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on friday we went to graduation and met my sister, my mom, and my nephew's dad a little before 8am for the Colors Ceremony - the raising of the flag, playing of the national anthem, honoring one who served in world war II. standing at attention while the national anthem was being played by the marine corps band and our flag was being hoisted into the air by the marine corps color guard - my mom sang. amidst the sea of silence, except for the music from the band, my mom sang the national anthem, that she sings so well.

later we ran into the two gentlemen that my sister and mom, etc... had befriended the day before (both are marines who served in vietnam, snipers; one of them is johnny depps uncle and he is from the same county in florida my mom is from - small world); the one gentleman is the talker, praising his buddy for his skills as a sniper, 'the best their was; with 82 confirmed kills', and telling my mom what a sweet sounding voice she has and how he enjoyed listening to her singing the national anthem.

always gives us chills.

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