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summer manifesto

it's drawing near to summer and time to identify our intentions for the summer. this year i've kept it short and sweet in the hopes that by the end of the summer i can check off each one as having done. while being purposeful about something doesn't always mean success it does mean that it is more likely.

there are somethings about this summer's list that are so simple, but i find i'm really going to need them in order to not relapse into procrastination and laziness but see progress (with anything) and accomplishment. one of those is 'go outside daily'. seems simple right. but it's hot and i'll sweat. but i must. swim is a must also. i have to find that place where taking 3 hours out of my day to go to the pool, swim, shower, come home does not seem like torture but - just part of my day...and go to the pool to swim!

i'm really looking forward to the 'unplugged' days. books will be read, games will be played, walks will be taken, fun will be had. even those very simple acts: make homemade lemonade, ice cream will feel like summer and bring joy.