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12 of 12 l june

every month on the twelfth of the month i take at least 12 pictures from our day. i've only missed 1 month so far this year and i hope i won't miss any more. today was a pretty typical day for a tuesday, including having tacos for dinner for taco tuesday. although we hadn't had tacos for more than three weeks for some reason (either i was working or we had another mexican dish because i'm trying to change up our tuesday meals to tacos + mexican). the boys had a bible study called 'bros' with their senior high pastor in the morning which i didn't get a picture of. they met at denny's restaurant and had about 20+ junior and high schoolers. this is a summer bible study on tuesday's. love that the boys want to attend. they also had an ecuador missions meeting in the evening, mostly for planning the nitty gritty of their trip to ecuador next month. we had a nice downpour earlier in the day, thus a cloud pattern of dissipating storm clouds and a gorgeous sunset which jeff and i enjoyed on our way to pick up the boys from their meeting.