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hello monday l 05

sunday photo + words...and somethin' creative

we'll maybe just a little creative (inspired by monika wright really...)

anyways, the chili is heating in the crockpot made by hoosier man. the jalapeno poppers made by the georgia boys are on the stove waiting to be baked, and the homemade salsa, also made by the georgia boys, is marrying in the refrigerator, hoosier man is out back workin' on stuff, the barn, workstuff, the boys are playin' x-box, we are all waiting to go over to friends house for super bowl party and i decided to play a bit.

i'm making valentines for my class but thought it'd be nice to make some valentines for my small group. the married couples are goin' get these:

this one is for brent and margie. they've been comin' to our small group about 5 months - we love them. we are also in homeschool co-op together, and we've known them forever from church.

these cute things are an 8 x 10 print that i'll frame out in white i think. we have a new couple that just started coming last week so i'll need to get their anniversay; and two more married couples. haven't decided what i'll make for the two single ladies yet. just a surprise to show them how much i love 'em.

which brings me to my sunday photo + words


(via pinterest)

see what i's the way to live. rather than just say i love my small group i desire to act out my love. welcome them into my home, gift them with creative things that i make, delish desserts to share, be there for them, be open and honest...


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