.

5. Hoosier Man needs to make this out to the marsh using pallettes - and I think they need to be painted bright colors like turquoise, orange, yellow, red, lime, etc.

6. Please.

7. i L O V E these! These are not on my Christmas list because I can't wait that long.

8. Whatever happened to Christmas in July???

10. Please, pretty please Hoosier Man. I'll kiss you all over...

(all photos are pinterest finds)

a week in the life

it's time! i've been taking hoards of pictures and i'll be documenting our days to put together another week in our life. the week should be fun with some stressful times thrown in i'm sure. ash and the boys are still here so we have that added bonus and it is they boys' birthday also.

a different perspective

life is rough. sometimes we go through things and we ask, "why?" oh, we know why but we get caught up in those why's. as a christian even we often don't see the end game so to speak and fear rushes in. we really do need to look at the rough patches in life with a different perspective. not a world view perspective but look at the situation through the eyes of our Lord. hard to do. so very hard. when we're knee deep in fear.

and too there is the different perspective of just a photograph. two little boys sitting at the table dangling their feet. guess i could have taken a picture of their faces. but i needed a different perspective.

Tiger Play

Left my bedroom door opened this morning so Ian walked in. He does that if I leave the door opened. First place he went to was Tiger. I got this Tiger many years ago and just can't part with it. Most kids who've seen it go for it too. It's big and lush and makes a nice toy for great play time.

Once Ian brought it out to the living room Wyatt jumped on it and then the battle began as to who lay on it, who snuggled with it, who hugged it. They sort of took turns climbing on but the play was pretty rough at times. So competitive!!

It was sweet moments.

Boy Scout Camp

The Georgia Boys are at Boy Scout camp this week up in north Georgia at Woodruff Boy Scout Reservation. One of the parents always takes hundreds of pictures and he posts them to facebook. I was excited to see a few photos of my Georgia Punks and even a couple of my Hoosier Man. My Hoosier Man always goes with the boys. Well - he is an Assistant Scout Master. I think at least Hoosier Man is going for the Boy Scout Association One-Miler. Hopefully, though the boys will get to also - but I don't know because my dear Hoosier Man has not called me!!!!! In, like, days!!!!

So here's my punks...

Georgia Boy #1 at the firepit. He might have had firepit duty.

Georgia Boy #2 in his canoe. He is going for the canoeing merit badge.

I guess Georgia Boy punk #1 spent some money. Nice hat!!! Real Indiana Jones like.

I'm guessing morning calistetics or exercises before canoeing. Both punks here.

And I see Georgia Boy punk #2 bought not only a hat but a walking stick too!

Hey, there's my Hoosier Man (with the camera) (on the left side).

So glad they are enjoying camp. Hopefully Hoosier Man is getting alot of pictures of my Georgia Boys for a lovely album.


10 Things on Tuesday

even if it's Tuesday evening...

1. How I feel about laundry.

2. I miss my husband.

3. I love having Ashley here. We are having sooo much fun together.

4. Inspiring.

5. Our dryer is on the brink and needs servicing.

6. I can't wait to begin homeschooling again. I never thought I'd ever be saying that.

7. When the boys come home we have alot of 'catching up' to do for our 100 days of Summer activities.

8. Looking forward to A Week in the Life project beginning next Monday. Be looking for it.

Wise Men Still Seek Him
9. Not just for Christmas.

Quote hemingway
10. Great quote.

Mickey Love

A little belated birthday gift for Ian. A plush, Mickey Mouse. Ian loves Mickey Mouse. So unusual in this day and age for a child to love Mickey and not those so called latest and greatest shows. So glad Ian loves the old time goodness. It is Mickey this and Pluto that. It is Daisy this and Donald that. It is Goofy and Mickey. And all the songs memorized.

Reminds me of those old time goodness that I watched as a kid: Road Runner and Coyote, Yogi Bear, Bugs Bunny, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Superfriends, etc... New doesn't have to be better. Old can work just as well.