a little digital scrapbooking

do not worry - one hundred forty six seconds with God


it is how i live my life. i just can't worry about it. it sucks the joy right out. i'm an optimist. pessimists worry. they see trouble a mile away and worry long before it gets here - even if it never does. see. joy gone. worrying just doesn't get us anywhere except loss of sleep, loss of joy, loss of a good day, loss of a smile, loss of laughter, loss of happiness. look - God tells us He's got it and to stop worrying. why do you think he'd tell us that. well. because he's got it and we need to stop worrying. what? don't you trust God? you really don't - if you worry.

hey. i got an idea. pray instead of worry. when you are done praying you have effectively given over the situation, problem, worry - whatever - to God. and may i remind you here: HE IS A BIG GOD!


(picture from pinterest.com)

(words: from the heart)