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Sacred in the Ordinary is Extraordinary

There has been a small baby bird in our yard and in our neighbors driveway the past couple of days. He either fell out of the tree or his momma pushed him in hopes he was ready to fly. He wasn't quite ready. He tries though.

The little bird really doesn't need to worry because momma is right there for him. She swoops down and reassures him that she is there to provide for him and meet his needs. And she won't leave him.

She gathers food.


And feeds him.

She watches over head. She makes sure her little one is safe.

And when he calls. She is there waiting.

Hoosier Man showed me these photos yesterday that he'd taken of our little treasure in the front yard. He's made sure the neighbor and our sons too don't mess with the little bird otherwise the momma won't come back for it. But when I was looking at the photos this morning...

I couldn't help but be reminded of my God who watches over me. Who provides for my needs. Who is waiting for me to call.