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pinterest finds

i've had a couple day break from blogging, not intentionally but i hadn't been feeling well and then i bought the new j.d. robb book

CelebrityinDeathcelebrity in death, and spent all day yesterday lounging, recupping, and reading, and finishing the book - so no blogging.

but our big news for monday, the 27th of february, 2012, john had a scout master conference and a board of review for Life Scout (the rank just below the coveted, Eagle Scout). And he advanced to Life Scout - at 14 years old. Both he and Jarrod are doing beautifully regarding rank advancedment. They really need to work on merit badges and will have to also begin considering an Eagle project.

i've also been pinning. yeah, i'm on the evil pinterest now thanks to my sister paula who sent me an invite and i succumbed, albeit reluctantly, kicking and screaming; as if i don't spend enough time on the computer.

here are some latest finds via my boards 

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forget the yellow door (although i still love it immensely) this is my door!!!!! make me swoon!

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heavy into looking for things outside my home and bathrooms, i found this clever, super easy 'log' walk. hoosier man and the boys are always cuttin' wood for the boy scouts wouldn't it be amazing to have a walk back to the marsh like this - oh, how fun.

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my other present love are bathrooms, in particular for future plans for our master bath. i fell over when i saw this 'waterfall' shower (although economically hazardous to my financial health) i would still want this!

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the rustic, opened shelf-like of the vanity is amazing. and that mirror is to die for. i have the space for this too!

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and behind the door this can fit too!

thankful thought l 03

dates. hoosier man and i have been going out on dates regularly since the beginning of the year; at least, twice a month. i am so thankful for this time. even if it is just dinner and  running into the store to get milk, or dinner and a movie, or a walk on the beach (a previous date last year) they are all necessary to nourish our relationship.

...and now that i've written this i  realize that my first thankful thought is of our dates too. guess i'm really thankful for our dates.

a pearl in the sand l a small book review

Coveri was in the library a couple weeks ago and had a goal in mind: 2 books to read in february. it was on my list of goals for february. where to start? i went the fiction section and started alphabetically. i didn't get very far before i spotted a pearl in the sand.

do you know the story of rahab, the harlot? i know the truth of God's words about rahab. she is a harlot. she is used by God to secure safety for two israelite spies sent into jericho. she asks for her and her families freedom before the israelites destroy her city. she is the mother of boaz - and in the book of matthew we find the geneology of Jesus, the Christ. and there she is - rahab; worthy to be in the geneology of the Savior of the world. and in Hebrews, chapter 11 there she is again - accredited for her faith.

one of the frustrating things about the word of God is his mystery. one of the amazing things about the word of God is his mystery. we, in our finite minds limit God so often. even when we ask how can a harlot be thought worthy to be in the lineage of Christ, our Lord.

the author, tessa afshah, of a pearl in the sand has no other information regarding rahab than what God has laid before us in his Word. it is enough that we know what she was and who she became. but afshah weaves a story of possibility for the life of rahab. a story of faith, of forgiveness, of unconditional love. i had to smile when fairly early in the novel, one of the characters (one of the spies actually) speaks to rahab about her faith. he tells her that she will someday be known for her faith; but, all she wonders is will everyone always see her as a harlot. 

because i enjoyed this book so much i was intrigued by what others thought. amazon had a plethora of reviews but i was struck by the words written by one of the reviewers; i saw exactly what she saw but could not express it so poignantly. these thoughts are in regards to the latter part of the story, "the couple can't figure out how to chip through the bricks of pain and insecurity that Rahab has erected, fortified by Salmone's judgment. Metaphorically, the fate of Jericho's and Rahab's walls are the same when God razes years of history and purges the past. It isn't until the dust clears that Rahab can see herself as a treasure, just like the pearl in the earrings given to her by her husband - a gem formed by years of protective layers protecting an initial hurt' (yarger, 2010). 

i love how afshah infuses biblical truths throughout the story. she takes each situation, each sin, each nugget of possibility and places it at the feet of the cross for us to see through the eyes of the Lord. just like when joshua, the leader of israel says to salmone,'"Pride is the bane of the righteous; on the outside you may seem more upright than a woman with such a past, but God sees us from the inside." we might have heard something similiar from nathan regarding david, the king, 'man looks on the outside but God looks at the heart'. because God has told us in Hebrews 11 rahab was remembered for her faith, generation after generation knew her as such. they might have known what she once was, a harlot, but they know, more importantly who she became in the Lord.


