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move more eat well

move more eat well: a year of nourishment

i am joining Cathy Zielske's move more eat well online class for a year of nourishing my body through moving more and eating well to better health. I will be documenting my journey and sharing the raw, sometimes ugly, sometimes inspiring, sometimes amazing truth here: my failures and my successes along this journey.

I am going to take care of me on this journey. I am going to swim. I will set goals and meet those goals. Daily goals; Weekly goals; Monthly goals; Yearly goals. I will drop into the pool looking forward to using my muscles, making them burn and in the process get healthier with every stroke. Swimming is good for my body. Because swimming just makes me happy I will swim on this journey.

I am going to walk. And walk. And walk. And maybe in a couple of months run again. And then maybe run a 5K, and a 10K. Grand goals. But oh so doable. I will listen to music. I will listen to teachings. I will listen to my husband share. All while I walk. I will push my sons to walk with me. In the process I will have more endurance and get stronger.

I will add weights to my journey. I will start small, light. I have a home DVD that I can incorporate into my workouts as a beginning. Weights will be necessary to increase muscle mass and help raise a dormant metabolism.

This is something no one else can do for me. I have to do it. I would love some accountability but I can’t count on it.

december daily l day 22

i knew there would come a day that i took no pictures. good day to include our holiday menu plans.

i ordered days 1-21 from persnickity prints in 12x12 photos; rather than make a photo book i have an we r memories red 12x12 leather bound album. it is big enough that i could include next years december daily in too...maybe. anyways, i'll order another set (days 22-31) after the first of the year to finish out my 2011 december daily album. so fun! so amazing!

december daily l day 20

twelve family members to share christmas

eleven christmas books to read

ten presents left to wrap

nine ideas swimming in my head for next christmas

eight plus two more stories to tell before the end of the year

seven carols to sing

six bowls of popcorn to share with ashley

five days until christmas

four stocking stuffers to buy

three batches of cookies left to bake

two pies to bake


one birth to celebrate