40 recipes l 07

do you like carrots? i love them raw better than cooked. well, maybe not anymore! this is a pioneer woman recipe. i find i go to her recipes that are 'normal' with a touch of something added to make them outstanding. these carrots are in that normal - with a touch of something that make them go - wow! that was nice! super simple recipe with tons of flavor but with just a few ingredients.

whiskey glazed carrots

  • 1 stick Butter, divided
  • 2 pounds (to 3 Pounds) Carrots, Peeled And Cut Into Thick Circles
  • ½ cups Jack Daniels or Jim Beam, Or Other Whiskey
  • ¾ cups Brown Sugar
  • 1 teaspoons kosher or sea Salt
  • Freshly Ground Pepper, to taste, about 1- 1 ½ teaspoon

Melt 1 tablespoon butter in a large cast iron skillet over high heat. Add carrots, cooking for 1 ½ minute. Remove from skillet. Pour in whiskey and allow evaporating, 30 seconds. Reduce heat to medium, and add remaining butter. After butter melts, sprinkle in brown sugar and stir together.  Add carrots to skillet. Cover, and continue cooking for 5 minutes.  Remove lid and add salt and pepper. Continue cooking until carrots are done and glaze is thick, about 5 more minutes. Sprinkle with fresh chopped chives if desired.

a little creativity l a gift

inspired by a digital book that i saw in the designer digitals gallery i decided to make one very similar for my grandsons. it is an alphabet book. it uses soft zoo animals and other things for the alphabet cards. i'm using Ian and Wyatt's names throughout the book just like they are reading about two little boys Ian and Wyatt. i am making it an 8x8 album so they will be able to handle it easily. here are the first pages that i've made as a teaser and also to show off my bit of creativity for the week.

P is for penguin and paw prints and Pop Pop who plays with Wyatt and Ian and gives them high fives. P is also for panda bears all soft and snuggly and bright colored parrots that make loud noises. P is also for purple and pink cars, and P is also for those prickly porcupines.

E is for elephant and those everlasting gobbstoppers. The letter E is also for the number eight and eight pieces of colored confetti. E is also for eyes, like Ian and Wyatt's enchanting blue eyes and E is also for ears for hearing sounds.

hopefully ash and brad will like it for Ian and Wyatt and they will read it often. can't wait until it's finished, uploaded and ordered.

move more eat well l update

finally getting to my assignment (which made the assignment difficult because it was my intentions for the month); but the assignment regarding time stealers easy. i know my weakness. i braved stripping down to a sports bra and newer workout pants (that fit) and asked one of the boys to snap the photo. don't see any change visually except maybe some 'smoothness' - although i'm not even sure what i mean by that.

i must say it is lovely to have february's assignment done and printed and in my album. the 8.5x11 format allows me to print it at home and move on to the next assignment. i've decided to print out those monthly trackers at the end of each month and will be adding those to my binder too. some months i may do another 'one thing' assignment and add a page here or there to make this album mine - my journey.

here is february's assignment (finally)

and so far this month for february. i talked some about my 'lack' of moving in my journaling and my intentions to finish the month of february strong.


hello monday l 06

hello monday.

hello mission trip. sending out mission trip letters of support and refrigerator photo magnet to remind people to pray

hello new book to read. we finished up the broken blade and will begin a heart strangely warmed.

hello clean house. while i don't necessarily like using our weekend to clean i love that we begin a new week with a clean house. it always begins the week better.

hello neighboorhood. i'm walking this week -purposefully; to get many miles in.

hello creativity. i will accomplish something(s) creative this week; like, begin ian's birthday present...

hello pool. we will visit you.

hello cooler temperatures. if only they were winter temperatures for awhile; but i'll take what coolness i can get

hello new recipe today. baked creamy spaghetti

hello busy homeschool. i am piling alot of learning into our school this week. once the boys got over the initial shock they have a changed attitude.

hello monday. i love that you offer a new week of offerings. a fresh start. another chance for opportunities.

i'm linking up hello monday at lisa leonard designs and lee at embrace life


52photos l soft

this weeks 52photos capture is soft.

in our living room we have five, five-different-colors, very soft, lap blankets. at any given time during the day or night one or all of the blankets get used. and not just in the chill of winter. my oldest daughter, when she lived at home, anytime she sat in the living room always snuggled up with a lap blanket. when i had my twins she would scoop them up, hold them while feeding them, or just to snuggle with them and watch tv - and would have a lap blanket. as they got older they would all snuggle up on the couch each with a soft, snuggly lap blanket. now everyone throws one across their legs or whole body as we're reclining and relaxing either reading a book, doing school work, or watching television. the blankets are in pretty sad shape and would be nice to have all new ones - but these five match my living room so well - and they're so soft.

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52photos in 52 weeks is the discovery of monika wright at i love it all.